Best Hitch Mounted Winches To Buy in 2022

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Last Updated on July 1, 2022

Other than its pulling capacity, there are plenty of other things you should consider in a hitch-mounted winch. Lucky for you, we have conducted thorough research to guide you.

Here you will find multi-dimensional comparisons and information that will help you make the right choice easily.

We also reveal our top selection of the winch at the end of the article. To find out which one is the best hitch mounted winch that passed all the tests, keep reading!

5 Best Hitch-Mounted Winches

1. Smittybilt 9500 lb 97495 XRC GEN2 Winch


  • The product comes as a two-in-one kit consisting of a winch and a winch cradle
  • The winch is capable of bearing great weight, up to 9500 pounds
  • Steel-made rope for pulling is both long and durable
  • It has a highly efficient 6.6 Horsepower motor as the source of power 
  • A 3-stage planetary gear system for maintaining the motion of the device
  • IP67 waterproof rating ensures complete resistance from the water
  • No need to buy external accessories since the kit comes with all the necessary tools
  • The installation process is easy due to the presence of all the required instruments
  • Possesses a versatile winch cradle that can work with a variety of winches and hitch receivers
  • For protection, the winch cradle is coated with black powder


  • There is no wireless remote control


While there are many hitch-mounted winches on the market, there are a few kits. The Generation 2 97495 XRC from Smittybilt, however, is the perfect winch that stands out.

With all winches, the quality of the rope and its fairlead has to be top-notch for pulling purposes. 

This winch comes with a four-way guide roller that protects the rope. From the motor power to the gear system, no expense has been left in maintaining the quality of the device.

It comes with a very competent winch cradle as well. The cradle offers many mounting choices for installation both in the front and back. 

It is compatible with many winches (till 12k) and all 2-inch hitch receivers. Additionally, it comes with a mounting plate for the guide roller.

What’s more? The winch comes in many versions depending on its load capacity. The range starting from 9500 pounds to 17,500 pounds is impressive. To top it off, Smittybilt also offers a splendid warranty.

2. ORCISH 12V 13000-lb Load Capacity Winch


  • Compatible with different types of vehicles, including cars, jeeps, trucks, boats, etc.
  • 3-stage planetary gearbox ensures acceptance of high-level output
  • It comes with a synthetic rope of befitting length
  • All-rounded security system with heavy sealing of parts  
  • The clutch and brake system implemented in the design ensure proper control
  • Possesses the remarkable ability to winch
  • Every part of the winch resists not only water but also sand
  • A superior installation system makes the process super easy
  • Both wired and wireless remote controllers are included
  • Orcish is known for providing excellent customer service


  • The pulling cable is of average quality
  • Users have observed inconsistency in the performance of the internal parts


Surely, our recommendation has many unique features. But what makes it stand out the most is its appearance. Designed in elegant black and orange colors and polished steel, its appearance serves as one of its main selling points.

This Orcish winch bears a monstrous winching capacity of 13,000 pounds. The gearbox and powerful motor make sure the power reserve is in sync to assist in its functions. 

It also comes with a long synthetic rope which is much more durable and efficient in pulling compared to a steel rope.

Other than some of the cons we have already mentioned, this item has a few downsides. 

Many users have complained that the cable length of the wired remote control is too small. Besides, the batteries used in the wireless remote are substandard as well.

Every product has some issue. But considering how much this winch is offering, the demerits are minor. Moreover, you can always rely on the excellent service provided by experts at Orcish!

3. Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch Gen II


  • Practical design and construction
  • Has a great combination of weight capacity (8,500 pound hauling winch) and motor efficiency (4.5 HP)
  • The included rope is sturdy, long, and well-equipped 
  • It consists of a 3-phase planetary gearbox that makes little to no noise
  • Safety measures are pretty reliable. There is an automatic load-holding brake to prevent unwanted free spooling
  • The fairlead of the pulling cable is plated using powder for protection
  • Many essential parts of the winch are sealed to protect them from damage
  • The rubber-made manual remote controller is quite long (around 15 inches)
  • Users can switch from the motor to hand mode easily using the lever-action free spooling clutch


  • The winch is not water-resistant
  • Quite expensive compared to its competitors


For some products, the price and benefits maintain a perfect equilibrium. The Superwinch 1585202 is such a product. For what it is worth, you will not regret paying the price.

