Best Winch for Jeep Gladiator

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Last Updated on January 21, 2022

Best Winch for Jeep Gladiator FAQ

What is the average weight of a jeep gladiator?

The GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of a jeep gladiator is 5800 lbs. 

What size of winch do I need for pulling my jeep gladiator?

In order to get the best outcome, you should bring a winch that has a 1.5 times higher capacity than your vehicle. For instance, if your jeep gladiator weight is 6000 lbs, then you should bring a winch that holds 9000 lbs pulling capacity.

Can I put a winch on my jeep gladiators stock bumper?

If your jeep gladiator comes with a plastic bumper, then it will not be able to support your winch. That’s why you will need to build or purchase a winch mount that attaches the frame. 

What are the important factors I need to consider while purchasing a winch for my jeep gladiator?

While purchasing a winch for your jeep gladiator, you should consider winch pulling capacity, motor, gear system and cable type & length. Moreover, it is always recommended to bring a winch that has a waterproof feature.

Steel cable or synthetic rope. Which one will be better for pulling my jeep gladiator?

Both synthetic rope & steel cable have individual pros and cons. You should consider your preference. However, nowadays most people prefer using the synthetic cable.

What IP rating will be the best for my jeep gladiator winch?

In general, there are three ratings you will find for a winch. They are:- No rating, IP67 and IP68. Among them, IP68 will be the best and a bit costly too. You can go for IP67 though if you want.

Do I need to put a winch on my jeep hood?

It is not mandatory but recommended. By doing so, you will find your jeep winch handy in tough situations.

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