Best Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

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Last Updated on May 23, 2022

Fed up with having to clean and repair your vehicle after each and every short trip? Anything that moves with velocity and runs on wheels suffers when there’s mud all around. What you need is a pair of mud flaps, to be more specific, hitch mounted mud flaps. The average mud flaps don’t have the same utility anymore.

These mud flaps have improved a lot over the years. We don’t just stick a pair in front of the wheels. Only the best hitch mounted mud flaps will have the adjustability and resilience you want.

Today’s topic of discussion is exactly that. Let’s see what the market has to offer us.

Best Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

After a considerable amount of research, these are the 5 mud flaps I could come up with. Here’s a brief overview of their features and what I liked and didn’t like. Let us know if you agree.

Rock Tamers Mudflap System 00108 2″ Hub with Matte Black Stainless Steel Trim Plates

Looking for the best hitch mounted mud flaps ever? You can stop looking. This Rock Tamers mudflap system is our top pick. Well, it’s not for “ever”, per se, but you get my point.

Feature Overview

The first thing I looked at was its construction quality. It’s a pair of 3/8-inch thick rubber mudflaps covered with a layer of tear-resistant fabric. It’s attached to the frame with stainless steel trim plates. The flaps won’t budge when the vehicle is moving at high-speed thanks to the stainless steel mounting hardware. That’s all that matters.

These are heavy mudflaps. With all of these combined, the total weight falls just over 32 pounds. Having said that, the weight tells a lot about its structural longevity.

Both the hub and arms are made heat-treated forged aluminum. Its strength and durability has to be credited to the powder-coated matte-black finish. I don’t particularly favor the matte-black finish, but it’s nice aesthetically.

Thanks to the heat-resistant aluminum frame and thick plates, you can expect the mud flaps to survive extreme heat. On the flip side, you’ll find an anti-splash pattern that isn’t featured in the rest of the hitch mounted mudflaps on this list.

The adjustable width design on it is amazing. You can adjust the width from 67.25 inches to 96.75 inches. This is what makes this a universal fit. It will fit on most vehicles such as small cars, full-size vans, dually trucks, and trailers.

And get this, it has pre-molded cut lines. If it’s too large, you can trim it down to fit your vehicle.

One of the main features of this Rock tamers mudflap system is its easy installation. And there is no drilling required to install it. Since this is a pair of hitch mounted mud flaps, you need a hitch to attach it to. It’ll join with either a hitch receiver or a ball mount hitch. The center hub requires only 1-inch space to attach to the ball mount shank.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Fits most vehicles
  • heavy duty aluminum frame
  • heat resistant materials
  • Adjustable width
  • Compatible with most rock guards


  • It’s a little expensive

LUVERNE 255300 20-Inch Long Textured Rubber Tow Guard Hitch-Mounted Mud Flaps

Feature Overview

If you’re looking for extra long rock guards, this pair of hitch mounted mud flaps from Luverne shouldn’t skip your attention.

Don’t let the minimal and sleek appearance fool you. It has a heavy-duty construction. Thanks to the powder-coated steel frame, these corrosion-resistant mudguards will provide maximum protection.

If you’re driving a large truck or a trailer, the extra length of the flaps will come really handy in towing season. Both you and the vehicle you’re towing will stay safe from road debris. The flaps themselves are made from durable rubber and it’s 3/8-inch thick.

Couple that with its steel frame, and you get a highly anti-sail design. The flaps will stay steady as a rock. The design is given reinforcement with the addition of a stabilizer plate for each flap for optimum protection.

Furthermore, once it’s installed, the cleaning and maintenance time will be halved. The textured surface will make sure no dirt or mud can stick and produce a buildup.

And also, it comes fully assembled from the factory. That might be a good thing if it’s an exact fit for your truck. However, you can trim it down to get a perfect fit.

That being said, compared to the Rock Tamers hitch mount mud flaps, installing this pair takes longer. It isn’t exactly hard, but with lots of nuts and screws, you need to spend more than a few minutes to get it set.

After taking all these into account, there’s not much hesitation from me to claim it as one of the best truck mud flaps out there.


  • Recycled thick rubber plates
  • tear-resistant design
  • Corrosion-resistant steel frame
  • Extreme protection against road debris
  • Universal design for a full size truck and van


  • Only for truck, trailer and similar large vehicles
  • A bit expensive

Roadmaster 4400 RoadWing Removable Mud Flap System

If hitch mounted mud flaps are strong enough to prevent damage from flying road debris and mud, it’s good enough for most of us. This Roadmaster 4400 mud flap system is a reasonably priced unit.