First of all, the build of this winch is excellent since only the finest materials have been used. 

There are various safety features adopted in the winch which not only protect the device from external damage but also prevent the user from causing unwanted errors. Some of the noteworthy features are powder coating, automatic load-holding, etc.

Although the basic construction of the winch is superior, it is a bit behind in the accessory section. 

However, the steel cable comes with two very useful additions. The first is a sturdy latch hook, and the other is a thimble that protects the user from accidents.

This winch from Superwinch is definitely expensive. But at the end of the day, it is a good bargain. The quality of the product completely justifies the price tag.

4. Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC Winch 


  • It is a well-rounded kit that includes almost all the necessary winching equipment
  • Since it is not exactly a heavy-duty device, it is excellent for light-handed jobs
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • For its caliber, it has a reasonably competitive pull capacity
  • The guide roller (fairlead) comes with a winch mounting plate to ensure its smooth mounting 
  • It uses an electric motor that consists of permanent magnets in its system. The motor is sealed
  • Both dynamic and regenerative braking system is incorporated in the winch
  • Installing and managing this winch is relatively easy and less time-consuming
  • An automatic load-holding brake is introduced to prevent free spooling


  • The wire cable does not perform exceptionally well
  • No winch-mount equipment is provided


Whether you need a heavy-duty winch or an easy-duty one, Superwinch has it all. Unlike the previous suggestion, the 1130220 falls in the latter category. It is one of the best receiver hitch-mounted winches for light tasks.

With its hauling capacity (3,000 pounds) and motor power (1.5 HP), it is suitable for all-terrain vehicles and utility task vehicles. The use of a permanent magnet motor has made the winch dependable despite its low performative figures.

One of the highlights of this winch is the presence of both dynamic and regenerative braking systems. Mechanical braking will allow you to use the device for short interspaces. 

On the other hand, regenerative braking will ensure more efficiency while keeping the winch drum in place.

Mounting equipment is usually included in the winch package. But with this winch, you have to get the equipment added. Besides, the quality of the winch cable is average. We recommend you replace it with a synthetic cable.

The few issues with this winch are easily manageable. So, if you surely need a lightweight receiver hitch-mounted winch, you can consider this one. For more powerful tasks, Superwinch has plenty of other options.

5. WARN 92000 Vehicle Mounted 2000 Series Electric Utility Winch


  • With an unbelievable price tag, it is one of the most affordable hitch-mounted winches in the market
  • It has a remarkably powerful motor of 1.6 HP to run the winch through activities
  • Since it is compact, you can mount it in constricted areas that are not easily accessible using other winches
  • The use of permanent magnets in the DC motor ensures reliable performance
  • Instead of the usual three-stage planetary gear train system, a differential planetary gearbox is used
  • Showcased great results when the time ratio of the active state of the circuit was compared with the inactive state
  • Suitable enough to be used as trailer hitch
  • Decently sized wire cable included accessories like hook and clutch


  • It is not waterproof
  • While functioning, it makes noise


We are finishing off with yet another lightweight winch – the WARN 92000. This is probably the most easy-duty winch out there. So, if you are looking for something specific along this line, check out this one.

If you observe the specifications of this tool, you will notice that it is specially designed for small jobs. 

It has a weight capacity of 2000 pounds, and its motor power is only 1.6 HP. Despite having these low figures, its performance is stabilized by the use of a permanent magnet motor.

Again, to ensure that the produced winch power is distributed effectively throughout the machine, the differential planetary gearbox is added to the winch. Its sizeable wire cable comes with some robust additions.

All in all, this is a highly effective winch that performs well on a small scale. You cannot expect extraordinary performance from it. Its reliability is its strength, and you should only get this if your tasks are light.


After reviewing all five of our finest picks, we have selected the best hitch-mounted winch based on a collection of criteria. Our favorite of all – no surprises here – is the Smittybilt XRC GEN2!

This winch stood out right from the very beginning because of its unique characteristic. To top it off, it is powerful and well-structured. A close second would be the ORCISH 13000-lb, which is a well-structured package.

Let’s learn the method of installing the winch on a hitch.

Hitch Mounted Winch

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