Badland Winch Remote Not Working

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Last Updated on July 3, 2022

Badland is one of the best brands of winches available on the market. It has a good reputation for providing quality services to customers. The accessories of a badland winch, for instance, a wireless remote, are also durable. You may not find a wireless remote with all the badlands winch though.

However, although the wireless remote of a badland winch is durable, it is found that the remote stops functioning due to several users. In these cases, you need to fix your wireless remote.

Here, I will try to cover all the issues related to the badland winch remote control. If you are facing the same issues, then this article is highly recommended for you.

badland winch remote not working

Badland Winch Remote Problems With Solutions 

Basically the remote has 2 primary functions. It is responsible for the reel-out and reel-in functions. The range of a remote varies from model to model. Some remote has a 20 ft range and others have more than 55 ft range. You will get the necessary connectors and terminals along with your remote. The basic issues of a badland winch are-:

1. Replacing the Battery

You may find that the range of your badland winch remote is decreasing gradually after using it for a few days. In this case, changing or replacing the remote battery is a good idea. In fact, some customers found this trick useful. The remote got its actual range after getting a new battery.

A 12 Volt lithium-ion battery is used in the Badland winch remote. Replacing the stock battery of the remote with a Duracell alkaline battery is a good idea as it is more durable. However, it is recommended to keep a few spare batteries to avoid any kind of risk.

2. Reset the Remote

What happens occasionally is that your winch starts losing its frequency. As a result, it becomes unpair with the winch. In this kind of case, you need to send codes to its receiver for syncing again.

  • For this, turn on the power. You will find a blue light blinking once it gets started. After that, press both the OUT and IN buttons for twenty seconds at a time. Then, it will blink and stop. After that, again hold both buttons until you find the light gets off and come back. 
  • There is another trick. In this trick, you have to disengage the cable from the winch battery and then connect it again.

3. Water Issues

Water can be an issue with your badland winch remote as it may not always have water protection. If water reaches your control box accidentally, it can be an issue. You have to take the necessary actions. Get it dry

4. Range of Your Wireless Winch Remote

The best working range of a remote is from 25 ft to 30 ft. You are supposed to find your remote is working fine within this range. However, this statement may not be valid if you are not in direct sight of your remote.

5. Extend the Wireless Range

Well, it is possible to extend the range of your badland winch remote. If you are facing the range issue, then you can think about extending the range of your winch remote.

You will find there is a small green wire from your winch control box called an antenna that receives the remote signals. You have to extend this wire with the help of an alligator clip and then connect it to the antenna of your vehicle.

Keep in mind that the size of the antenna should be two times greater than its actual length. Without it, you need to place the antenna as straight as possible and away from any metal.

6. Missing Antenna

Your remote control box is supposed to have a wire. The wire should be thin and green. The duty of this wire is to receive the signals from your remote to operate it. If you find the cable is missing, then make the necessary changes.

7. Delaying Issue in Action

While pressing the remote button when you operate your winch, there can be a bit of delay in your action. The winch remote control needs some time in order to send the signal to your winch control box. You may find this a bit uneasy in the very first few attempts.

8. Disengaging the Receiver

You should always take off your receiver plug from the winch control box while not using your winch. In case anyone picks the remote and presses a button, it can be a dangerous thing.

Moreover, there is a chance of activating the radio interference with your winch remote. To avoid this risk, you can install a toggle switch. This switch will allow you to start your winch at that time when you need it.

9. Cleaning the Remote

It is found that while using the wireless winch remote control, the winch or any other function did not show any reaction.

After changing batteries or checking the fuse, it is found that the remote is working after rerouting it. Rerouting means opening the solenoid box, cleaning the dirt and applying lubricant.

10. Universal Wireless Remote

However, if you want to get a remote controller apart from the badland winch remote, you can give the universal remote controller a try. In order to use this remote control, you may need to have some basic wiring and mechanical knowledge. Because you may need to wire electrical components and they vary from model to model.

As you’ve come so far, I hope you’re now able to face any issue with the badland winch remote control.

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  1. Winch runs for 5 seconds then shuts off
    Wait a couple of seconds runs for 5 seconds. Replaced remote battery didn’t make any difference

    • The problem is with the Winch I guess, not the remote. If it still has a warranty then send it for fixing. Otherwise, try a local repairman.


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