Found The Best Winch for Ford Raptor (Top 4 Picks)

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Last Updated on July 12, 2022

You can put a winch on the raptor as long as it provides qualities that the vehicle would require to initialize a helpful pulling. In short you need the most suitable winch specifically for the ford raptor.

Now I have been thinking a lot about what would the best winch for the ford raptor look like. Of course, I’m not talking about its appearance and looks. I’m referring to the elements that a ford raptor suitable winch should have. 

And according to my findings, a winch with these qualities is the best bet:

  • Able to pull at least 1.5 times more than the Raptor’s weight. 10,000 lbs. are the sweet spot for most Ford Raptors.
  • Comes with a steel or synthetic rope of high quality.
  • Comes with a permanent magnet motor (a cheaper option for occasional use) or a series wound motor (better for heavy-duty usage and rough weather).

The good news is I have come across 4 picks that each have great potential of doing an excellent job as a ford raptor winch. Exactly what this whole guide is going to be about.

Best Winch for Ford Raptor

Smittybilt X2O COMP Winch

The Smittybilt X2O COMP 10,000lb version perfectly fits most of the requirements that one tends to look for in a winch suitable for the Ford Raptor.

You can pick from both synthetic and steel rope options. There’s a wireless remote provided for those who don’t feel like working manually. And the motor, gear system, and braking mechanism seem to be pretty tempting.

This is the type of winch that can take quite frequent winching and still stay intact for a long period. 

The 10k winch is also easy to install with provided instructions as those were pretty straightforward.

The free spooling is also smooth enough and, in most cases, there’s no need for additional effort to conduct a pulling. The built quality is solid too.

I wish the line on the hook was detachable and also the wireless function was better as it feels a little finicky.

You can get the single version or snatch block included version by paying 14-15 bucks extra. It’s a smart additional purchase as the snatch block will make your off-road recovery kit complete to ensure safe winching.


  • The built quality is premium.
  • Comes with manual and wireless modes.
  • Pulling capacity perfectly matches most Ford Raptors.
  • Easy to use design.
  • Suits frequent heavy-duty usage.


  • The hook line is not removable.

WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric 12V DC Winch

Next, I have the warn winch that comes in multiple capacity versions, but the 10,000lb one fits best for Ford Raptor. 

You can also go a little higher and have a look at the 12,000lb one that will work just as fine.

There are plenty of reasons why some consider WARN to be the best winch provider. But mostly it is due to the reputation that they’ve achieved by providing simple installation-friendly winches that are at the same time feature rich and powerful enough. 

The same goes for WARN 103253. You got the option of picking synthetic or steel rope here as well. 

Installation, like I already said, is pretty straightforward. But one thing that they don’t mention in the instructions is not to directly wire it to the battery, I wish they did. Because it can lead to short-out accidents.

The winch is also very well made to withstand the tightest pulls like a pro. And there’s not an issue with the provided synthetic line as well. The remote does a great job whether it is wired or wireless.

Overall, for self-recovering your Ford Raptor multiple times, the WARN 103253 will prove to be a quite valuable pick.


  • Built strong for hard pulls.
  • Comes with multiple pulling capacity versions.
  • Super a simple installation.
  • Smooth free spooling.
  • Remote supports both wired and wireless modes.


  • Expensive.

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch

Now if you are not ready to invest a lot of money in the ford raptor winch you are looking for, a budget-friendly option like Smittybilt GEN 2 will suit you best.

It’s true that the load capacity with this winch is 9,500 pounds. And it definitely is lower than my recommended 10,000 pounds for a ford raptor. 

But that little 500 pounds of reduction won’t cause a great loss. Especially when you are trying to respect a budget.

You can get a Smittybilt GEN 2 single, along with the winch cover or winch cradle. It serves with all the right basic features like a powerful 6.6hp motor, a 3-stage planetary gear system, and a 4-way roller fairlead.

