Best Gas Powered Capstan Winches of 2022

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Last Updated on September 30, 2022

A few specifications would make a winch perfect in a wild condition. First, the winch should have a monstrous pulling capacity. Then it should be equipped with proper kits to work from long distances in the forest. Finally, it needs to be portable and operated by an easily manageable fuel like gasoline.

 In this ‘Best gas powered capstan winch’ article, you will find the portable winches featuring every aspect mentioned for wild businesses.

The Portable winch Co. designed two iconic models, PCW-5000 and PCW-3000. In the later parts of their R&D, they adopted a wide variety of kits for forestry, hunting trip, and multi-purpose uses. We shall also introduce three PCW-5000 series with respective kits.

Best gas Powered Capstan Winches

PCW-5000 Gas Powered Portable Winch

PCW-5000 from Portable Winch is considered one of the most reliable and popular winch models in the market. This pulling monster has a 49cc 4-stroke made by the world-famous Honda Company. The 1.6Kw or 2.1hp can produce up to 2200 lbs pulling capacity on a single line.

The engine features an overhead valve system for maximum fuel conversion efficiency. The fuel tank capacity is 0.77L, while the engine can carry 0.25L in it. At the maximum 7000 rpm, the gas consumption will be only 0.91L/h.  

The engine is pretty noise-free and produces almost no vibration. At the same time, it produces high power to pull any object within the power limit. Thus it is the best portable gas powered winch for pulling heavy logs, large beasts, vehicles, or other objects from an unlimited range. The single-lined pulling capacity can easily be doubled by using a snatch block.

PCW-5000 featured an automatic decompression system for easy starting. The model weighs only 35.3 lbs or 16kg. Lightweight and easy anchoring will allow working in any wild condition. 

The 110:1 gear ratio generates sufficient pulling power. With a 57mm dimension drum, the pulling speed will be 40 feet per minute. The speed can be increased up to 60 fpm with a larger drum of 85mm in diameter. But this extra speed will reduce the pulling capacity from 2200 lbs to 1550 lbs on a single line pull.


  • Easy starting procedure and quite satisfying to work with.
  • Lightness and gas fuel offers flexible handling on distant works. 
  • A reliable machine to pull large and heavy objects.  


  •  So far, no major objection has been reported by the customers. 

PCW-3000 Gas Powered Portable Winch 

PCW-3000 is the middleweight version from Portable Winch, equipped with a Honda GX-35 engine. This gas-powered engine is lighter and smaller than the previous Honda GX-50. But it’s still a very reliable rescue machine within its pulling capacity.

The Capstan winch weighs only 20 lbs. It might lack power, but its lightness keeps it in the best gas powered capstan winch review. Meanwhile, the lightweight improves portability.

Honda GX-35 engine has had a glorious past since 2003. It presented the world’s first 3600 automatic inclination system. That keeps the fuel pressure at any vertical or horizontal position. So the PCW-3000 will ensure full power at any puling angle.  

The 35cc, 4-stroke engine can produce 1.0 kW or 1.3 hp energy. Thus the winch can generate a decent pulling capacity of 1550 lbs. By using a snatch block, the power can be doubled to pull out heavier logs, vehicles, or hunted animals. Anti-slip roller clutch bearing will prevent any accidental fall and reverse going.  

There is a 0.63L fuel tank to supply inside a 0.1L engine. At a maximum of 7000rpm, the machine will consume only 0.71L to run for one hour. 3-stage gear system has a gear ratio of 200:1, which improves the torque for the machine.

Because of using gasoline, the winch never loses its power. PCW-3000 winch can pull at a speed of 38 feet per minute at maximum power. An aluminum alloy-made compact body is suitable to work in freezing weather.  


  • Maximum power available from any hanging angle
  • Low consumption of gasoline.
  • The aluminum body is susceptible to work in a cold environment. 


  • Not suggested for heavy professional pulling working.

PCW5000-MK Gas Powered Portable Winch (Multi-purpose Kit)

PCW5000-MK is a model of the PCW5000 series with a whole lot of multi-purpose accessories. Assemble of kits for every purpose makes it the best gas powered capstan winch for regular pulling works. The series consists of the following items.  

Ø PCW5000: One Gas powered capstan winch

Ø PCA-0340: One Transport Case.

Ø PCA-1100: One Capstan drum

Ø PCA-1213M: DBP rope (328 feet)

Ø PCA-1256: One Rope bag

Ø PCA-1259: One Polyester sling

Ø PCA-1282: One Grab hook

Ø PCA-1261: One Hitch plate winch anchor

Ø PCA-1274: One Snatch block

Ø PCA-1276: Two oval Locking Carabiner

Ø PCA-1295: One Choker chain

Ø PCA-1281: One Safety hook with latch

A strong transport case size of 23″ L X 23″ W X 22″ H will allow you to carry winches and tools wherever you want. The padded interior will protect the stuff from damage. 