Feature Overview

The thick rubber plates along with a high-strength steel frame make sure that the mud flaps survive the harsh off-roading conditions.

Along the line where the frame and thick rubber plates met, it has an anti-sail design. This will reinforce the flaps when the weather is harsh and the vehicle is moving at full speed.

I do have to mention that, the width of these mud flaps can’t be adjusted as the previous one. Considering the fact that, you are paying a bit less, it’s understandable to make such sacrifices. The good news is that most of us do not need it. I say versatility in mud flaps are overrated unless you own different types of vehicles.

These splash guards have a total width of 77 inches which is enough to cover most full-size trucks. You can trim it down to fit most vehicles. Moreover, the flaps are 24″x24″ wide which can easily cover dual tire trucks. This isn’t model-specific as there are similar splash guards from the same brand.

Furthermore, you’ll appreciate the easy installation process. It will fit most 2-inch receivers. You can attach it by simply sliding it over the ball mount or the tow bar stinger.

And finally, The all-black color scheme does make it look visually pleasing. If you’re maintaining an overall minimal and sleek appearance, this will fit right in.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Covers most full size trucks
  • Optimum protection against harsh weather
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality rubber


  • No width adjustments

Access D100001 Roctection Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

If you’re looking for budget-friendly truck mud flaps, have a look at this pair of hitch mount mud flaps from Accesss. It’s got all the basic features and a few extras to make it worthwhile.

Feature Overview

The structural integrity of these mudflaps impressed me. With the rustproof aluminum frame and a pair of 3/8-inch thick flaps, it performs like a rigid flap. The aluminum is also plated with zinc. It should withstand the dirty conditions of the road.

These flaps have a lightly textured surface which makes sure that the mud and dirt can’t build up on the flaps.

If you were looking for the width adjustability option, there are none. It’s a fixed design which could be appreciated since the flaps prevent sailing to a great extent.

These are surprisingly light for a pair of rock guards. Does this mean they are not resilient enough for off-roading? You’ll be wrong to think that. The stainless steel hardware on these flaps will provide maximum protection for any vehicle such as a truck, trailer, or van.

It’s specially manufactured to resist heat damage. Trust me, it’ll help you avoid costly repairs. To be more specific, it can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It also goes the other way around by staying functioning even at -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Amazingly, this isn’t model specific as many Access mud flaps feature the same properties.

The installation method is nothing to write about. It’s the easy receiver pin alignment that will make your life a lot easier. Moreover, it attaches with an adjustable clamping system. And that clamping system makes it ever-so-easy to attach it to a ball mount.

With the frame opening it’s an easy access to the safety chains and receiver pin. To remove it, you just pull out the hitch receiver pin.


  • Adjustable clamping system
  • Rustproof aluminum frame
  • Textured plates
  • The stabilizing plate keeps the flaps steady
  • Attractive pricing
  • No drilling required


  • The bolt heads may scratch the bumper

Tow Tuff TTF-2418AMF Universal-Mounts Adjustable Mud Flaps

If none of the above squeezes in your budget, maybe try a few cheaper ones? Well, these Tow Tuff mud flaps have an adjustable width design that none of the above three mud flaps feature. Intrigued? You should be.

Feature Overview

These are the best hitch mounted mud flaps under $200. The aesthetics of it do scream cheap, but I wouldn’t dwell on it. When you see the heavy duty mud flaps made from rubber you’ll be surprised. Constructed from durable rubber, these mudflaps will deflect road debris without any hiccups.

Back to the width adjustability, these mud flaps can be adjusted from 66 to 77 inches of the total width. To add to the degree of adjustability, even the flap height can be adjusted from 10.33 to 16.33 inches. This way you can reduce the splash radius and protect others around you. Move the flap up when the ground is full of large rocks and enjoy a quieter ride.

These thick flaps will also come in handy if and when you’re towing vehicles by preventing them from dirty situations. It also has stabilizing mounting hardware placed to keep the flaps in place.

In that sense it has a universal design. But it may not cover the tires of full size vans and trucks since the flaps are only 18 inches long and 24 inches wide.

At a weight of 42lbs, these are not lightweight mudflaps. In fact, this pair is the heaviest on this list. However, the weight isn’t significant enough to hold back a truck or a car.

