Can I Use Off road Diesel In My Truck

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Last Updated on July 6, 2022

If you are a proud owner of a truck, you are always supposed to be concerned about your truck. Obviously, you will not want any unexpected thing to happen with your truck as there are some laws and you need to follow them strictly. Using off-road diesel is one of them where you need to pay attention. 

It is found that a lot of people don’t know the law regarding proper fuel in their trucks. As a result, they violate the laws unintentionally and need to pay a lot later. That’s why I have decided to make things clear.

In this article, I will be talking about whether you can use off-road diesel in your truck or not. I will also try to cover some additional important factors.

Can I Use Off road Diesel In My Truck

What Is Off-road Diesel?

Well, before moving into the core section, you should know everything about off-road Diesel. It will be easy for you to understand the whole thing if you are a newbie.

As you can understand from the name, off-road diesel is basically for industrial, farms and construction vehicles. This type of vehicle does not use the public route. The off-road diesel is free from taxation and that’s why the price is relatively low. Off-road diesel is also known as red diesel.

The vision of using off-road diesel is to keep the air clean as possible. The amount of sulfur in off-road diesel is higher. According to the experts, the emission gets decreased by about 90% using this type of fuel.

Can I Use Off-road Diesel In My Truck?

In short, you are not allowed to use off-road diesel for private purposes. If you use this type of diesel for your private purposes, then you will be considered involved with criminal activities. Because you are using the diesel that is free from taxes. 

However, if you are an owner of a farm or industry, then you can use off-road diesel in your truck for non-private purposes. Now the question is what will happen if you use off-road diesel in your truck for private purposes and get caught? Well, you will have to face the punishment procedure. Let’s know what the punishments are.

Punishment For Using Off-road Diesel

Obviously, you will be punished if you use off-road diesel illegally and get caught by the authorities. 

  • If the authority finds you using the red diesel, you will be punished in the form of a fine. No doubt that you will have to pay a hefty amount of money. Without it, the authority has the right to confiscate your vehicle. Apart from that, in extreme cases, the authority can send you to jail for a couple of months to years due to tax fraudulent issues. 
  • The boundary or limitation of punishment can differ in the different states depending on the nature of the crime. The highest amount of fine can be about a couple of thousands of dollars or according to the amount of fuel in your truck tank. In this case, the authority will ask you to pay ten dollars per gallon of fuel.

Difference Between Off-road Diesel And Normal Diesel

The basic difference between the off-road diesel and normal diesel is in its color and low price. There are some other aspects though. Let’s give them a quick check.


The major difference is in the tax issue. The government has exempted red diesel from several state and federal duties. As a result, you need to pay a discount amount of tax while purchasing. On the other hand, the regular diesel is not free from taxes which makes it expensive compared to the red diesel one.

Chemical Characteristics

Chemical characteristics including combustion heat, flash temperature, chemical composition quality facts such as content in water, sulfur, and particulate content are important for using a chemical as fuel in the engine of your vehicle. 

The off-road diesel holds almost similar qualities compared to regular diesel except for the amount of sulfur content. I have already told you that the red diesel or off-road diesel holds a higher amount of sulfur. It does not have any negative effect in terms of qualitative or operational views.


In the off-road diesel, petroleum refineries add a synthetic dye. The color of this dye is red and this is why the diesel looks red. Again, the traditional diesel is light green or colorless. The green color is the result of mixing a dye in the diesel. You will find this type of diesel in the fuel stations. 


There is no significant difference in the smell. The off-road diesel smells almost the same as the regular one. The difference in the color that I have told you about already.


The price of off-road diesel is significantly lower than the usual one. The off-road diesel is about 30% to 35% less expensive than the traditional one. This is because the red diesel is free from taxes. So, while using off-road diesel, you will not have to pay much money.

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