Recommended Winches For Kawasaki Mule

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Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Locating the perfect winch for Kawasaki mule is a simple task if you have done good research. Neglecting the vital features and focusing only on the budget might leave you with regrets.

So, it’s better to think of the essential aspects before actually getting a winch for Kawasaki mule, for example:

  • The motor power.
  • Whether durable or not.
  • The rope material and its length.
  • If it can pull or lift big loads.
  • The mounting bolt (a 76×146 mm pattern would be ideal for most Kawasaki mules). 
  • If it’s simple to operate and function.
  • The quality of all parts. 
  • If it has a good brake system or not.

In order to give a real-life example of what a perfect piece would look like, I’ve decided to spend a few hours picking out the three best-rated options and making a list of them. And, you’ll also find some in-depth features along with good and bad sides about each of these winches. 

Now, let’s drive into the review section.

Best Winch for Kawasaki Mule

1. SuperATV Black Ops 3500 LB Winch Kit (Top Pick)


  • It’s pretty powerful to keep the mule vehicle moving. 
  • The free-spooling clutch level is high enough for holding comfortably with gloves on. 
  • It’s a watertight winch. 
  • The hook is strongly built to hold stuff. 
  • It is relatively easy to use. 
  • It needs only 5 hours to install completely. 
  • A perfect synthetic rope (50 feet) seems more uncomplicated to hold.  


  • The installation instruction is slightly unclear. 
  • A bit costly.

SuperATV Black Ops is an ideal winch that can smoothly move the big Kawasaki mule, UTV, and ATV. It features an automatic brake that lets you control the winch pulling speed by pressing the buttons of the wireless remote. And this is easy to hold. 

You can simply pull the big loads using the 50 feet synthetic rope, which is very handy for getting the job done. Besides, it won’t rust, crack, or break easily. 

But wait, that’s not all. This winch includes a powerful 1.2 hp motor to function at high speed. It also helps move the load from one distance to another. 

Even if it has some drawbacks, I’m sure it won’t let you down due to its vast benefits to shifting any big vehicle. 

2. Champion Power Equipment 100428 Winch Kit (Second Choice)


  • An ideal winch to use almost daily. 
  • The control panel is significant. 
  • It’s easy to install the wire by following the instructions. 
  • The performance is excellent at this range. 
  • It’s reasonably silent.
  • I must highlight the load-holding brake that is super responsive.
  • The winch is compact and low-weighted. 


  • Some users don’t like the rope. 
  • The metal case is fragile that can break easily.

Champion Power Equipment is another good pick with an Intermittent duty cycle and 1.5” x 3.2” drum. In fact, it includes all the stuff you’ll need to winch appropriately.

The winch includes the 50 ft rope made of solid synthetic material that lets you control the incline and move along the process. Plus, it ensures no hassle of curl or fray.

Not to mention the powerful speed controlled by the 1.4 hp of DC motor. This thing helps a lot to shift the big loads.

And also, there’s the wired remote control that works nicely. You’ll find it convenient to act responsively and efficiently.

All in all, this winch can steal your heart with its hassle-free recoil, lightweight frame, and supportive features in order to move the mule vehicle.

3. ORCISH 12V 3500LBS Synthetic Rope Winch Kit (Budget Pick)


  • The mounting plate is well-made and durable. 
  • It doesn’t require drilling or cutting to insert in the Kawasaki mule.
  • No hassle of loud sound. 
  • It is weather-friendly that won’t rust under snow, rain, or sunlight.
  • A cozy pair of gloves is included that doesn’t slip. 
  • The bolt pattern (76×146 mm) is great to line up precisely.
  • You’ll find two remotes that operate when pressing the switches. 


  • The cable seems short. 
  • A few users express their frustration over battery issues. 

Orcish 12V 3500 lbs is a praise-worthy winch that doesn’t make noise or cause hassle when moving big vehicles. 

This winch includes two remote controls that can be used with or without wire. And also, you can simply adjust by releasing or withholding the rope.

With the 2-mode, it can function remotely and manually to work well. It as well does this process in between the 50 ft range.

Made for Kawasaki mule, this winch has a 3500 lbs weight capacity so that vehicle can be move-in desired direction at ease. 

In short, this winch is quite an affordable option that one could try for an extended last function. Plus, you don’t have to lack quality, durability, and performance.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all winches need a solenoid?

The simple answer is both yes and no. If the winches have to pull oversized loads where more currents are drawing, you need to install the solenoid relay. Or else, it’s not necessary. 

Can winches go underwater?

Almost all winches are made using a solid seal, and they can go underwater with no hassle. Yet, it’s better to check the waterproof rating of winch before doing anything. 

Conclusion: Which One You Should Choose

And that’s all you need to know to select the best winch for the Kawasaki mule. I’ve tried to put everything in this guide along with each factor in a simple way so that you can identify the benefits and weaknesses.

Even if they have some shortcomings, I think the given winches are the finest that you can find in the market.

If you can’t be able to pick out one and prefer the best, then I think you should go with the SuperATV. You will probably love its quality, safety, and light surface. And, for those of you who want low-priced but overall good winches, the Champion Power Equipment would be a good option.    

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