Fiery Red Winch Review 2022

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Last Updated on June 29, 2022

A good winch is essential if you own an off-road vehicle. While there are lots of options to choose from, I wanted to highlight a relatively unpopular brand.

In this Fiery Red Winch review, I wanted to shine a light on the excellent winches made by this company. Despite being incredibly beginner-friendly, it is somehow not well known among beginner off-road enthusiasts. And my goal is to rectify that by reviewing three of their top products. 

Fiery Red Winch Review

The following three products are three of the very best Fiery Red has to offer. They all provide top-tier performance at a relatively affordable price. 

1. FIERYRED 13000 lbs. Winch Review 


  • Equipped with a 6HP motor which will allow you to carry several tons of weight 
  • Well-functioning gear system that makes the operation very smooth 
  • It comes with a 26-meter-long synthetic rope that makes the procedure more efficient
  • Extremely easy to control because of the remote-control feature
  • Made with hardened heavy-duty steel and is resistant to moisture and corrosion 
  • Equipped with LED lights for ease of use in the dark


  • Quite expensive compared to other winches in the market

Before I move forward with this review, I should mention that this is a relatively expensive winch compared to most winches in the market. But it more than makes up for it with its incredible performance, durability, and ease of use.

Before anything else, we have to mention the 6-horsepower motor in this winch. The number of things you can do with a winch this powerful is a great trade-off for the price, in my opinion. 

The gear system is another thing worth praising. The 3-stage planetary gear system contributes to making the operation extremely smooth. 

Another thing contributing to the smooth operation is the synthetic rope used in this winch. It is also about 26 meters long. So, you have absolutely no fear of it ever falling short. 

The product also comes with remote control for superior ease of use.  You can use either a wireless or wired remote to control the winch with little to no difficulty. 

The construction of this winch is truly incredible. It is made of heavy-duty hardened steel, which makes the product durable and makes the winch resistant to mud, rain, and car wash. 

Adding to the style and convenience are the in-built LED lights. Besides looking cool, they also make the winch easier to use at night. 

2. FIERYRED 12V 4500 lbs. Review


  • Very affordable 
  • The 3-stage planetary gear system makes the process very efficient 
  • It can be controlled via a remote to make it easy for the users
  • You have the option to choose between a synthetic rope and a steel cable 
  • Features a rainproof construction for maximum durability 


  • Cannot perform heavy-duty tasks 
  • A bit difficult to install due to the complicated user manual

If the expensiveness of the last product demotivated you, you would be happy to know that this winch is relatively more budget-friendly. Of course, you will have to give up some of the excellent features of the previous product because of the decrease in cost. 

Unfortunately, two of the things that this winch does not have are the powerful motor and the high capacity of the previous product. The engine in this winch is about 1.9 Horsepower, and its capacity is 4500 lbs. While this is perfectly fine for small-scale use, you cannot carry out heavy-duty tasks with it. 

However, it does not suffer from any other drawbacks besides the two mentioned above. The 3-stage planetary gear system works exceptionally well in this winch as well. And like the 13000 lbs. winch, this one also comes with a remote-control feature that makes operating the winch extremely easy. 

The 25-meter-long synthetic rope is a pretty fantastic feature for reasons we have already mentioned in the previous review. 

But this product comes with an alternate version that features a steel cable as well. The pros of the steel cable are the added sturdiness and durability, but the con is a comparatively less smooth operation. Depending on what you prefer, you have the option to make your own choice. 

The winch also features a rainproof construction. It is resistant to moisture and corrosion. The only other issue with the winch would be its lack of a comprehensive user manual. It can be a bit difficult to install because of that. 

3. FIERYRED Electric 12V 3500 lbs. Winch Review


  • Extremely cost-efficient and affordable
  • Equipped with a durable steel cable for a higher degree of sturdiness 
  • Features excellent steel construction that is resistant to moisture
  • Very easy to install owing to its detailed user manual


  • Less capacity compared to its alternatives 
  • Operation is not as smooth as its contemporary products 

If you are looking for the most cost-effective winch, this one is the winch you need. Despite being the cheapest product on the list, it delivers on almost all fronts. 

But before we go on singing its praises, we have to address some of its shortcomings. Like the case with the second product, you have to make some compromises in the field of power and capacity. With a 1.5HP motor and 3500 lbs. capacity, it will serve you well but cannot manage anything too heavy. 

However, this winch makes up for those shortcomings mentioned above in other departments. It features an excellent construction made of durable steel. This winch is also resistant to rainwater, car wash water, mud and pretty much any form of moisture. 

Furthermore, it comes with a sleek black matte finish that gives it a rugged look that is pleasing to the eye. In the niche community of off-road vehicle enthusiasts, this product is well renowned for being quite stylish. 

The steel cable that the winch comes with may not provide as smooth of an operation as a synthetic rope would, but it does increase the overall sturdiness of the product. Furthermore, steel cables tend to be more durable than synthetic ropes. 

Unlike the previous product, it comes with an incredibly detailed and useful user manual. Anyone who reads it carefully can easily set the winch up. 

About the Brand Fiery Red

FIERYRED is a relatively unpopular brand of vehicle accessories. Despite being unpopular, their products are known to be some of the finest among the niche community of off-road vehicle enthusiasts. 

They have gradually perfected their products through decades of experience. More than just offering great products with a high level of performance and durability, they also offer them at an affordable price. 

If that wasn’t all, they also provide excellent customer service for anyone who requires any help with their products.


If Fiery red wasn’t on your radar, I hope that has changed after reading this Fiery Red winch review. The top-of-the-line winches they provide at such an affordable price is truly a rarity in the market. 

While you would be well off choosing any of the three winches reviewed today, I would highly recommend selecting the FIERYRED 13000 lbs. winch. The combination of power, convenience, durability, and sturdiness it offers is simply unmatched. 

So, get yourself the best fiery red winch that suits your need as soon as you can and start your off-road adventures with all the necessary tools.  

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