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Last Updated on May 18, 2022

Don’t want to leave your tractor seat? Well, you don’t have to if you got a quick adapter hitch. With a good 3 point quick hitch, you can reduce your workload by half. It’s as true as it was back then when Harry Ferguson invented it.

The best thing about technology is that it only gets better. And this article is all about finding out the best 3 point quick hitch in the market. So even if you’re a seasoned farmer, stick around to keep in touch with the new additions in the market.

What Is 3 Point Quick Hitch?

For those who have little to no idea about quick hitches. Here’s a short introduction.

A three point quick hitch is an accessory to join, attach or pair any farming implements easily. It also saves time when attaching heavy implements. This 3 point hitch allows transmitting the motion, power, and torque of the tractor to different implements.

It replaced the drawbar hitch, which was a simple steel plate with holes in it. But a quick hitch consists of two bar columns joined by a metal bar beam. There are a few quick hitches that resemble the letter A. These usually have a heavy duty steel construction, making them extremely durable for field applications.

Figure: A 3 point quick hitch

Types of 3-Point Quick Hitch

We connect the implement, top link, and bottom links through hole-pin attachments. The pinhole diameter will vary from hitch to hitch. There are 5 quick hitch categories you need to be aware of –

Category 0

The category 0 3 point quick hitches are used with a ride on mowers and other mowers. Any 20-inch implement would be a match. This is to be used only in light-duty applications where the tractor or machine has less than 20 horsepower.

Category 1

The category 1 quick hitches are more suitable for compact tractors that operate between 21hp to 50hp. Here, the lift arm hitch pin size is 3/4-inch, and the top link pin size is 7/8-inch. The lift arm spacing is 26 inches.

Category 2

3 point quick hitches of the 2nd category are perfect for tractors and trailers with horsepower between 40 and 125hp. The pin sizes for these hitches are smaller, with the top link and lift arm links having 1/4-inch and 7/16-inch pins, respectively.

The spacing between the lift arms is 30 inches for Cat 2 quick hitches.

Category 3

These quick hitches are perfect for tractors with 80-225 horsepower. This is the most commonly used quick hitch and is found in most homesteads.

The lift arm hooks and the top link hook require 1/4-inch and 7/16-inch hitch pins, respectively. You can use 36-inch wide three point implements between the lift arms.

Category 4

If you have tractors with horsepowers ranging from 180-400hp, you need category 4 quick hitches.

A Cat 4 3-point hitch can accommodate up to 46-inch wide rear attachments between its lift arms. The lift arm and top links need pins with 2-inch and 1-3/4-inch diameters.

Best 3 Point Quick Hitch Review

Below, I’ve put together a list of 3-point hitches. To help you decide, I have compared the hitches with each other and put a little comparison chart at the end of the review.

1. Titan Attachments Quick Hitch Cat 1 and Cat 2, 3 Point Green Steel

Our first pick is the cat 1 and 2 quick adapter hitch from Titan Attachments. If you’re looking for a first-grade hitch for your compact tractors without the premium price tag, you can consider this.



This 3 point quick hitch has a top-notch design made with 4 by 4 tubular steel giving it a weight of 60 lbs. It consists of two lift arms and a top link.

It has heavy duty steel construction all over. The tubular steel frames are reinforced with 9 gauge steel gusset plates. I do question the finish on the plate and frame. However, it hasn’t been proven to cause any issues.


There are 7 pin holes for the top pin. So, you have a lot of adjustability options.

Additionally, the whole unit is coated with anti-rust and anti-corrosive powder. This is something you usually find in premium brands such as John Deere.

The inside distance between the two lower hooks is 28-inch. To accommodate smaller implements, you have to use longer pins.


This Titan hitch is compatible with Category 1 and 2 tractors. You have to use bushings to use Cat 1 equipment with it.

Towing Capacity

As a cat 1 and 2 hitches, it can tow or lift weights up to 3,000 lbs. You shouldn’t have trouble using your tractor implements with it.

Ease of Use

Once you have the hitch installed, you can attach the implements without having to leave the tractor seat. If that isn’t easy to use, I don’t know what is.

Assembling and installing the hitch isn’t too hard either. The only uncomfortable part is holding the 60-pound heavy hitch while inserting the pins.


  • Reinforced steel frame
  • 3,000lbs towing capacity
  • Good adjustability options
  • Works with both cat 1 and 2 tractors and implements
  • Reasonable pricing


  • It can feel quite heavy
  • The finishing on it desires more polishing

2. Titan Attachments Category 2 Quick Hitch 3 Point Powder Coated Steel

In 2nd place, we had to choose another Titan attachments product. And it achieved it through merit.



It’s made of 4×4 tubular steel, which is strong enough. So, the reinforcement of the 9 gauge steel plate is just the cherry on top. It also has a better finish on the joints.


