Best Hitch for Toyota Sienna

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Last Updated on June 5, 2022

With the summer driving season winding down, you and your family are also planning on taking trips for the summer. However, no matter where you’re going, you’ll need a reliable means of transporting your family and belongings. 

With that being said, the Toyota Sienna can handle the reliable transport part with comfort. But what about your belongings? Well, a trailer can help! 

However, to ensure safety while towing your trailer, you need the best hitch for Toyota Sienna. A hitch will not only ensure your safety but also provide you with a smoother towing experience. 

So, in case you’re planning on buying the perfect hitch for your Sienna, we’ve some recommendations; let’s have a look:

Best Hitch for Toyota Sienna

Our experts have tried several hitches on the Toyota sienna. Well, most of them ran out of fuel during the extensive test leaving the top three for us. So, let’s check them out. 

CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer Hitch – My Favorite


  • The CURT 13105 is one of the top-rated hitches on the market that provides reliable durability. 
  • It’s constructed with sturdy Carbon Steel to provide ultimate strength with top-notch functionality.
  • Precisely welded with a combination of robotic and manual welding techniques. 
  • Offers you a clean weld line, a precise fit, and the utmost product efficiency.
  • It’s able to handle up to 3500 pounds of Gross Trailer Weight. And the Tongue Weight capacity is 500 pounds. Talk about dependable strength!
  • It also has an outstanding weight distribution capacity of 500 pounds, which distributes the gross weight evenly to offer you a smooth ride.
  • This particular one is tested according to SAE J684 standards and with real-time vehicles to provide the utmost safety while hauling.
  • The versatile 2-inch by the 2-inch hitch receiver allows you a wide range of towing options. You can tow anything from a camper or RV to a Bicycle rack without any stress.
  • A deadly combination of co-cured Bonderite coating with the black powder finish offers high-end protection from UV rays, rust, and chipping.


  • Some of the users have complained that the screw holes line up isn’t very precise.

The CURT 13105 Class 3 is a great trailer hitch that will provide you with a safe and convenient towing experience for your Toyota Sienna. The hitch comes with a full-length tubular receiver and can handle up to 3,500 pounds of weight. GTW and 350 pounds tongue weight.

Its tubular 2-inch by the 2-inch standard receiver will allow you to attach a vast range of trailers and accessories. However, if you would like to use this hitch with an axle and spring system, then you might need to purchase an adapter to convert it into a drop trailer.

Overall, this is a strong, durable, reliable trailer hitch that will not get damaged or rusted by weather elements. The Bonderite and black powder coating finish will ensure protecting it from any corrosion.

Draw-Tite 76112 Class 3 Trailer Hitch – Best “Heavy-Duty”


  • The Draw-Tite 76112 class 3 hitch has a solid all-welded sturdy construction that offers maximum strength and durability.
  • No welding or drilling is necessary for installing the kit. Your Sienna can have an attractive appearance while maximizing its utility.
  • The 2-inch square-shaped receiver opening allows the hitch to connect with a variety of trailers. Starting from a camper to a simple bike rack.
  • You can rest stress-free with the 12,000 pounds Weight Carrying capacity when going out for your next adventure. 
  • With a gross trailer weight capacity of up to 8000 pounds, you may tow or haul with ease.
  • This hitch is V-5, and SAE J684 standard tested. So, safety is ensured.
  • It’s fully protected from adverse weather and any type of corrosion and rust; thanks to the Black Powder finish with the A-coated base. 


  • In some cases, we noticed that the hitch doesn’t appear to sit square with the vehicle.
  • Installation can be a bit tough due to its weight distribution. It’s not a one-person job.

The Draw-Tite 76112 Class 3 Trailer Hitch is a quality hitch that will attach seamlessly with your Toyota sienna. It is made up of a square receiver tube opening that allows for the proper fit without having to drill holes into the frame.

Simply put, it’s an aesthetic complement to your Sienna with the optimal functionality. The solid all-welded construction will give you dependable strength, while the black powder finish will protect the hitch from corrosion.

Overall, this is a quality hitch that is built to last. So, if you’re in the market for a new heavy-duty trailer hitch for your Sienna, then I would definitely suggest this one, with my eyes closed!

