Recommended Winches for Jeep JL

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Last Updated on July 2, 2022

You can’t get out of a pool of mud or a pile of rock on your own when you’re driving your jeep JL off-road. So, you should get yourself a winch if you’re riding off-road. 

There are tons of quality jeep winches that you can get for your Jeep JL, and this makes choosing the right one extremely tough. To make that easier for you, we’re going to share the best winches for jeep JL in this article. Let’s get right to it!

5 Best Winch for Jeep JL

In this section, we’ll review the selected top products in detail. Let’s get on with it then. 

1. WARN Zeon 12-S- Best of the Best


  • The aluminum chassis cools it quickly and is very durable
  • Equipped with an aluminum winch drum that can reduce rope wear
  • It can be attached to any truck easily and can be remotely mounted
  • 12,000 pounds of capacity can allow you to carry even the heaviest jeeps


  • It might be a bit too expensive for some buyers
  • The assembly instructions are vague, and you’ll need some time to figure it out

The WARN Zeon 12-S winch provides incredible raw power of 12,000 pounds, one of the highest you can get. 

It sure costs a lot, but we’re confident that you won’t regret paying for it once you use it. The huge capacity makes this the best winch for a Jeep JL, as JLs are pretty heavy.

It comes with a Spydura Pro synthetic winch rope. These ropes provide tons of benefits. They are urethane-coated and heat-treated, and they come with an additional 20’ Nomex heat protection sleeve and a ballistic nylon sleeve. 

The planetary gears installed on this winch are capable of providing fast yet quiet operation and that’s what makes this one smooth working winch. Plus, it’s also one of the most reliable ones, and you can expect zero slippage. 

From desert to swamp, you can venture anywhere with this winch, thanks to the ip68 waterproofing and sealing standards, which is the highest you can find in any winch. Due to that, the winch will remain free from dust and water. 

Another fantastic feature that this provides is the multiple mounting options. It comes with a convertible control pack that’ll allow you to mount the winch in various ways, and it’ll also facilitate easy mounting and dismounting. 

Finally, the aluminum structure of this winch is one of the best on the market. It’ll not only remain fresh and rust-free for years to come, but it will also dissipate heat quickly to keep the winch cool. 

2. Smittybilt X2O Comp– Value for Money Option 


  • The winch motor maintains IP68 standards for providing the best waterproofing 
  • You’ll be able to control it from 3.7m afar using the remote control 
  • It doesn’t heat up even after long sessions due to the inductive braking system
  • 12,000 pounds rated pull is suitable for pulling a Jeep JL 
  • The UV-matte finish on housing keeps it cooler and fresher 


  • The assembly can get confusing, and you’ll have to redo the process due to one mistake
  • A bit too heavy considering it’s not a steel cable winch

The Gen2 series of the X20 COMP from Smittyblit come with massive upgrades that make them an excellent choice over the previous generation, along with tons of other winches on the market. 

This winch is equipped with a 3-stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 265:1. It is capable of pulling even the heaviest Jeep JLs out of the mud without slippage. To facilitate that, these also come with a 6.6HP motor. 

Speaking of the motor, it comes with an IP68 waterproof standard that will let you use it even if the motor is underwater. 

This makes it even more convenient as it’ll allow you to get out of the stickiest situations easily, whether you’re stuck in a pool of mud or a swamp. 

Like the previous one from Warn, this winch comes with a 12,000 pounds rated line pull, making it a perfect Wrangler JL winch.  

During our research, we found that this comes with one of the best braking systems. Thanks to the inductive braking system, this winch won’t heat up even after hours of usage. 

Just like the previous winch, this one too comes with a synthetic rope. The package also includes a rope sleeve, and hook to the cables. However, we found that the Warn Zeon offers a more durable rope than this one. 

3. X-BULL Synthetic Rope Winch– Budget Pick 


  • Provides 13,000 pounds of pulling rate capacity, which is capable of the heaviest Jeep JLs
  • The Dyneema ropes make these 20 pounds lighter than steel rope winches
  • IP67 standard and state of the art solenoid valve make it long-lasting and powerful
  • The wireless remote controller will make the operation more convenient


  • The instructions say nothing about how to mount the isolator 

If you feel that 12,000 lbs. of rated pull won’t be enough for your jeep, then this is what you should opt for. The X-BULL synthetic rope winch provides a rated pull capacity of 13,000 lbs, making it one of the strongest winches out there. 

This high-powered winch features IP67 waterproof rating and a fantastic solenoid valve. This will keep it running for years without a single hitch.

Then again, the X-BULL winch features an advanced wireless remote that makes usage much easier compared to the winches that offer wired controllers. 

Thanks to the three-stage planetary gear systems, you’ll be able to pull your Jeep without any slippage that can lead to further damage. No matter how harsh the environment is, the synthetic rope on this winch will be able to get your jeep JL out of a fix.

These winches come equipped with Dyneema ropes, which are considered one of the best synthetic winch ropes. Firstly, these ropes weigh only 1/10th of any steel rope, which alone reduces the weight of the winch by 20 pounds.

