3 Best Winch for Jeep JK

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Last Updated on July 2, 2022

Jeeps are one of the most powerful vehicles out there. And they come in handy when you need to pull something with nothing but raw force. 

But, for that, you’ll need a proper winch. However, choosing the right winch for Jeep JK can be pretty confusing, thanks to all the options available out there.

But this is where my article comes to play. This review of 3 of my top picks should give you the insight that you need right now. So, without waiting further, let’s jump in.

Jeep JK Winch Recommendations

While carrying out my research, many winches compatible with Jeep JK popped up in front of me. But only 3 of them caught my eye. Here are reviews on my top picks when it comes to choosing a winch for Jeep JK.

Warn 89305 ZEON 8-S Winch

People around the world are aware of Warn as an outstanding company when it comes to off-road equipment. And the Warn 89305 upholds that reputation pretty well.

This winch is a part of the Zeon series by Warn. The Zeon series is made to be powerful with high capacities, which will make your Jeep JK a powerhouse. 

However, compared to the other winches in this series, the 89305 has a capacity of only 8000 lb. But that’s more than good enough for your JK. 

Moreover, the winch has a powder-coated finish on a Satin-black housing made of aluminum, making it look great.

However, even though it provides excellent performance, the price could have been a bit lower. The functionality does not reflect well on the price that Warn has put on it. But other than all that, this is a pretty great winch for jeeps

Another thing to highlight about this winch is that it doesn’t make much sound compared to all other winches out there. And, it also comes with a convertible control pack as well.


  • Various options to choose from, adding versatility
  • Designed maintaining aesthetic beauty
  • Control pack can be converted
  • Quieter than most winches


  • On the expensive side of the spectrum

WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric 12V DC Winch

For the second entry in this list of reviews, I chose another winch from Warn. And they have not failed to perform here either. Thanks to its robust features and ease of use, the Warn 103253 is a great winch for the Jeep JK. 

So, let’s dive a little deeper and find out all the reasons I think you should give this a look.

Similar to the Warn 89305, this winch also has a massive capacity of 10,000 lb. So, you can easily pull your Jeep out of the toughest of spots. 

Moreover, it also comes with two options of synthetic rope and steel rope to add a more personalized touch to your operations.

The synthetic rope version of the winch can deliver great power thanks to the built-in series-wound motor. 

During my research, I have found that Warn engineers have designed this to put out faster line speeds, eventually speeding up your whole operation. Moreover, this version of the winch comes with a hawse fairlead to support the material.

On the other hand, the steel rope has similar functionality but comes with a normal fairlead that can easily support it as it extends. Other than that, you’ll find the same functions in it as with the synthetic rope version.

Both versions have enhanced ease of access thanks to this winch’s remote controllability, which keeps you out of harm’s way. So, to sum it up, the Warn 103253 has it all; the capacity and the functionality. 

These features make this winch a superb choice for those willing to pay the premium price to get the most out of their winch.


  • Has a winch capacity of 10,000 lb. for pulling large weights and being useful in dire times
  • IP68 rated for water and dust resistance, adding more durability to the winch
  • Has a planetary gear system
  • It comes with both wireless and wired design options


  • It comes at a hefty price

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch

Finally, I’ll be going for a cost-efficient winch by Smittybilt. Now, first things first, Smittybilt winches are actually one of the top winches in the market and what makes them this amazing is their performance. 

All of these winches have features that bring the most out of them in terms of power and functionality. And the Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC is definitely no different.

For instance, this winch comes with a 6.6 hp motor which screams power. It can pull your Jeep out of the most difficult places without breaking a sweat. At the same time, your Jeep will also be able to pull others in need with great strength. 

Moreover, the winch can be operated wirelessly as well, making things happen at the push of a button.

Another thing to mention here is the gear ratio of this great winch. It has an impressive ratio of 28:1, meaning you’ll get quite an amount of power, but at the same time, you’ll also be working at incredible speeds. So, all in all, the features of this winch are mind-blowing.

The only complaints Smittybilt Gen2 XRC has are about occasional defects. Other than that, there are not many complaints regarding the product from users.

So, this winch is an excellent addition to your JK if you are not willing to pay a premium price for your winch.


  • Powerful 6.6 hp motor to pack an extra punch
  • The winch can be operated with a wireless remote to keep you safe from the action
  • It comes with all the wiring that you’d need
  • Impressive 28:1 gear ratio


  • Apart from the occasional defects, there aren’t many complaints about this one


Until now, I have told you about different features of my top 3 picks when it comes to winches to find the best winch for Jeep JK. But, now let’s come down to our final verdict. 

If you have money to spare, then the Warn 103253 is the one to go with due to its balance between performance and features. 

But if you’re within a tight budget, then the Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC would be the perfect choice for you since it provides a decent set of features within a budget.

Other than that, feel free to contact me if you want me to cover a new topic or review a new product.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jeep JK

How much does a Jeep JK weigh?

Well, the weight of a jeep jk can vary according to the configuration. It can be from 3970 lbs to 4439 lbs. In general, the average weight of a JK is about 4200 lbs.

What size winch do I need for Jeep JK?

The winch size or capacity depends on the weight of your vehicle. Your winch capacity should be 1.5 times higher than the vehicle’s weight. For instance, if the weight of your jeep jk is 10000 lbs, then your winch capacity should be 15000 lbs.

What does JK mean on a jeep wrangler?

The jk is the third generation of jeep wrangler off-road vehicles. It does not stand for anything special. There were a few modifications seen in this edition of a jeep. Jeep jk is available in both 2 doors and 4 door models.

What year Jeep JK is the best?

To be honest, there are a few best jeep jk you will find in the market. According to my research, 1980, 1990, 1996, 2003, 2010, 2011, 2015, and 2018 year jeep will be worth buying.

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