CURT 13511 Class 3 Trailer Hitch


  • With this kit, you’ll get the level of strength that you can rely on without having any second thoughts.
  • You can hook up and tow any trailer weighing up to 3500 pounds seamlessly with a 4000 pounds weight distribution capacity. 
  • CURT doesn’t compromise on safety issues. The tongue’s 400 pounds weight distribution capacity will make your ride the safest.
  • The standard 2-inch plus 2-inch hitch receiver is highly versatile. 
  • You can mount a cargo carrier, bike rack, camper, tow hook, and much more. The hitch receiver is also compatible with the Ball mount.
  • It features a vehicle-specific design. So, when you’re buying it, you’re buying a custom hitch that’s made just for your Sienna.
  • This hitch is SAE J684 tested. This means you won’t be likely to face any unpleasant situations while on the road.
  • A highly durable Black Powder finish along with liquid Bonderite undercoating is put together with the co-curing formula that makes this hitch immune to any chipping, UV rays, and rust.


  • The receiver doesn’t fit accordingly with the shank. A loosely fitted receiver is dangerous while towing.

The Curt 13511 Class 3 Trailer Hitch is quite durable, strong, and stable, which is why I chose to use it for towing my Toyota Sienna. Moreover, the seamless design blends just perfectly under the bumper which doesn’t conflict with Sienna’s splendid outlook.

If you need to attach a tow ball mount, bike rack, bicycle carriers, or any other accessory, this trailer hitch will provide you with the stability you need and the safety you need.

It’s super easy to install and will take roughly 40-45 minutes max. 

Overall, this trailer hitch is a perfect choice for those who want a quality trailer hitch for their vehicle. The fact that it is backed by the manufacturer means that you can rest assured that it is built with the highest standards.

My Verdict

You see, no matter what product you choose to purchase, there’ll always be some drawbacks. So, apart from that, if you want my opinion, then I would say the CURT 13105 is the overall champion in my book.

Let me explain, the CURT 13105 has an above-average and an excellent 500 pounds weight distribution capacity. So, you’re most likely to be safe on the road while towing or hauling. Unless, of course, anything unfortunate happens.

Moreover, it’s constructed with carbon steel to provide a dependable strength. And as an added benefit, you’re getting a limited lifetime warranty.

However, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty trailer hitch, then I will suggest the Draw-Tite. I mean, C’mon…. it offers a 12000 pounds weight carrying capacity. There’s just no competition with the Draw-Tite in this regard.

To be honest, I can only suggest…. It’s your money, and you should be the one to make the final call!

What to Look for Before Buying a Hitch for Toyota Sienna

Choosing the perfect hitch for your Toyota Sienna is not rocket science, but it’s not a piece of cake either. 

In my opinion, the purchase should meet the buyer’s criteria of choice. However, there are some fundamental facts that you must look for while buying. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money, do you?

Here’re the things you need to make sure of—


Safety is of the utmost importance here. A weakly constructed hitch can cause the trailer to sever, causing an unfortunate accident. You surely do want to prevent that, don’t you?

It’s quite simple actually – before buying a hitch, make sure it’s precisely welded and provides dependable strength.


Well, the Toyota Sienna is a fairly good-looking vehicle. However, a hitch after the bumper may destroy that savvy look. In case you’re buying a hitch, I suggest going with the one that hides under the bumper.

Know Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity

A heavier trailer can cause damage to your vehicle and hitch. It’s crucial to know the towing capacity of your vehicle.

If you’re driving a Toyota sienna, then you can tow a max of 12000 pounds as your trailer. A heavier one than that will cause you to run to the service center.


You cannot supposedly have separate hitches to tow your different trailers. You need to choose one that can carry a camper, RV, cargo carrier, bike rack, etc.

A versatile trailer hitch will cost some extra bucks, but you’re getting an all-in-one. No matter how you want to move, it’ll have your back.

Learn How to Drive with Trailers 

Towing a trailer is not as easy as you might think. You’ll find it difficult to top, turn, and even maneuver. So, you need to reshape your skills by practicing beforehand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a trailer hitch on a Toyota Sienna?

Yes, you can put a trailer hitch on a Toyota Sienna. However, you will need to purchase a trailer hitch kit Sienna, as the hitch must be mounted to the frame of the vehicle. Additionally, you will need to wire the trailer hitch to Sienna’s taillights.

Is Toyota Sienna good for towing?

Yes, the Toyota Sienna is a good choice for towing. It has a strong engine and can tow up to 3,500 pounds. Plus, it also has a comfortable interior and plenty of space for passengers and cargo.

How much can a Toyota Sienna tow?

The Toyota Sienna is a versatile and capable vehicle. It can tow up to 3,500 pounds, making it a great choice for hauling small trailers or boats. When properly equipped, the Sienna can even tow up to 5,000 pounds. This makes it a great choice for those who need a little extra towing power.

Well, it’s time to part now! Accept my sincere gratitude for reading this article about the best hitch for Toyota Sienna. And I wish you the best for your brand-new adventure with your newly unpacked hitch kit!

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