Best Trailer Hitch for Chevy Colorado

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Last Updated on June 5, 2022

Chevy Colorado comes with some of the best hitches in the market, with the car itself having an astounding capability of pulling in 7000 pounds. Overall, Chevy Colorado is an excellent compact pickup truck that is capable of towing a lot of weight without much troubleshooting. 

Therefore, to aid you in choosing the best hitch for Chevy Colorado, our automotive experts have gone through hundreds of hitches and have shortlisted the top 3 hitches available for Chevy Colorado and their utilities. 

Top 3 Hitches for Chevy Colorado You Can Choose

Here in this section, you’ll have a detailed review regarding the best Chevy Colorado hitches and know what makes these pickup trucks one of the top choices in the market. 

Draw Tite 76004 Class 4 Trailer Hitch

Made in Mexico – designed in the US, Draw-Tite is owned by the parent company Horizon Global. Designed to suit almost all trucks, Draw Tite 76004 is a hitch that smoothly attaches to your vehicle for towing without being drilled or welded. It’s one of the best recommendations due to its solid structure, durability, and tremendous strength. 


  • Suitable for a wide range of models of cars, making it an ideal and stable hitcher to operate with
  • It’s protected against all weather conditions with A-coating, allowing it to be rust and corrosion free
  • The entire construction is made up of stainless steel, so it can easily withstand stress without any wear and tear
  • Highly capable of hauling in a huge weight without compromising its durability and strength
  • The hitch also ensures top performance with extreme durability and superior pulling ability without putting any stress on the hitch
  • It also has a super convenient installation process ensuring no time consumption and unnecessary hassle 


  • It requires to be checked before use to make sure it fits right with your vehicle

The A-coating on this hitch protects from the weather, keeping it rust and corrosion-resistant while providing a visual appearance. 

Moreover, the A-coating polish keeps it looking fresh and new for years, adding to its visual appeal while showing no signs of wear and tear. 

The Nationwide Limited Lifetime Guarantee provided by Draw Tite is also why they are so highly recommended and used widely.

Designed with the help of computers, this hitch is suitable for Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon models from 2015 through 2021. This hitch is also tested for fatigue and stress to ensure top-notch performance while towing. 

This hitch can haul in as much as 7000 pounds; this hitch ensures superior pulling without any disruption. That’s not all; it even attaches itself to your vehicle hassle-free with bolt-on easy installation. 

In short, the hitch is an ideal pick for you, especially if you are looking for a sturdy, durable, and robust hitcher for your vehicle. 

Curt 13176 Class III Trailer Hitch

Made in the US. Curt hitches are designed, engineered, fabricated, welded, and finished to be the best among the best. Curt 13176 can pull in somewhere from 3500 to 8000 pounds and is also considered among the most stable hitches in the market. 


  • It can effortlessly haul in a lot of weight without showing wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for the heavy-duty task
  • Suitable for towing midsized vehicles with smoothness and without showing any sort of challenges whatsoever
  • Outstanding dual-coated powder polished finish, giving it an aesthetic and appealing look 
  • The overall glossy and aesthetic finish gives the hitch an attractive and appealing look to the eye
  • As the glossy black powder that’s sprayed on the hitch has no harsh chemicals, it’s entirely environmental friendly  
  • This hitcher is also pretty easy to clean and maintain, and you also won’t require to go for regular maintenance and repair


  • It does not come with a bracket for the spare tire bracket

Curt 13176 hitch comes with a standard hitch receiver and an industry-leading dual coat finish. These hitches are made specific to vehicles, thus ensuring more stability and smoothness during hauling. 

When attached to the vehicle, the concealed body of the hitches itself provides an authentic OE (Old English) look to the vehicle itself. It’s also capable of pulling in a maximum of 800 pounds of tongue weight while weighing roughly 52 pounds. 

Moreover, it’s an ideally suitable option for towing midsized campers, boats, and kayaks — co-cured in a rust-resistant liquid both on the inside and outside, preventing and corrosion any rust from forming. 

