Boat Winch Strap Over Or Under – Does It Make A Difference?

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Last Updated on May 18, 2022

Have you noticed how some use the boat winch strap in an upward form while others choose to place it below the bow roller?

It’s fairly an odd question as either way, the winch strap will pull the same weight meaning there won’t be any change in pulling capacity.

Dragging the boat to the trailer with the help of a strap is the main purpose of a boat winch. And, the strap can be placed over or under the bow roller.  

So, which is the better boat winch strap over or under? In this guide, we will present some logical reasons and show which way would be most effective. Here We Go!

Boat Winch Strap Over Or Under The Bow Roller?

A lot of people keep on debating whether to place the boat winch strap over or under the roller without coming to an answer. Both will work well but in different situations. 

Let us explain clearly down below:

When To Use The Boat Winch Strap Over The Bow Roller?

  • If you want to lift the boat without letting it grind down inside the bunks, it’s better to orient your winch strap over the roller.
  • If your bow eye is set up above, then use the winch strap over the roller.
  • To have a few mechanical benefits, it’s better to keep the boat winch strap over the roller.

When To Use The Boat Winch Strap Under The Bow Roller?

  • In case your boat is on the trailer, then try to switch the strap under the roller as it’ll confirm better snub and pull power with no boat winch strap slipping issue.
  • Be sure to use the winch strap under the roller of the bow eye setup below.
  • To confirm extra protection, the boat winch strap should be under the bow roller. This way it can help with a physical stop if any accident occurs and keep the boat from moving off the trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a boat winch strap be?

The winch strap length needs to cover the winching distance while being able to load the boat. So based on that, you need to calculate the length from the winch mount on the boat trailer to the dead-end of the bunks to find the right winch strap.

Can you replace a boat winch cable with a strap?

Yes, you can! It’s possible with the right size strap that fits the holes in the cable drum sides. To fit the strap, you can shorten the strap.

What is the extra loop for on boat winch strap?

The extra loop AKA hand saver loop ensures a safe area to grip the winch strap of the boat so that you can comfortably pill out slack.   

Wrap Up

Now, you can easily decide whether to go with a boat winch strap over or under based on your need. Also, you can try both at a time, we would suggest placing the strap depending on the position of the bow eye.

Be sure to use lubrication after adjusting it to the right position. Hope our effort is worth your attention. Have A Lovely Day!

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