Best 4500 lb Winch Review

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Last Updated on July 1, 2022

4500 lb. winches are unfolding with some pretty advanced features nowadays, and if you’re in need of one, you’ve come to the right place! 

The best 4500 lb winch should be heavy-duty, comprising of a strong pull, enhanced durability, and definitely weather-resistant. Without much expertise in the field, it gets pretty difficult to find a 4500 winch with all of these features. 

To save you from this hectic task, we’ve arranged some of the most suitable 4500 lb winch options.

Top Rated 4500 lb Winches

Looking for the best 4500 lb winch for your ATV/UTV? Here are 5 amazing options that you can choose from:

WARN 101040 VRX


  • Solid and heavy-duty framework ensures maximum durability of the winch
  • Powder-coated finish of the winch offers resistance to corrosion Powerful control switch with dash mounting provides exceptional performance 
  • Safe and secure grip helps to protect the winch from adverse situations 
  • Strong waterproof sealing withstands against water damage and deterioration
  • Good quality motor system helps in easy and effortless operation


  • Cannot be mounted without a bumper or a mounting plate

The top pick in our best 4500lb winch list is the Warn 101040 VRX 4500 lb capacity synthetic rope winch which will be a great option for your UTV. With some high-end features, this one will give you an amazing experience. 

Furthermore, the all-metal framework and powder-coated finish of the winch provide maximum strength. This winch is IP68 rated. With waterproof sealing of high quality, you can say goodbye to any worries about using it in unfavorable weather. 

This winch comes with both steel wire rope and synthetic rope options, so you can pick whatever you find convenient. The steel rope of the winch has 50 x ¼ inches dimensions that are perfect for a solid UTV. It also bears a roller fairlead that helps in changing the directions easily. 

Meanwhile, the synthetic rope comes with similar dimensions but differs in terms of the fairlead. The fairlead for the synthetic rope is a hawse one that offers easy and effortless movement. 

Overall, this is a great option for those who want something with very advanced features for everyday use.

Warn vrx specs

MotoAlliance VIPER Midnight 4500lb Winch


  • Strong and durable construction provides maximum support and protection to the winch
  • Weatherproof sealing of strong quality helps in resisting weather damage and erosion
  • Versatile compatibility of the winch allows easy fitting with different car brands
  • A secure grip helps in supporting the winch and avoids any accidents 
  • The automatic braking system of the winch helps in supporting the motor system and delivering brilliant performance
  • Adjustable bolt pattern helps in easy mounting


  • Instructions are tricky  

Another great option on the list, we have this 4500lbs winch from MotoAlliance Viper. This one has a sturdy design and some exceptional features that provide top-notch performance for your UTV.   

Built with high-grade stainless steel, this winch is pretty durable and long-lasting. It is also capable of withstanding corrosion, which is like a cherry on top. Another excellent feature of this winch is its ability to resist weather damage, thanks to the strong sealing. 

This 4500lbs winch shares compatibility with different car brands starting from Yamaha, Polaris, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, etc. Such a feature allows you to stick to a single winch even if you get a new vehicle in the near future. 

The steel rope of the winch comes with a roller fairlead, while the synthetic cable has a hawse fairlead. Both the rope variations are around 50 feet, which is quite convenient.  

You also get a 3×4.875 inches bolt pattern which is adjustable with different mounting plates. Such solid features and an efficient system make this winch one of the best 4500 lb winches on the market.

Superwinch 1145220 4500lbs Winch


  • Lightweight design helps in easy and effortless handling of the winch
  • Powerful construction ensures the superior durability of the product
  • Does not emit annoying noise and works in a quiet manner, so it is very user-friendly
  • An efficient and durable winch motor helps in delivering an outstanding performance
  • Easy mounting options and compatibility allows easy fitting with different car brands
  • 4500 loading capacity is helpful for carrying out different tasks
  • Double-sided bearing adds stability to the motor of the winch
  • Copper windings help in strengthening the permanent magnet motor system of the winch


  • Inconvenient instructions provided

If you’ve used 4500 winches before, you must’ve heard of Superwinch. They have been manufacturing excellent build quality products for a long time. This 4500 lbs winch is no exception.