Even the glossy black powder finish enhances the visual appeal making it more attractive. This coat prevents the paint from fading, chipping, and scratching. 

Since the powder is sprayed onto the surface containing no harsh chemicals, it is more eco and budget-friendly. 

Moreover, you also won’t have to worry much about the cleaning procedures, as it’s pretty convenient to clean without diminishing its iconic and appealing gloss. 

Curt 13203 Class III Trailer Hitch

Curt 13203 is a well-designed and engineered U.S.-based hitcher famous for being robust and sturdy. It can also pull in an astoundingly maximum of 6000 pounds without showing no signs of wear and tear. This is one of the reasons Curt 13203 is still one of the best hitches skyrocketing the market. 


  • No unnecessary expenses or tools are required for this hitch as the entire installation process is pretty straightforward
  • Precise, robotic welding ensures a perfect fit for maximum strength and this is what makes it so durable
  • Tested in every way to ensure and guarantee safety, so it can be operated freely without worrying about any risks
  • Towing of the hitch is pretty smooth, so you really won’t feel much of a challenge while towing your vehicle
  • Its sturdy and strong design makes this hitch an ideal choice for heavy-duty towing, and it’s also pretty simple to operate with
  • The cleaning procedure is also pretty simple, and you also won’t need to worry much about regular cleaning and maintenance


  • It may fit lose over time, especially when not maintained or looked after

It’s entirely custom made to fit and install specifically well on vehicle models of GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado. 

Class III is made and designed to incorporate itself well with the vehicle’s existing features while providing an exceptionally smooth and disruption-free drive. 

The overall design is sturdy, stable, and well made, capable enough to pull fishing boat trailers, popup campers, ATV trailers, and utility trailers, among others, within the lowest weight range. 

Curt 13203 is also co-cured and coated with A-coating protected by a glossy black powder finish, making it an “all-weather resistant” hitch. 

Moreover, the finish on this coating is done by bonding the chemical and applied as dry powder through an electrostatic process and cured with heat.

The stylish round tube on this hitch and the glossy finish make it highly appealing to the eyes. Even the easy bolt-on installation requires no tools or need for extra hands. 

Maintenance and cleaning for this hatch are also relatively easy since it has an open back receiver and requires no regular maintenance. 


When deciding on which hitch to buy for Chevy Colorado, consider the weight capacity of your trailer and its overall weight distribution capacity.

For a hitch that suits most vehicle models and pulls in an impressive amount of weight, Curt 13203 Class III Trailer Hitch is the best hitch for Chevy Colorado or any other vehicle. 

Haul capacity, built quality, fitting, and installation are of superior quality providing long-term service. 

Therefore, for a hitch that serves you with necessary benefits while providing you with exceptional quality, then it is the way to go for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a hitch suitable for my vehicle?

To identify precisely what hitch you need, you have to park your vehicle on the leveled ground, where it remains flat and unbothered. From the skirt of the ball to the ground the vehicle is standing on, measure the distance. 

Again, measure from the ground to the top of the hitch receiver on the vehicle. The gap between the 2 measurements is what you need to know. Whatever the number for the gap between these distances is, you need to get a hitch closest to that number.

How to know what class of hitch is needed?

Depending on what you are hauling and its weight determines the class of hitch you need. Starting from the lowest, class I hitch is used for lightweight hauls such as motorbikes, small boats, and smaller trailer utilities. 

While the class Iv hitches are used for heavy-duty hauls such as large boats, full-sized campers, and trailer equipment. Therefore, depending on what you are hauling and the weight capacity of your vehicle determines the class of your hitch of trailer needed. 

What happens if towing capacity is exceeded?

Knowing the towing capacity of your vehicle is a crucial piece of information as it could be very dangerous if the capacity is exceeded. 

Pulling in the extra weight beyond the capacity puts unnecessary pressure on the engine, which could damage the rear axle and the transmission. Exceeding the capacity also puts your vehicle and the passengers in it at risk of flipping the car over due to the excess weight being pulled. 

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