Still, the strength of these ropes is ten times that of the steel rope. Even if the rope breaks, these are much safer than steel and won’t lead to any severe injuries. 

Lastly, these come at an affordable price, making them the best budget winch on this list. 



  • A-rated pull capacity of 12,000 pounds should be enough for most Jeep JLs
  • Available in both steel and synthetic rope versions 
  • IP69 waterproof standards will keep the components functional under harsh conditions
  • Designed to provide a faster pull rate with lower amp draw even under heavy load 


  • Finding a compatible battery can be difficult as it uses an odd one
  • It doesn’t come with a cable chafe guard 

This time, we have yet another product from Warn, and it’s their EVO 12-S. Just like the previous unit from Warn that we’ve reviewed in this article, this one features a 12,000 pound rated pulling capacity and a synthetic rope. 

There’s also a steel rope version to this model, and that one features the exact specifications as this one, just a steel cable instead of the synthetic cable. 

As expected, the steel rope version is heavier, but if you’re a fan of those, then at least you’ll have a choice.

The series-wound motor and the planetary gears are designed to help you pull faster when under load but with a lower amp draw. It also features an IP68 waterproof construction that’ll keep the winch motor safe even if it’s submerged. 

One unique feature about this winch is that you can relocate the control pack however you want. This can help you go for a low-profile outlook. It also features a one-piece cast-aluminum tie plate that makes the unit more durable overall. 

A high-performance Albright contactor is installed, which delivers maximum reliability by bringing the possibility of slippage to the bare minimum. 

Despite the great features, this one has a flaw in its design. It uses an odd battery that can be hard to replace, depending on the location you’re in. 

5. Superwinch Tiger Shark


  • 3-stage planetary gears can ensure reliable performance 
  • The rate of pulling isn’t too fast nor too slow, but quite balanced
  • 5.2 HP motor is more than capable of driving this under heavier loads
  • It comes in both synthetic and steel rope variants 


  • A load capacity of only 9500 pounds may not be adequate for JL 

Last but not least, we have the Superwinch Tiger Shark. Superwinch always offers excellent products, and this doesn’t stray from that. This winch provides a convenient load capacity of 9500 pounds. While that’s lower than all the other winches reviewed in this list, we’re confident that you won’t face any problem if your Jeep isn’t too heavy.

It features a weather-sealed 5.2 HP motor. Although this sealing standard is capable enough to reduce damage from rain, snow, or dust, it’s not capable of blocking them off completely. 

So, they will still be susceptible to any form of damage and may be rendered useless if exposed to water. The same goes for the solenoid. 

It features a three-stage planetary gear train that’ll be keeping the pull’s speed constant under extreme load, and it’s very reliable. You won’t have to worry about slippage. 

You’ll find this winch in two variants, and the key and the only difference between them is the type of cable they come with. 

Yes, you can get them in both steel and synthetic cable versions. Other than that, every specification is the same. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a budget winch, or if you don’t find any of the other winches reviewed in this article, then you can go for this one. 

However, we wouldn’t recommend going for this right away, especially if better Jeep winches are available. 


These are the best winches for the Wrangler JL that we’ve come up with through our research. Now, the right winch for your Jeep JL may depend on individual preference. However, we firmly believe that the Warn Zeon is the best for your Wrangle JL.

This one is a high-quality and heavy-duty winch that offers some standout features, and convenience of usage. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. If that’s a bit too expensive for your taste, you can try the Smittybilt X2O COMP, as that too is a great pick. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Jeep JL Winch

The jeep wrangler or jeep JL is the fourth generation of wrangler off-road vehicles. This type of vehicle is available in both two-door and fourth-door bodies. The production of the jeep JL started in November 2017. The jeep wrangler has several models such as Sahara, Sport S, MOAB, Rubicon, and Altitude.

What is the best winch for a jeep wrangler JL?

Any winch with a good configuration will be the best one for your jeep JL. Your main focus should be the winch capacity. It is recommended to bring a winch that has 1.5 times higher capacity than your jeep JL’s weight. 

Do I need to put the winch at the hood of my jeep?

It is not mandatory to put a winch at the hood of your jeep. However, if you do so, you will find the winch handy in times of danger.

Which type of winch will be the best for my jeep JL?

Basically, there are two types of winch available. The electric winch and hydraulic winch. The hydraulic winch is famous for its heavy-duty job and also has many benefits. So, you should go for a hydraulic winch.

Steel cable or Synthetic cable? Which one is better to deal with my jeep JL?
It totally depends on you. The steel cable is the heavy-duty one. This type of winch cable is not convenient to use. If you make sure proper maintenance, then the synthetic rope will be the best option and it will be good enough to get your job done.

Can I mount a winch on my stock jeep JL bumper?

Yes. You are allowed to install a winch on your jeep’s stock bumper. In this case, the winch mounting plates will only pass their mounting bolts through your vehicle’s bumper to the frame underneath.

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