This 3 point quick hitch is designed to attach to the 3-point hitch of your tractor. At the bottom, the distance between the hooks is 32-inch. The pin sizes are according to the standard.

I’m sure the corrosion and rust-resistant powder coating on the unit will keep it in action for a long time.

What I didn’t like was the complete lack of adjustability for the top link. There are no extra holes. and the top hook is welded to the steel frame.

As far as construction design and material go, I’m impressed enough to recommend it to anyone. The only thing stopping me is the price. There are better options like the next offering.


By default, this quick hitch will only accommodate tractors with 80-100 horsepower. And, of course, you can use only the implements that fit within its dimensions.

Towing Capacity

While it lacks adjustability, it makes up for pulling capacity. This hitch is rated for 4,000lbs lifting capacity, which is a 1000lbs increase over the previous Titan product.

Ease of Use

The user experience of this Titan hitch is free of any complaints. As implements fit in smoothly, you can slide the pins with minimal effort.


  • Black anti-rust and anti-corrosion powder coating
  • 4,000lbs pulling capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Steel plates reinforcement
  • Heavy-duty steel


  • Unreasonable price
  • Lack of adjustability

Note: You could use Cat 1 implements on it if you have bushings.

3. Titan Attachments 3-Point Quick Hitch fits Cat 1 & 2 Tractors

If you’re looking for adjustability options, this Titan Attachments hitch is something worth looking at. Is this the best category 2 quick hitch? Well, it’s certainly a candidate.



It’s what you would expect from a market-pleaser product. With the heavy duty steel construction, it will take loads of beatings and not even budge a little. The paint, however, isn’t scratchproof.

The tubular steel frame is a little thinner comparatively. But the steel plate reinforcement on the joints is praiseworthy.


Unlike the previous Titan hitch, this one comes with a respectable amount of adjustability. There are 7 pinholes for the top clevis hook, and that means you can attach different implements with different heights.


It’s generally a cat 2 quick adapter hitch. But you can incorporate bushings to use it with cat 1 accessories and compact tractors. If your tractors have lower than 100HP, they’ll fit right in.

Towing Capacity

Compared to the previous unadjustable Titan hitch adapter, this has a 3000lbs pulling capacity. It’s a 1000lbs decrease.

Ease of Use

In terms of day-to-day use, this doesn’t feel like a hassle, especially if you have separate lift pins for each attachment. Just back up the tractor and hook it up.

The 60lbs weight can be an issue for some. So, have someone assist you.


  • Premium product without the premium price tag
  • 3,000lbs towing capacity
  • 7 adjustment pinholes
  • Money saver
  • Great ease of use


  • A little heavy
  • It doesn’t come with a bushing set

4. Bigtoolrack 3 Point Quick Hitch, for Category 1 Three Point Hitch

If you don’t need to scale up to category 2, I can wholeheartedly recommend this. For me, this is the best category 1 quick hitch out there. Why? Read below.



Made from high strength steel tubing, this is a pretty well-built quick-hitch. The tubular steel frame is welded together nicely. To give it an extra level of sturdiness, the joints are covered with steel plates. It won’t budge in the near future.


There are lots of adjustment options for the top link. With the 7 holes, you’re getting lots of room to use equipment of different heights. You can adjust the height from 15 inches to 18.25 inches.

With the included extender, you can give your farm equipment a bit of flexibility. You need it when turning in a tight space.


The arm spacing is 27-1/4 inches which can fit only cat 1 accessories.

It’s a perfect match for 50HP tractors such as the John Deere 5105 or the Massey Ferguson 241 Di Maha Shakti. I’d recommend to anyone with a ride on mower to keep their acreage tidy.

Towing Capacity

This has a 2,000lbs pulling capacity which is impressive for a category 1 quick adapter hitch. With such pulling capacity, you could move around with more than a few farming instruments in your acreage.

Ease of Use

It gets all the tick marks in the user experience directory. Not only is it easy to install, but it also comes with attaching pins and a 3 point extender.


  • Sturdy body
  • Includes lift pins
  • 2,000lbs pulling capacity
  • Includes pins and 3 point attachments
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expensive
  • Only accommodates category 1

5. AGKNX Category II (CAT 2) Tractor Quick Hitch w/Bushings

If you’re a seasoned hitch user, seeing this AGKNX tractor quick hitch on the list may shock you. I won’t claim it as the best 3 point quick hitch. But there are valid reasons behind putting this up on here.



The overall build quality of this AGKNX hitch is impressive. With a full steel body, it’s strong enough to endure the harsh condition of the ground. The 3×3 tubular steel frame is joined together nicely, but the durability is increased with the addition of 9 gauge gusset steel plates.

They could have tidied up the joints with a little bit more polishing.


