Common Questions About Winch Battery Answered

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Last Updated on July 1, 2022

There are a ton of questions in our minds regarding our winch and the battery that powers the winch. That’s totally normal and asking questions is a great way of gathering knowledge on literally any topic.

In this article, I am trying to answer the most common questions about the winch battery. I have scoured the internet and collected these questions asked by real users. I think you will find your question here and of course the answer with it.

So, let’s begin the journey.

Winch Battery Answered

1. What type of battery to use for a winch?

Ans: As the battery will need to consistently supply the power required to run the winch smoothly, a traditional battery won’t do the trick. You need to pick the best one for the sake of you and your winch.

Most winch manufacturers provide a battery rating recommendation that will work best with your winch. If that’s the case for your winch too, then surely follow that recommendation to get the best result.

Also, make sure you get a battery with a lot of power because your winch will need it to do the heavy pulling.

2. Do I need a second battery for my winch?

Ans: It never hurts to have extras, in fact, it might prove to be really useful. You won’t always need it, though. You can think about setting up dual batteries if you wish to release some pressure from the single battery.

Also, in case of a series of long pulls at the same time, having 2 batteries is a must. One battery won’t last that long and that will leave you with an unfinished pulling operation. Dual batteries will help you avoid that situation. 

3. Can you run a winch off a deep cycle battery?

Ans: To be honest, these batteries aren’t capable of handling high-performance winches. Because a Jeep winch necessitates a large amount of power to be applied quickly and consistently.

As a result, deep cycle batteries are not the best option for winching in my opinion. The rest is up to you. If you think your deep cycle battery is capable of handling the winch or if you somehow verified that it could drive a winch or if the battery is from a reputable brand, then you might give it a try. 

4. How long a battery will run my winch? 

Ans: You must maintain your car running at high revs in order to operate your winch. If you don’t, a winch will only run for up to two minutes when the car isn’t operating.

5. Why does my winch drain my battery?

Ans: A healthy winch battery won’t be drained when not in use. Running the winch, on the other hand, will quickly deplete the battery. Running the winch, on the other hand, will quickly deplete the battery and that’s normal.

But if your battery drains when you are not using it, then there might be something wrong with the battery. You should definitely check it or get some professional help. Make sure that the cable connections are tight enough and in a good condition.

6. Will a winch kill my battery?

Ans: A winch will not kill your battery, that’s not how a winch works unless there are some technical malfunctions. You have to follow the guidelines properly for safely using the battery. 

You have to follow some rules like recharging it timely after it gets drained, checking the cable connections, etc. on a daily basis to ensure a longer lifetime for the battery and the winch too.

7. Which battery do I connect my winch to?

Ans: There are some debates about which battery should get the upper hand when connecting the winch. The answer is, “The Primary Battery”. You should connect your winch with the primary battery and have no doubt about it as it is the best option.

8. The best way to connect the winch to the battery?

Ans: Attach the power wire to the positive post on the winch, and the negative wire to the negative ground post. Now, from the winch, run both wires to the engine compartment. Any regions where the cable could be pinched, as well as hot areas, should be avoided.

Connect the positive lead from the winch to the positive post using an in-line circuit breaker on the battery of your vehicle. Connect the negative lead from the winch to the negative ground post too.

9. Will a lawnmower battery power a winch?

Ans: Yes, it will, as long as the specifications match. The battery recommended for your winch should match in features with your lawnmower battery to pull off this stunt.

That’s the end of this question-answer session. I hope I was able to provide you with the piece of information you were looking for. If I missed your particular question, feel free to drop the question below in the comment box and I will be back with the answer. Till then, stay safe and keep asking questions and looking for answers.

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