These splash guards are easily installed on your cars, dually trucks and trailers. On the back, it has a hook that can be effortlessly placed in any 2-inch receiver hitch or ball mount. It needs at least 1-inch clearance for attaching to a ball mount shank. And removing it is easier.


  • Heavy rubber mudflaps
  • Excellent ground clearance
  • Easy mounting hardware
  • Stabilizer plate
  • Cheap as they come


  • The frame could have been stronger


That comparison was taxing. All of them are so good that it’s hard even for me to choose a single one. Which one peaked your attention as the best hitch mounted mud flaps? I have a few recommendations.

If you have no budget constraints, take the Rock Tamers Mudflap System. For that price, it’s simply unbeatable. But not everyone can afford to spend such large sum at once. For those with a limited budget, you can get the same features (with minor sacrifices in quality) from the Tow Tuff TTF-2418AMF Adjustable Mud Flaps. Both have the adjustable width option.

In case you don’t need the adjustability, the LUVERNE 255300 seems to be a pretty nice deal. If it’s resilience you want, Luverne is more than enough.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before going hunting for the best hitch mounted mud flaps.

Perfect Fit

The mud flaps have to be a perfect fit with the wheels and the body overall. Mud flaps are mostly model specific, so you have to see what the manufacturers suggest. It’s not about aesthetics only. Too short flaps won’t cover the wheels, and too long flaps will drag on the road. It’s crucial to match the flap size with the vehicle.

While you can trim it down to fit with the vehicle, it’s not worth it when you have a chance to readymade compatible mud flaps.


The quality of mud flaps is ensured when it has heavy-duty construction. That depends on the build material. Fortunately, most hitch mounted mud flaps are made from a combination of powder-coated steel, aluminum, and rubber.

If you look at the cheapest mud flaps on our list, you’ll find that they have the same construction material. Personally, it’s just bad investment if the mudflaps you spend on don’t have what it takes to survive the harsh and dirty road debris.

And of course, you need trim plates and stabilizing plates for keeping the steel frame level. Those will also ensure stable and rigid flaps.


The design aspect can make or break a pair of mud flaps. A few things such as anti-sail design, anti-splash pattern are quite useful in long off-road driving.

It is extremely beneficial if the mud flaps have an anti-splash pattern on the surface. Apart from reducing the splash area, it also stays dry enough to prevent mud from sticking to it.

Mud Flap Width and Length

Having adjustable mud flaps is seen as a big thing among truck owners or basically owners of any vehicle. But does it have merit? I think it does in a few cases. The benefit of adjustable mud flaps can only be enjoyed if you have vehicles of multiple sizes. Other than that, there’s no utility.

Another thing is the length of the flaps. If you have a towing vehicle, you’ll need long flaps to prevent the tow


While weight isn’t a factor to decide on quality, heavy mud flaps are more resistant against road debris, you have to admit. Couple a pair of heavy rubber flaps with splash-resistant surface, you’ll see a significant reduction in splash radius.


If you look closely at the hitch mounted mud flaps on our list, you’ll see that they have different colors and themes. Some are minimalistic while some are rugged. Although they perform similarly, the aesthetics are different. It’s a good idea to match the color profile and the overall theme of your vehicle when getting mud flaps for it.


Can I fit no-drill hitch mounted mud flaps on my truck?

Yes, you can fit the no-drill mud flaps on your truck, trailer or any vehicle that has a center bumper step. If you can fit a hitch or a ball mount to the vehicles, then it’ll take a pair of mud flaps just fine. The installation process is model-specific and so it is wise to stick to the recommendations from the manufacturer.

Do mud flaps cause noise?

Yes, anything with a large surface area hanging outside of high speed vehicles will create noise. Especially, if they are heavy mud flaps. However, the noise produced from the vehicle’s tires and engine are much louder. You shouldn’t be hearing the noise from mud flaps amidst all other noises.

Do mud flaps actually work?

Yes, they are proven to be quite useful at preventing vehicle damage from road debris. The ability to stop road debris made it an essential part of truck accessories to avoid costly repairs.

What are some of the best brands for mud flaps?

Brands are never the criterion when it comes to choosing a product. However, like all industries, some brands do come up in our discussions more than others. If I had to mention, I’d take the names of Road Tamers, Rockstar (Sold by Access), and Road Masters. Most often the best hitch mounted mud flaps come from these brands.

Are mud flaps and splash guards the same?

Although the terms flaps and guards are somewhat dissimilar, they are the same thing. Only difference is in the context. When it prevents water splashing it’s a splash guard and when it’s a shield against mud, it’s a mud flap.

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