A powder-coated, steel-made safety hook helps the winch to remain on anchor against pulling. 0.44 lb weigh safety hook has a breaking load of 6600 lbs. Meanwhile, the stainless grab hook has a breaking load of 12540 lbs. A latch on it will prevent the rope from sliding in lack of tension. 

Zinc-plated shiny steel-made carabiner is used to hook and tie between pulley, tree, slings, and the object. The carabiner gate is made from anodized aluminum. Thus it remains durable and workable for a long time in any weather condition.  


  • Extra capstan drum will help to increase pulling power. 
  • A convenient kit set for all purposes. 


  • An open face corner block might accomplish the package. 

PCW5000-FK Gas Powered Portable Winch (Forestry Kit)


Ø PCW5000: One Gas-powered capstan winch

Ø PCA-1290: One Skidding cone

Ø PCA-1215M: DBP rope ( 50 m )

Ø PCA-1274: One snatch block

Ø PCA-1295: One Choker chain

Ø PCA-1255: One rope bag

Ø PCA-1259: One Sling

Ø PCA-1276: Two oval Locking Carabiners

Ø PCA-1282: One grab hook

PCW5000-FK series assembles all the necessary kits required for pulling stuff in the forest. This series is powered by Honda and is the best gas powered capstan winch for wild businesses.

Along with other forest kits, this series specially featured a skidding cone. It covers the log head and protects from clashing into shrubs, roots, or other obstacles.  

The package also contains a 164 feet/50 m long double braided polyester rope. But this 15 lbs rope isn’t easy to carry through dense bushes. So, a rope bag is presented with the PCW5000-FK model. Thus you can carry and keep it anywhere untangled.


  • Massive power will pull large logs out of ditches smoothly with the help of a skidding cone.
  • A rope bag will keep your arms free while walking in the forest.


  • A transport case can be added to the package.

PCW5000-HK Gas Powered Portable Winch (Hunting Kit)

Package Items

Ø PCW5000: One Gas-powered capstan winch.

Ø PCA-0100: One Transport Case

Ø PCA-1213M: DBP rope (100 m)

Ø PCA-1274: Two Snatch blocks

Ø PCA-1256: Two Rope bag

Ø PCA-1261: One hitch plate winch anchor

Ø PCA-1372: One HPPE rope choker

Ø PCA-1282: One grab hook

Ø PCA-1281: One safety hook with a spring-loaded safety gate

Ø PCA-1259: Two polyester slings

Ø PCA-1276: Four oval Locking Carabiners.

A strong transport case size of 25″ Length x 21.5″ width x 16″ high will provide enough space to carry the winch and accessories. A strong, durable plastic case will protect the elements from damage and moisture.  

High-Performance Polyethylene or HPPE is considered to be the strongest and maximum cut-resistant fiber. In the hunting series, the metal choker chain is replaced by HPPE. The synthetic fiber will prevent cutting deep inside the corpses like metal. With a minimum breaking load of 15,480 lbs, it can support pulling several large moose or bores together.  

Shiny zinc-plated, steel-made hitch anchor can be placed on any towing ball of diameter less than 2.35″. Quick mounting on a vehicle will allow a strong platform to pull the hunted animals.  

A stainless steel-made side snatch block is used to double the pulling power. The aluminum sheave holds the side plates and is mechanized to hold the rope when the machine stops. It is safe to use for its high breaking load of 20,250 lbs.


  • Multiple snatch blocks ensure a healthy rescue for hunting trophies.
  • Two slings with four carabiners will help to create a suitable pulling angle.  


  • An improvised skidding cone will be appreciable.


Now it’s time to choose the best gas powered capstan winches from PCW5000 gas powered and PCW3000 gas powered. The winch PCW3000 is very handy on branches, logs, and hunts on plain surfaces. But PCW5000 is our best pick to take out any pulling challenge in nature.

You can easily choose the right gas-powered portable winch from the Multi-purpose, Forest, or capstan winch hunting kit series based on your activity.  

About the Brand

Portable Winch Co. introduced the best gas powered capstan winches for users. Their iconic gas powered portable winches are designed to run on either electric power or gasoline. It features the best quality engine and accessories.

Distinguishing kits for different purposes make the brand popular among hunters and forest goers.   


How can I double the pulling power?

Just using a snatch block and a rope long enough will let you pull on a double line instead of a single line. The load will be divided into two lines. Meanwhile, the pulling power will be doubled on two pulling points.

Do the fuel-burning winches cause pollution to the environment?

Fossil fuel burning always causes the emission of Greenhouse gases. But Honda GX engines ensured to keep minimum footprint on the environment. The gas-powered portable winches meet all CARP/EPA standards requirements.

Are these machines too noisy?

The engines are almost noiseless. So an average operation will not disturb the forest animals and environment. Better give pauses after working a while.  

How can I buy these products?

Portable winch products are available at your local hardware stores. But you can also purchase it from popular online business platforms like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, etc. Online purchases from an authorized seller will cost you much less than the shop price.

Is there any warranty available after purchase?

Both PCW5000 and PCW3000 gas powered offer a warranty for 5 years. After registering on their website, One-year extra warranty will be added for your product.  


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