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Last Updated on January 13, 2022

Being one of the most notable and renowned brands, Polaris serves sport utility trucks. Holding its spot in the best position for 37 years, this brand introduced its 1st ever ATV in 1985, known as the Scrambler ATC.

And for that, the Polaris was awarded in 2001, which changed the whole industry of ATV in a glimpse. After reading its history, you must have been interested to find out the finest Polaris ATV, right?

I want you to think about some aspects before heading to the next segment. It’s because most people can’t make the right choice as they only give priority to the budget and forget about other important factors.

  • The overall features & quality.
  • The durability and level of comfort to ride it.
  • The motor power.
  • The compatibility.
  • Check towing ability.
  • The towing capability (a 1,200 lbs. capacity would be ideal for hauling).

I’ve selected four best-rated picks after spending hours on different sources. And mentioned their ups and downs too.

So, let’s move on to the next segment.

Top 4 Best Polaris ATV Four Wheelers

Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. ATV (Top Pick)

Being a top-notch ATV, nothing can beat the Sportsman 450 H.O. when it comes to the solid performance for hunting purposes.

With the 6-ply construction of 25” large wheels, it lets you drive anywhere with no fear of peeling or damage on the exterior and in terms of durability.

This ATV offers a pre-installed winch, hitch receiver, and plow mount plates which is an extra feature to give leverage assist when getting stuck over mud. And it works as a recovery system.

But that’s not all. You can also include a pair of hand warmers if needed. Plus, the robust construction of ATV will let you start stably with no hassle. 

One thing that I love about it is the quiet performance that doesn’t interrupt the driving. And, it helps to ride in the forests or other places.

In short, this is an ideal pick for those who need versatile, protective, smooth, and reliable ATVs to use regularly. Also, it has 1,350 lbs. of towing capacity.  


  • It’s relatively simple to ride. 
  • The larger wheels seem great to run under all terrains.  
  • A perfect ATV to use regularly. 
  • I must praise its handling ability to haul trails. 
  • It doesn’t make a lot of noise when riding. 
  • Need less maintenance and care to increase the lifespan. 
  • It’s pretty lightweight. 


  • Some claim the belt box’s design is weak. 
  • Not a good option for heavy applications. 

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Polaris Sportsman 850 ATV (Premium Pick) 

Sportsman 850 is a perfect ATV with 11.5” ground clearance while riding on uneven ground like hilly or jagged areas.

These also include rear and front suspension systems that smoothen out the traits. Plus, you don’t need to think of vibration or shock issues.

Unlike others, this ATV has a 48” wide stance that lets you maneuver and move in any direction with the nimble. And also, it gives an all-day comfort even in hot summer.

Besides, it contains 1,500 lbs of towing capacity so that you can efficiently perform big jobs with no hassle. Plus, you can pull and drag the bulky loads in one tour.

The two 850cc cylinder displacement added is suitable for towing and hauling. And, that will let you drive aggressively and won’t stop running over nasty stuff like rocks or water.

Although this ATV holds some wrong sides, it is still quite a premium option that doesn’t lack in any field from construction to working.


  • The ATV capacity is not more than one person. 
  • It contains a solid engine to run in any weather. 
  • The reliability is excellent to ride outside for hunting. 
  • I love the towing ability to pull and drag big loads.
  • The steering is cozy to ride for muddy trials. 
  • A long handle added in the ATV ensures good flexes. 
  • The bold look makes it a great option. 


  • It scratches easily. 
  • A few users claim the trouble of noise. 

Polaris Sportsman Touring 570 ATV (Best-In-Class Pick)

Sportsman Touring 570 is a sonic blue shaded ATV that can handle rough idle with the tremendous power of a 44hp engine.

Thanks to the seating feature, it’s a blend of comfort and utility that doesn’t give back pain or trouble sitting. And, the seat will be for two riders in front and rear.

With the 11” clearance, you can simply ride under rough terrain without fearing poor performance. Plus, adult riders can use this daily or weekly for forest trails.

You’ll find it sporty, which matches the hunting vibe, coming to its good looks. And, this ATV works fine with the power steering to run smoothly.

Luckily, a rider can integrate it with 8 gallons of storage which needs to be appropriately sealed. And also, you can use the third headlight at the backside if required.

Even if it does contain a few downsides, I’m sure this ATV won’t disappoint with its potent power, quality, and performance.


  • It’s functional and helps ensure effortless shifting.
  • The engine is robust to increase the riding performance.
  • It’s a comfortable ATV.
  • A smooth suspension that absorbs bump or shock quickly.
  • It’s suitable for two riders to use.
  • Run with the 220 CCA battery that ensures fast starting.
  • The big headlight is a bonus that shines bright enough.


  • It is not equipped with an engine braking system (EBS).
  • The battery is attached to the frame.

Polaris Outlaw 110 EFI ATV (Budget Pick)

Built for youth usage, the Outlaw 110 EFI is an inexpensive ATV that most would love to add to their buying list for its unique look and advanced traits.

While it holds quality with safety, you will find a safety rope and Polaris youth helmet in the package. And, these features ensure better protection for off-road riding.

In addition to that, this ATV comes with daytime running lights to beam so that other people won’t go blind when watching at night.

These contain a safety whip flag colored in red so that other riders can locate you from afar, unlike others. And I admire this feature for the kid’s well-being.

And, the speed limiting option is an attractive feature that restricts you to go over 15 MPH if being adjusted. Otherwise, any young user can ride at high speed, around 30 MPH.

To sum up, this ATV will surely change your mind with its 2WD drive system, 4-stroke engine, and hand lever with lock feature.


  • It’s pretty logical in price. 
  • The speed limiter is adjustable to make the ride safe. 
  • Suitable for youth riders under ten years. 
  • With robust construction, the ATV performs well. 
  • A good-quality helmet comes with the package. 
  • Hold strong power to work well in the sand. 
  • The daytime running lamp beam doesn’t blind others. 


  • I wish it contained a heat shield on the exhaust side. 
  • The throttle can get clogged easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Polaris ATVs any good?

In order to get the smoothest experience, the Polaris ATVs are one of the best options out there. Yet, they also have a few downsides, such as weak speed. But nearly all US militaries use them to complete missions thanks to their excellent reliability.  

Is Polaris ATV better than Can-Am?

Based on the rating and user’s experience, most find the Polaris ATV suitable for all-terrain usage. Yet, unlike others, the Can-Am lacks a nice truck that runs at a stable speed. But, if looking into the comfort, ease of usage, and other aspects, the Polaris ATV is what you should try.

How long does Polaris ATVs last?

The Polaris ATVs will last for up to 10 years with maintenance and care. And during their lifespan, it won’t give hitches or problems even if used daily.  

Verdict: Which One Should You Pick?

All ready to play with the adventurous rides on the street? If so, we hope meeting with the ATV 4 wheelers from Polaris has fed enough of your knowledge. It is a considerable asset and requires significant funds, so neglecting the buying factors will be silly. 

Be sure to take your time and single out the best Polaris ATV, ideal for your purpose and work. I hope you find that perfect pick soon!

Also, I feel like, for baby buyers, pick the Sportsman 450 H.O. if you’re not sure about getting one. Why? Its power, towing ability, reliability, and quality make it the ideal option for hunting or yard work use. But if you prefer quality over budget, then give a try to Sportsman 850 for trail rides. 


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