Although it has a loading capacity of 4500 lbs, the body of this winch is pretty lightweight. Despite the lightweight body, the material of the winch is pretty sturdy and robust. 

A promising feature of this product is how quietly it runs without producing any disturbing noise. Another amazing feature is the powerful motor design of the winch. The presence of copper windings and double-sided bearings add to the strength of the motor system.

For maximum safety, it has an automatic load-holding & a dynamic brake system. The circuit breaker protection and weather-sealed construction make it safe to use in any weather condition.

Besides, unlike many brands, this winch comes with a handlebar mount which makes installation pretty easy. You can control the process with remote control, and you might not even need additional tools! 

This winch also comes with the option of choosing a steel cable and a synthetic cable. The fairlead roller with the steel wire rope does an excellent job at maintaining a smooth procedure. 

Champion 4500lb ATV Wireless Winch Kit


  • The flimsy and compact design makes it easy to handle the winch
  • Durable construction of the winch ensures that it will last long
  • Offers a strong and effortless pull to deliver a brilliant performance
  • Conserves vehicle battery health to the maximum extent so that it can sustain for a longer period
  • Compatible with different brands so fits easily without any inconvenience
  • The wireless remote control allows easy operation of the winch within a good distance
  • Steel cables are built with fairlead rollers to provide maximum support in changing directions


  • Not very portable due to heavy design

Here, we have another sturdy 4500 lbs winch from Champion. The Champion Power Equipment is an affordably priced winch with a wide range of premium features for your UTV. 

Built with a high-quality metal framework, you can be assured that this winch is made to last long. The excellent design of the winch and powerful all-metal construction makes this winch a superior option.

The best thing about this winch is the presence of wireless remote control, which offers easy handling. Within a 50 feet radius, you can expect the winch to operate without any hassles effortlessly. 

Moreover, the remote is capable of turning off automatically when it’s not in use, which is another convenient feature. With such an option, you can save your vehicle’s battery health to a great extent.

The strong steel cable design and a four-way roller fairlead manage to provide a smooth pull on every occasion.

With a wiring kit with contractor and the mini-rocker handlebar switch, you can enjoy an outstanding winching experience every time.

FIERYRED Electric Winch 


  • Dual control mode offers easy operation without any hassles
  • The strong material and finish of the winch offer resistance to impact damage and corrosion
  • High-quality sealing makes the winch resistant to weather damage and deterioration
  • Heavy-duty construction and lightweight design make it easy to handle
  • Offers a powerful line pull to deliver strong performance
  • Strong and efficient motor system helps in maintaining stability and supports the winch
  • Balanced gear ratio provides uniformity to the winch action


  • Wireless remote control is not waterproof

Last but not the least, on our best 4500-lb winches list, we have this winch from FIERYRED, which is another brilliant option, especially for beginners. 

The most promising feature of this product is its dual control mode, e.g., both wireless and corded remote control mode. You can operate the winch within a 25 feet radius, and the control switch is pretty easy to work with.

Furthermore, the combination of an all-metal heavy-duty framework and a three-stage planetary gear system makes this winch stand out among many other brands. With a textured finish, the winch is resistant to any kind of impact and corrosion.

Another impressive feature of this winch is its high-powered motor. With a strong and high-quality permanent magnet motor, you can now enjoy a smooth and powerful 4500 lb rated line pull every time. Also, you’ll get the fastest line speed under load.

The synthetic rope of the winch consists of fairlead hawse, which enables you to enjoy a long-lasting performance all the time. You also get the opportunity to obtain a straightforward guide, thanks to the fairlead.

Moreover, the winch is equipped with a sealed engine that does a great job at withstanding moisture, rain, and weather damage. So, whether you’re headed for the rain, snow, or mud- no need to worry because the weatherproof sealing has got you covered!  

Overall, this is one of the finest 4500 winches that you can get for your hard-wearing UTV.


To wrap up the discussion, we can admit that the best 4500-lb winch for a solid UTV is the Warn 101040 VRX. 

With sturdy construction, weatherproof sealing, along with an advanced control switch, this winch is of excellent quality and delivers a top-notch performance. We recommend this winch for users who are looking for something reliable and efficient.

Best 4500 lb winch

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