High Mount vs Low Mount Winch: Which Is Better?

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Last Updated on July 21, 2022

The winch is a savior that drags the car to escape from the disaster of being stuck under mud out of nowhere. Nearly all drivers use the two popular winches which are high and low mount types.

It’s still hard to pick one side since both have strong characteristics. In order to decide on one, looking at their differential points might help:

  • Rope Length.
  • Drive Type.
  • Heat Tolerance Ability.
  • Mounting Style.

Is the high mount better? Or, is the low mount ideal for you? To answer all the queries, we’ll present the on-point info along with their good and bad sides.

Let’s start the high mount vs low mount winch debate…

High Mount vs Low Mount

The Overview Of High Mount Vs Low Mount Winch!

As you have a brief idea of the points that set them apart, we’ll show all the differences in-depth this time, between high and low mount winches. Take a look at the given comparison points.

1. Length Of Rope

One of the most noticeable clashing points is their rope size. If you look closely at them, you’ll see the high mount winch wire seems lengthier than the low mount type.

In most cases, the high mount winch’s cable (which is attached to the winch drum) is around 46 – 60 meters (150.92 – 196.85 feet). Plus, most brands that make high mount winches use plasma ropes.

On the other hand, the low mount winch’s cable is between 20 – 26 meters (65.62 – 85.301 feet) on average.

Winner: High Mount

2. Drive Type

The drive type of both winches seems conflicting. To put it simply, the high mount winch uses a gear drive while the low mount winch owns a cone drive.

For better velocity, torque values, and efficiency, nothing can beat the high mount winch thanks to its drive type. Then again, the low mount winch is not a good choice to get these facilities.

Winner: High Mount

3. Heat Tolerance Ability

Both winches contain different levels of heat tolerance strength. The high mount winch is great to work stably with no extra stress preventing it from heating up easily (thanks to the gear drive and high line speed).

In opposition, the low mount winch usually can’t work stable enough due to low line speed and cone drive. That causes its component to heat up quickly.

Winner: High Mount

4. Mounting Style

As all tracks contain the front bull bar aka grill to hold the winch, you’ll find differences when installing them. The high mount winch usually sits inside while the motor stays on the top side.

Due to its setup, the bull bar can face rust or decay due to the motor that contacts. It can also fry or stall the solenoid which is a bad point. However, this kind of winch doesn’t get hot which makes it safe to use on the front side of a truck.

Conversely, the low mount winch sits inside while the motor stays on the sides. Thanks to its nice setup, this never causes interior or nearby parts to stall or fry.

Winner: Low Mount

Pros & Cons of High & Low Mount Winch

It’s quite impossible to guess the right item without knowing its characteristics. Through the given ups and downs, you can get the slight idea to pick the right mount winch.

High Mount Winch

High Mount Winch


  • Includes a long cable that is handy to pull out the truck at a distance.
  • Fully made out of steel material with no involvement of plastic.
  • Uses oil rather than grease to operate.
  • Pretty simple to install or upgrade.
  • It has a faster line speed.


  • It costs more than a low mount winch.
  • Require more upkeep and care.

Low Mount Winch

Low Mount Winch


  • Do not cause the truck bull bar to face rust or decay.
  • Inexpensive compared to the high mount winch.
  • The design is unique.
  • User friendly and reliable.
  • It has a faster power draw speed.


  • Hard to change or upgrade.
  • Provide a short wire or rope to draw.

Ending Notes

You can easily guess the real frontrunner after reading the high mount vs low mount winch topic. Although both contain some downsides, you can’t deny the fact that they have more good sides.  

In our opinion, the high mount winch is the ideal type if you prefer quicker line speed with ease of usage. Or else, choose the low mount winch to enjoy better draw speed with less hassle of maintenance.


Couldn’t pick a side between high mount vs low mount winch? Then, check this guide to know the contrast point with their good and bad sides!

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