If you have used hitch units from TSC, you’ll find this one eerily similar to them. The design is overall good. It’s got ASAE approval, and that should remove any trust issues. With standard pin sizes and hooks, it won’t have any trouble attaching to your equipment.

The whole body of this hitch unit has a powder coating. This black powder coating will prevent the hitch from corrosion and rust.


It has the dimensions to fit category 2 implements and tractors. The distance between the two hooks is 36-inch. That is the limit of implement width. And if your tractor doesn’t cross the threshold of 90HP, this quick hitch will fit right in.

Towing Capacity

Compared to the more familiar names on the list, this does come with a bit less towing capacity. It’s rated for 2500lbs. For a cat 2 hitch, that’s in the lower range.

Ease of Use

It has the same design as other hitches. If you have experience, installing it is a walk in the park. And to make your life a little simpler, they include a bushing set with the unit. You can easily attach a cat 1 implement to it.


  • Comes with a bushing set
  • Robust and reliable
  • 2,500lbs towing capacity
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Painless and quick switching between accessories


  • It’s imported from China which makes it expensive

6. Titan Attachments HD 2-in Trailer Receiver Hitch, Fits Cat 1, 3 Point, Quick Hitch Compatible

This quick hitch compatible device from Titan Attachments is worth a look. If the 3 point hitch on your tractor doesn’t fit the conventional 3 point quick hitch, this can be a solution.



Can a hitch receiver be called sturdy if it’s not made from steel? I doubt it. This is one resilient steel stabilizer for your tractor instruments. Three pieces of square steel tubing are joined to perfection.

To increase its endurance in harsh terrain, it has a powder coating to protect it from corrosion and rust.


It’s a 2.25-inch receiver that works with many 2-inch 3 point hitches. Has a perfect triangle base design with a D-hook or D-ring attachment. With the D-ring attachment, you can tie down any heavy duty material for easy transport. However, you have to buy the tie-down rope separately.

What I want to bring your attention to is the bottom pin design. It’s positioned in such a way that you can use both smaller and larger tractors.


The dimensions and attachment options allow only cat 1 tractors and trailers to fit with it. Additionally, you can use 3 point hitch accessories with it.

It’s a 32.5-inch wide pin-to-pin. And it’ll fit the 3 point hitch at the back of a cat 1 tractor.

Towing Capacity

This Titan Attachments 2-inch trailer hitch is a category 1 tractor device. And that means it can tow around 2,500-3,000 lbs of weight.

Ease of Use

It has an easy attachment process. Thanks to its 37lbs weight, it isn’t hard to install by a single person.


  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Genius bottom pin support
  • D-hook for heavy transport


  • Kinda pricey

7. MAXXHAUL Standard 3-Point Hitch Adapter for Trailers & Farm Equipment with Category 1 Pins & 2″ Receiver Hitch

This is a highly efficient hitch receiver at a relatively lower price point. If you’re looking for a cheap trailer hitch, this can be a good consideration.



The material in this hitch is a heavy-duty steel alloy. With a balanced triangle design, the steel body ensures long-lasting service. I feel this is such a steal for the price you’re paying.


In terms of design, this is an improved version of previous MAXXHAUL hitches. It includes steel pins, so you don’t have to buy them.

What’s interesting about it is the bottom pin design. Thanks to this, you can switch between a small tractor and a large tractor.

The pins in this receiver hitch are according to the cat 1 category. Its arms are only 21 inches wide which can be an issue with even some of the cat 1 implements.

It has an anti-corrosion powder coating. As long as the coating is intact, it’ll prevent moisture from setting in.


This is a quick hitch compatible device. I think it’d make a perfect combination with compact tractors such as John Deere 3038E and Kubota BX2370. It’ll also perform well as a trailer hitch. I’d be wary of connecting cat 2 farming equipment.

Towing Capacity

A trailer hitch can generally tolerate more weight than a quick hitch. This Maxxhaul hitch has a pulling capacity of 4,000lbs.

Ease of Use

It has a weight of only 32lbs. Holding it up and installing it is quite easy. How long does it take to install it? Even if you’re not an experienced user, it should only take you 3-5 minutes to set it up.


  • Constructed with steel alloy
  • Highly reasonable pricing
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for a small trailer and tractor
  • Resistant to rust


  • Can’t scale up to accommodate cat 2 accessories
  • Narrow spacing between the arms

Things to Consider Before Buying

To choose the best 3 point quick hitch, keep the following factors in consideration –


If you refer back to our discussion on the quick hitch categories, you’ll see that each of the categories had a different measurement for the top link and lift arm link. So, it’s easy to mix up and purchase the wrong quick hitch for your tractor.

Towing Capacity

DO check the towing capacity before purchasing.

