Best Trailer Hitch For Honda CRV

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You need a robust and durable trailer hitch for convenient towing your Honda CRV or any other vehicle. However, choosing the best trailer hitch may not be as simple as it may sound. 

So, to aid you with all these issues, our top automotive experts have surveyed and gone many hitch trailers and have shortlisted only the best ones for you. 

Therefore, through this review, you’ll learn about the best trailer hitch for Honda CRV and get quick and effective descriptions that make these trailers the best. 

Best Trailer Hitch for Honda CRV

In this section, our automotive experts have shortlisted the best trailer hitch for Honda CRV with an in-depth explanation of what makes these products unique. 

1. Draw-Tite 76128 Class 3 Trailer Hitch


  • The product is designed to give more stability to towing, making your work more convenient and less time-consuming. As it applies to most modern vehicles and vans, so you won’t face any issues with it
  • Its maximum weight capacity makes the hitch pretty durable and robust, so you can easily tow your vehicles without worrying about any wear and tear
  • The hitch is manufactured with a computer-aided design and has also been tested for fatigue stress, making it the perfect product for optimum towing performance
  • A-Coating black powder coating makes this product an awesome all-weather resistant hitch. So, no matter what the weather condition is, you can easily carry out your tasks
  • Its maximum strength and durability make this hitch one of the best options for heavy-duty tasks


  • For better durability, you may require to look after the maintenance of the product. Regular cleaning is essential for this trailer to stay shiny and well-maintained

Draw-Tite 76128 is a fantastic trailer hitch designed not only compatible with Honda CVR, but also to complement modern vans, trucks, and sports vehicles. With this hitch trailer, you can effortlessly attach it to the frames without any welding or drilling. 

The 2-inch receiver tube opening and robust welded construction provide the hitch with maximum durability and strength. 

Moreover, the A-Coat with black powder coating provides this trailer hitch with all-weather protection. This special coating gives your hitch trailer the resistance to withstand any adverse weather and corrosion. 

Draw-Tite 76128 has a maximum capacity to hold 675 pounds and 4,500 pounds of Gross Trailer Weight. However, we still recommend you consult with the manufacturers before purchasing. 

2. CURT 13119 Class 3 Trailer Hitch


  • Its dependable strength makes it an ideal pick for many users as you can effortlessly use the hitch for heavy-duty towing
  • The hitch is also UV-ray, rust, and chip-resistant, making it an ideal choice for all-weather conditions
  • Dual coating, along with a highly durable black powder finish, gives the trailer awesome durability from different adverse conditions
  • Its effortless installation process gives the users the convenience of carrying out their towing tasks without much of an issue. This is also less time-consuming, giving you more efficiency at work
  • The versatile design and the incredible standards make this hitch tailer one of the best picks for different vehicles, vans, cargo carriers, and more


  • Some users may face issues aligning the factory holes of the hitch with the vehicle frame. So, it’s always recommended to consult with the sellers before making the purchase

Curt 13119 is well-known for its dependable strength. The trailer is also rated for its gross trailer weight of 3,500 pounds and 350 pounds for tongue weight. This makes Honda CRV trailing super-easy and comfortable.

Moreover, the versatile design makes the hitch an ideal pick for various towing purposes. The standard 2×2-inch trailer receiver can easily take on cargo carriers, ball mount, bike rack, and more. 

This hitch trailer has also been tested with all the standard procedures to ensure the hitch provides all the safety features during the Honda CRV towing process. 

Curt 13119 is also resistant to rust, chip, UV-rays, and more. The reason is this trailer is perfectly protected with an authentic dual-coat finish. This keeps the hitch trailer all-weather protected. 

However, it’s still recommended that you always clean and maintains your hitch tailor for better durability after your towing work. 

You also won’t face any issues with installing this hitch as it’s pretty straightforward, even for beginners. 

3. Draw-Tite 75742 Class 3 Trailer Hitch 


  • Suitable for most trucks, vans, and other sports utility vehicles, it is an ideal pick that causes no stress or affects the vehicle when pulling the hitch over long distances 
  • Requires no drilling or welding and seamlessly complements vehicles, whether the latest modern sports car or a well-built antique
  • This 28 pounds lightweight hitch with a 2-inch square receiver tube is solidly built, conveniently attaches to the vehicle, that seamlessly covers long distances 
  • The A-Coat base with powder black finish protects the hitch from rough weather and prevents any sort of corrosion and rusting
  • With a tongue weight of 4500 pounds gross towing weight and 675 pounds of maximum rated capacity, this is a hitch that is well capable of heavy-duty loads 


  • Requires regular maintenance for long-lasting durability, and some customers may struggle to align the holes that attach the hitch to the car. This can be resolved by hammering down to expand the holes a little 

Draw Tite 75742 is a one-of-a-kind hitch solidly built with durable materials to ensure long-lasting service without any inconveniences. This is undoubtedly an ideal choice for compatible CRVs, capable of hauling in a maximum of 675 pounds of weight. 

The A-coat powder finish on the surface of the hitch keeps it safe. It prevents rusting, corrosion, or chipping of the color over the years due to harsh and unfavorable weather or prolonged exposure to water.  

This modern hitch suits and seamlessly blends along with a compatible car without making it feel too old school or too modern for these days. Draw Tite is one of those hitches that complements the visual appearance of any car without drawing too much attention to it.

It is easy to install and attach itself to the car by aligning all the proportional bolts and screws; it takes minimum time and effort. Therefore, enabling even an amateur to attach the hitch and install it in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s a class III hitch?

Class III hitches are used on cars and full-size trucks to pull heavier loads. These hitches are very strong and can effortlessly pull from around 3,500 to even 8,000 pounds. Moreover, the tongue weight capacities of these hitches range from 350 to 800 pounds, making them an ideal pick for heavy-duty tasks. 

  1. How to know which hitch size is the best for you? 

One of the best ways to measure the receiver hitch tube of your trailer is to measure from inside the tube. This will help you figure out how big a ball mount you would require for your hitch. On cars and SUVs, it may be 1-1/4′′. Most likely, it is a 2-inch or 2-and-a-half-inch, which is standard on SUVs and pickup trucks.

  1. Do you need wiring for your hitch? 

Yes, you need wiring for your hitch trailer. To legally pull a trailer behind your vehicle, you need a trailer wiring harness to connect your turn signals and brake lights to your tow hitch. A wiring harness for a trailer is a wire that goes from the vehicle’s back to the trailer to aid you with towing. 


So, after going through this review, you should now know all the ins and outs of our listed best trailer hitch for Honda CRV. 

All the mentioned hitch trailers have unique and iconic features. However, Draw-Tite 76128 Class 3 Trailer Hitch is our expert’s pick. 

This hitch trailer is comparatively more durable and can easily withstand wear and tear without any signs of damage, making Honda CRV towing more reliable. 

Moreover, the hitch trailer is also pretty convenient and straightforward to operate, making it an ideal pick for many users. 

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