What is an Air Winch? Air Winch Benefits & Applications

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Last Updated on June 26, 2022

Your winch is an excellent piece of equipment to deal with. You can use the winch for a variety of purposes. For instance, vehicle recovery purposes. If your vehicle gets stuck in tough terrains like muddy, rocky or snowy conditions, you can use the winch in order to recover your vehicle. Without it, the winches have a long reputation for making your utility work easy.

However, how many winch-type you are familiar with? I guess you know only a few types of winch. Most people know only about the recovery winch. But there are still a good number of winch-type available in the market. The air winch is the mentionable one among them.

In this guide, I will talk What is an Air Winch? Air Winch Benefits & Applications in detail. I will cover the difference between air winch and electric winch, what are the benefits and applications of an air winch and how to choose one for you.

What is an air winch

What is an Air Winch?

The air winch is also known as an air hoist or air tugger. Basically, the air winch is an air-powered or pneumatic motor-powered machine that is used for pulling or lifting.  You can use this winch for the suspension and tensioning of materials too. However, the air winch has the ability to move personnel between floors if they are rated properly. This type of winch can be used in gas and oil construction, maritime industries.

The number of motor types is multiple. Among them, the popular motor is a radial piston or vane. Both of the motors need air that is compressed that is directed to the two ports. As a result of this air direction, the drums start rotating. Thus, a winch makes movement actually. 

Usually, the winch has the ability to make movement following three positions: Neutral, forward or reverse. In which way the winch will make a movement is decided by the directional control valve.

Difference Between An Air Winch And Electric Winch

Well, you might be keen to know the differences between the air winch and the electric winch. You may not find vast differences between these two winches because of their appearance as both of them have similar drum types and frames. 

However, there are some significant differences in terms of operation. For instance, if you talk about the power or electricity needed to operate this type of winch, there is a big difference. The air winches are powered by a compressed air channel in its motor. On the other hand, the electric winches are usually powered by an electric motor which is powered by electricity.

Air Winch Benefits

Because of the characteristics and features of an air winch, they offer a wide range of benefits that you may not expect from other types of winch.

  • First of all, the force offered by an air winch for lifting an object is massive. You will be able to lift a lot without consuming a significant amount of electricity. Besides, in the situation where three-phase electricity might not be available, your air winch has the ability to utilize that remote region. 
  • Moreover, moving heavy-weight goods with the help of an air winch will be an easy task. Your winch will do the task efficiently.
  • Lastly. you have the opportunity to experience the spark-resistant pneumatic motor if there is no electricity involved. Thus, this air winch can be a safe option for you to operate in different environments.

Air Winch Applications

Well, the air winches can be used in a variety of sectors for their rugged instruction. You will be able to use this type of winch for marine, construction, Gas and Oil-related applications, Offshore and Mining and so on. Undoubtedly, you will have a great winching operation with your air winch. Just make sure that you are bringing the right one for your task.

How To Choose An Air Winch

In order to choose an air winch, you should give your job place first priority. Apart from that, your load type and weight, wire rope and mounting site are also important. While making a purchase, you need to check jurisdictional and company regulations for your particular use. 

Besides, it is important how often you will be using your winch. If you need a winch for personnel use, then you don’t need to get one that is designed for a heavy-duty purpose. However, if you want to use your winch very often or professionally, then you should bring a high-quality winch that is made for professional use.

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