Type of Tractor and Trailer

You can’t simply take a quick hitch and hope to use it with similar tractors. For example, a John Deere 4044R compact tractor doesn’t have the same configuration as a Messey Ferguson 1373 disc mower.

Do you need different hitches for tractors and trailers? Indeed you can use the same quick hitch for some of them. But it can’t be said for all.

Type of Implements

Most implements are compatible with a 3 point quick hitch. However, many implements do not match up, such as a 2-point implement. In such cases, you may need a receiver hitch to get it to work.

Corrosion Resistance

A 3 point quick hitch needs to have anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties. Only a simple anti-rust coating would suffice against moisture.

Construction and Longevity

To ensure you’re getting the best 3 point quick hitch, look at the build material. Longevity and construction material go hand in hand. If it has heavy duty construction, you won’t need to worry.

Ease of Use

Installing and removing a product is a large part of its user experience. If it’s hard to install, it’ll take time to remove it as well. And you want to reduce the installing and removing time as much as possible.

How Does 3 Point Quick Hitch Work and Why Do You Need One?

A 3 point quick adapter hitch attaches to a tractor’s rear bumper triangle drawbar. It has a triangle of linked lift arms.

The tractor’s hydraulic system connects to these lift arms directly. The implement will be attached to the top and lower links using retainer pins. When attached, the implement will rise and decline as you drive according to how you attached it.

One of the main functions of a quick hitch is weight distribution. It transfers the implement’s weight to both the rear and front axle of the tractor. So, the implement stays aligned with the tractor and withstands any resistance from the ground.

These quick hitches allow the tractors to have more friction and grip over the implements. With the 3 point pin design, the tractor has a firmer hold on the attachments. And that makes a heavier implement feel lighter than it is.

Now, can you work without quick hitches? Sure, you can. But I can mention two benefits of attaching them to your implements.

  1. Saving time and energy by making the installation and removal process quicker
  2. Reducing the risk of accidents by having stabilized and secured implements

How to Install a 3 Point Quick Hitch?

Step 1: Assemble the Quick Hitch

First, you need to adjust the pin position of the top link and attach the clevis hook in a position you prefer. You’re going to need a wrench to unscrew the pins and reposition them. The best position is most likely the one at the bottom. Experiment with each pin position to find the correct height.

Step 2: Install It on the Tractor or Trailer

You may need to have someone to assist you since most hitches are heavy.

Take the assembled three point hitch and lift it up to the tractor. One by one, align the pinholes and insert the quick attach bolts.

Do not insert the top pin yet. First, insert the bottom two pins. This way, you’re reducing the pressure on the top joint.

Step 3: Install the Implement on the Quick Hitch

The lower hooks are locked in by default. So, you can’t install any implement on it. Turn the handles on top to unlock them. Now you can place the implements on the hooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What category quick hitch will I need?

It depends on the type and size of your implement and the type of tractor/trailer you’re using. Measure the width of your implement and see which quick hitch category it fits in. Do the same with your tractor and see which quick hitch is the most suitable in terms of two capacity and attachment configurations.

Do you need bushings for a quick hitch?

Yes, you certainly need to use them with a quick hitch if you want to accommodate lower cat 1 accessories to cat 2 hitches. They are important to secure the joints in place and prevent them from getting loose.

What are the best brands?

There are quite a few brands out there that can be considered the better brands. The list includes but is not limited to Land Pride, John Deere, Woods, and Harbor freight quick hitch.

What is a limited category 1 hitch?

A few category 1 hitches come with a “Limited” tag. This means that the hitch sits closer to the ground, and it may not lift as high as the standard full-size Cat 1 hitches.

Which one is better between a quick hitch and a drawbar hitch?

It’s widely accepted that a quick hitch outclasses a drawbar hitch by a lot. A quick hitch simply cuts down the work time by more than half compared to drawbar hitches.

And you also don’t need any special tool to install a quick hitch. The pin adjustments are much easier. On the other hand, to install drawbar hitches, you need a wrench or a similar tool.

Are all 3-point hitches the same?

No, all 3 point hitches aren’t the same. There are different varieties of hitches depending on implement size and vehicle type.

Is Titan farm equipment made in China?

No, Titan has a manufacturing plant in the heart of the USA in Decatur, Tennesse.


So, which one do you consider the best 3 point quick hitch? Personally, my favorite is the Titan Attachments 3 Point Quick Hitch Green Steel. Its 4×4 steel tubing body is among the strongest out there. 

You can also consider the Titan Attachments 3-Point Quick Hitch Fits Cat 1 & 2 Tractors. It’s a little thinner, but I like the black color of it. 

An additional recommendation would be the Bigtoolrack 3 Point Quick Hitch. However, its price is a letdown. That being said, all three have a better value-per-dollar ratio than premium brands.

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