How to Make Adjustments on Boat Trailer Winch Post

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Last Updated on July 2, 2022

It is always recommended to have a winch post on your trailer. It will ensure your ease of use. But in order to receive this advantage, you need to know some important things. Making adjustments on your boat trailer winch post is one of them. It is seen that a lot of people are ignorant about this process.

Today, I have decided to talk about how you can make necessary adjustments to your boat trailer winch post. 

Adjustments on Boat Trailer

Is It Necessary to Adjust My Winch Post Of My Boat Trailer?

Now, the first question is do you really need to make adjustments to your winch post. Let’s talk about it first.

I think you know that you can receive the best pulling capacity from your winch if you pull following a straight line. Basically, all the winches are being tested by following this rule. All the features and specifications you find in the instruction manual are done in optimal situations. Pulling following a straight line is considered an optimal situation.

Straight-line pulling makes your winch more powerful. Again, there will be a huge power loss if you pull your winch following an angle. It is an advantage to have a winch post on your trailer that supports both horizontally and vertically adjustment. As a result, it will ensure that you are receiving the most possible effective pulling.

However, apart from these issues, the most important advantage you will get from the winch post adjustment is proper support to your boat. Basically, you use the trailer for transporting your boat on land. So, if your boat does not receive the proper support from your winch, then it will start swaying or rocking around your trailer while transporting.

As a result, there is a good chance to damage your boat hull and paint. Your bow rollers need to secure your boat firmly in its place. Also, keep in mind that your winch line must not be relaxed. You should get it taut. Without it, you need to keep the difference between the winch and boat as lower as possible.

You can do this accurately by adjusting your winch post vertically and horizontally along with your boat trailer.

Boat Trailer Winch Post Adjustment

Well, your boat trailer winch post adjustment process is quite easy and simple. You don’t need to be an expert for that. If you just know how to use a handled wrench, then you will be able to do it easily.

Basically, the winch post is mounted or installed on your boat trailer. The winch post remains secured using bolts and nuts, especially using some U-bolts. Does not matter what the bolt type, a piece of the adjustable wrench will be good enough for your job. Make sure that the wrench is standard. This is valid for both horizontal or vertical adjustment.

Now, you need to make the base nuts a bit lose as you will be allowed to shimmy your winch post along the trailer length. However, if your intention is removing your post completely, then take off the nuts once.

In some cases, it may happen that the nuts are so tight and it is not possible to loosen them using your hand. That time, you can use WD-40 type products. Well, similar to these products will also work. Using this kind of product will make it easy to loosen the bolts. Again, if you find the WD-40 is not working well and you are still facing difficulties, then using a power tool will be the best option for you. 

While using a power tool for loosening your winch post nuts, you should keep in mind that your power tool is only for loosening. If your intention is to take off the nut using your power tool, then it may cause damage to your bolt or nut.

As a result, you will find it hard to put them back simultaneously as abrasions can exist. So, you need to keep in mind that you should use your power tool for loosening the nut. Once you get the nut loosened, then remove it by using your hand or wrench.

After removing your all nuts from bolts, it’s time for making adjustments to your winch post. In fact, you will find it easy enough now. Keep in mind that the actual intention behind adjusting your winch post is providing enough support to your boat. Your boat needs to secure your trailer properly. Your boat needs to have body contact with your trailer and the post. So, the post should not be too low, high, too forward or too far backward.

Once you find that you have got the accurate position, now you need to secure your winch post using bolts and nuts back. It is recommended to use your hand first for threading your nuts on its bolts. This is done so for avoiding any kind of damage to your bolts with your tools. 

If you find that the nuts are properly threaded on your winch post bolts, you are ready to secure the bolts using the tools for making the process easier and faster. That’s it. You are done with the adjustment process.

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