Performance-wise, there are not many operational limits to worry about. But the connector assembly mounting bracket seems a poorly designed component I wanted to mention. Also, a lock nut arrangement would have served better.

A great thing about Smittybilt GEN 2 is that you can put this pulling beast through absolute chaos, and it will survive. It can take care of rocks, many uprooted stumps and so much more. You will enjoy using it for your Ford Raptor.


  • Works without any operational limits.
  • The motor and gear system is great.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Comes with decent pulling capacity.
  • Tackles different weather conditions pretty well.


  • Some hardware is a little off-designed.

X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch

And the last one that is high in load capacity but surprisingly not very expensive is X-BULL 12V and it will suit Ford Raptor owners.

The synthetic rope works nice and seems to be promising for repeated usage. There’s also a wireless remote that responds quite quickly. And you get good functioning even when the rope is at a far reach.

The fasteners are stainless and come with powder coating, the making quality is impressive. But the orange color with black cover is not something everyone will like. There’s a blue version too, and it’s a little better.

One thing you want to know is that after wiring with instructions you will have the winch ready to run at all times. And it’s for both ignitions on and off.

So, if the kids get access to the remote, it won’t be a good scene. I wish the box was not sealed and there was an option of wiring to ignition.

Overall, X-BULL 12V is an impressive budget winch with ample load capacity that would work great with Ford Raptors.


  • Built quality is decent.
  • Great load capacity,
  • Surprisingly budget-friendly.
  • Easy installation with instructions.
  • Quick responding remote.


  • Ready to run at all times, could be dangerous if kids are around.

Choosing The Best Winch for Ford Raptor

If I was you, then there are some factors that I would have paid the most attention to. And this segment is based entirely on those factors.

1.5X Industry Rule

The pulling capacity of the winch should be at least 1.5 times more than the ford raptor’s weight. This is the industry standard for ensuring the winch will be capable of handling most chores for a particular weighted vehicle. And that goes for the Ford Raptor as well.

Take Mods into Account

The capacity of the winch will also need to be enough for the ford raptor’s added modifications. If you have multiple modifications, then the weight of those needs to be added as well for the capacity calculation I discussed in the previous part.

QUICK TIP – Don’t go for any winch that provides less than 7000 pounds of hauling capacity.

Synthetic VS Steel Rope

Steel ropes tend to weigh the raptor down slightly and so handling can be challenging. However, this type is less likely to break down. And steel ropes are a better performer in harsh terrain and when rubbed against rocks.

Synthetic ropes, on the other hand, are great at avoiding rust and are lightweight. For trail and recovery, synthetic ropes work best. It’s also safer and more flexible. But the price point is usually higher.

Deciding The Budget

It should be at least a few hundred dollars if you really want a reliable one for your Raptor. Now, how many hundred exactly can be a discussion. The type of winch you are targeting will highly matter.

If you decide to spend more than 500 dollars, you will probably find many reliable and lasting winch options to choose from. 

However, in case of emergencies or a tight budget situation, you can consider 300 dollars as a minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a second battery for a winch?

You don’t need a second battery for a winch generally. But having enough reserved capacity will definitely help in the long run. Situations demanding longer pulls or frequent usage will be easier for you to sort.

How much does it cost to get a winch installed?

Typically, it will cost around 200 dollars to get a winch installed. But there are other factors that can slightly lower or increase this cost.

Can you run a winch off a single battery?

You can run a winch off a single battery if there are no long pulls involved that are almost close to the max weight capacity of the particular winch.

Wrapping Up

And that ends the discussion on the best winch for ford raptor. All of these fours are my favorite. But Smittybilt X2O COMP Winch stands the most because of its overall performance and suitability for a Ford Raptor.

You are free to decide for yourself which winch would perfectly suit your ford raptor. Just make sure the crucial elements are there. 

Hopefully, this guide was helpful somewhat for routing you to the right winch.


I was curious to find the best winch for ford raptor and 4 most worthy winches caught my attention. Here I share their complete reviews and more.

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