Best Come Along for Vehicle Recovery

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

Best Come Along for Vehicle Recovery

1. Type of winch

Well, before going to purchase a come along winch for vehicle recovery, you need to decide which type of come along winch you want. Basically, there are two types of come along winch available in the market. They are the ratcheting and electric winches. 

The ratcheting winch is famous for pulling loads. The ratcheting gear system is available in this type of winch. They have the ability to deal with heavy loads. Also, the braking system of the ratcheting winch is reliable.

On the other hand, an electric winch is an advanced option. Lifting or pulling heavier loads is not possible with this type of winch. Without it, almost all electric winches feature a remote control system for operating the winch from a safe distance. 

2. Pulling/Lifting capacity

Pulling capacity is another important thing that you need to pay attention to most. If your purchased winch cannot satisfy your purpose, then there is no meaning in purchasing it.

All the come along winches available in the market come with different pulling capacities. You need to pick one according to your requirement. If you need a winch for dealing with your lightweight objects, a winch with average capacity will do your work. However, if you want a winch for handling heavier loads, then you should buy a winch with high capacity. 

It is always recommended to purchase a winch with a bit higher capacity than your requirement. It will ensure the smoothness of your work.

3. Cable Type

When it comes to winch cable, you have two options. Either you can pick the steel cable or synthetic rope.

The steel cable is the heavier one. You will be able to deal with any loads with this type of rope. However, you need to maintain proper safety rules while using steel cables. Also, this type of cable is durable and does not require much maintenance.

Again, the synthetic rope is lightweight and convenient to use. This type of cable also has the ability to deal with heavy loads. However, you have to make sure of proper maintenance of a synthetic cable for the durability of your synthetic rope.

4. Length of cable

The cable length is important for the come along winch. You will find a come along winch with different cable lengths. It is recommended to get a come along winch that has a good pulling length.

5. Material

The material of a come along with plays an important role to ensure the durability of your winch. What happens is that the winch made with high-quality material lasts for a long time. So, make sure that the winch you are purchasing is made of high-quality steel.

6. Construction Purposes

If you need a come along winch for your construction work, then you need to bring a come along winch that is constructed in a single piece. It will lessen the possibility of breaking as it has fewer points for breaking.

7. Warranty

It is highly recommended to bring a come along winch that holds a warranty feature. This type of winch is supposed to be made of high-quality material and durable. Obviously, you have to pay a good amount of money to purchase them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a come along winch?

Basically, a come along winch is a tool that is used to lift heavy loads. It is made using a chain or rope.

What is the pulling capacity of a come along winch?

Well, the pulling capacity of a come along winch varies from model to model. This type of winch is famous for its high pulling capacity. You need to pick one according to your requirement.

Do I need to perform maintenance to a come along winch?

You need to provide some maintenance to your come along winch like greasing the joints regularly. It will increase the durability of your winch.

How can I prevent backlash?

For preventing the backlash, you can put a piece of cloth over the winch rope. By doing so, the cloth will weigh down the rope in case it snaps. 

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