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Dreaming about boating on the open water is one of those things that most people do. However, it takes a lot of brawn to get a motorboat out of the garage and onto the water. 

For some boaters, the weight of the boat makes it impossible to lift it into the bed of a truck by using only muscle power – not just anyone can do it. This is precisely why we bring you the best hitch for boat trailer.

Not only are they easy to use (assuming you have experience hooking up a boat), but they’re also lightweight and compact, making transporting your boats much more effortless.

However, keep reading to know more and to pick up the right hitch. 

B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow


  • You won’t need several ball mounts for your car as it offers multiple ball sizes for your convenience, which allows it to work with marine-personal-craft, tractors, trailers
  • Multi-level towing tasks are possible to be done now with these multiple height-adjustable hitches, going from 2.5 inches receiver to 5 inches drop
  • Made with a highly smooth finish, it has two different step finishing, one with ecoat and the other with black powder coat for better protection 
  • Comes with attaching space-saving facility and tools that help you to store it under the vehicle while not using it
  • Offers you a higher load capacity of 10000 lbs; installing 2½ inches and 3 inches shafts get you weight capacity of 14500 lbs and 21000, respectively
  • Certified by SAE J- 684 for both strength and endurance and ensures the latest standard for bigger pulled hitches


  • Can’t fit into a bunch of receivers of vehicles because of the bigger size

It’s legitimate for you to expect your hitch for the boat trailer to be versatile. We’re showing you this extraordinary hitch because it’ll save you from wasting money on multiple ball mounts.

Not just that, multiple levels of towing become a breeze with 2 inches, 2 ½ inches, and 3 inches shank heights that tag the weight capacity of 10000 lbs, 14500 lbs, and 21000 lbs, respectively. As you can see, the hitch comes with a higher load capacity for carrying stuff from lbs to 21000 lbs without any hassle. 

We all know it is essential to get towing vehicles and trailer facilities from one hitch nowadays because of the increasing expenses. The hitch comes with both facilities while not disappointing you a little bit. 

The safety standards from this hitch can impress all; it is tested and certified by SAE J-684 to save you and your boat from any extreme situation with strength and intelligent functions. Obviously, the origin of strength is its high-quality material construction.

This hitch is made of heavy-duty alloy steel. Plus, it has a black ecoat and black powder coat finish to provide consistent corrosion protection.

The bottom line is it’s a highly capable hitch that can meet all your safety and weight requirements alone with 3x superior power and performance.  

BulletProof Hitches MD204 Class 4 Drop Hitch Receiver


  • Made of military-grade alloy steel so that you can get heavy-duty performance over the years
  • It boasts a powder coat finish to withstand scratches resulting in longevity
  • This hitch makes the ball switching much easier and offers versatility by offering multiple-sized balls
  • Offers secured locking landmark to provide security from getting stolen
  • Includes some other subsidiary tools such as pintle hitch, step, shackle, and more for your convenience
  • 2 inches height adjustability and perfect shank length that allows you to open your tailgate


  • Sizing information might make you face compatibility issues

Have you ever imagined how it would feel to own the most stable yet robust hitch ever for your boat trailer? With powerful bulletproof construes, this hitch offers you unbreakable constant performance with great benefits.

Let’s talk about the way it’s made first. As you hear of its material, you can realize how strong this hitch is. For finishing, it has a powder coating for ensuring ultra-protection and SAE J-684 certified safety standards, so it’s pretty obvious that you can make it through any dangerous situation with this hitch. 

Height adjustability, tow rating, and shank length of this receiver would be the main attraction to you once you start using this. While most people can work fine with a shaft of 2 inches, it offers you a shaft with 4 extra inches long enough to open your tail jack with no drawbacks. 

Another flattering benefit is that it requires no extra tools for installing and working since it includes a pintle hitch, step, shackle, and whatnot. 

We call it versatile depending on the most significant factor that allows you to switch balls within seconds showing compatibility with most vehicles. However, you can store it under your car or boat using its advanced locking features. 

180 HITCH CTB6-2 Aluminum Adjustable 6 inches Drop & Chromed Steel Ball


  • Effortless to work with this hitch owing to multiple ball mounts and 6-inch height adjustability
  • Heavy-duty construction with aircraft-grade billet aluminum and chrome-plated steel to ensure durability
  • It has the highest towing capacity of 12500 lbs. so that you can deal with heavy loads
  • Multiple ball mounts from this hitch are corrosion resistant and the combo balls are made of chrome-plated steel as well
  • You can switch the balls in seconds from 2 inches to 16 inches ball mounts


  • Not pocket-friendly for beginners and doesn’t include any scale with it

Once we start describing the benefits this has to offer, we think we won’t be able to stop since it comes with unlimited.  Trust us; you get a built-in scale that gives you loading signals before jumping on the road only with this hitch. 

You can enjoy quick turnovers while exchanging 2 inches to 5/16 inches tow in a couple of seconds. The ideal turnover benefit actually comes with the higher weight capacity of this hitch which is over 12500 lbs. Don’t you already love this hitch, knowing its increased weight capacity?  

Such ergonomic design comes along with aircraft-grade billet aluminum and chrome-plated steel construction, which makes the hitch capable of constantly offering heavy-duty performance.  The finishing is ultra-smooth, too, due to the black powder coating.

The finishing and materials significantly impact the overall performance; you get superior protection, corrosion resistance benefits, and effortless towing facilities along with this hitch. 

With a wide range of ball sizes and favorable components, you can expect lifetime service from this wonderful hitch. The 6 inches drop adjustability is what makes it the dream hitch to the professional boaters of all time. 

For a perfect fit, it comes with a 1-inch increment trailer hitch with adjustability. Besides, adjustable drop hitches come in different shank sizes such as 2, 2 ½ and 3 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What class trailer hitch is best suited for a boat?

The best suitable hitch for a boater would be the OE Class III receiver. We consider this to be capable of meeting your requirements because of its higher load capacity of 5000 pounds. Apparently, the hitch will be perfect for those who expect larger rigs, heavy-duty performance, and of course, reliability.

  1. What size hitch is most boat trailers?

A 2-inch diameter sized hitch is perfect for most boat trailers on average. The ball can be used with a wide range of trailers, including boat ones, utility ones as well as campers. Moreover, that trailer would be coming with a greater weight capacity between 3500 pounds and even 12000 pounds. 

  1. What class of trailer hitch is the strongest?

Class V trailer hitches are the strongest ones for boat trailers. Mainly because of the highest weight capacity, those hitches offer almost 20000 lbs. Full-size pickups become way easier with this class of hitches. 

  1. What size hitch do I need for a boat?

The hitch ball diameter size needs to be equal to the size of the trailer coupler diameter, such as 1-inch ⅞ inches, 2-inches, or 2-5-inches to 5/16-inches. Otherwise, the ball wouldn’t be compatible with the shank diameter and will let the trailer bounce, causing many issues. 


My final advice on choosing the best hitch for boat trailer is straightforward. You need to find the option that meets your needs, how you will be using it, and your personal taste. Once you understand what features are important to you, it becomes easier to pick out a trailer hitch that is perfect for you!

If you’re looking for something versatile, you should install the 180 HITCH CTB6-2 Drop & Chromed Steel Ball. On the other hand, the best weight capacity comes with the B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow.

You can choose either one because all of them are worthy with great benefits, load capacity, and safety standards.

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