Best Winch for Honda Foreman

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Last Updated on August 26, 2022

The Honda Foreman is the latest lineup of ATVs from the manufacturer honda motor company and, by now, one of the most favorite ATVs for off-road lovers.  

Foreman is a beast on all terrains but still needs a winch to help you pull off the heavy duties. If you are familiar with winches, then you know how important they are, and the market is filled with options.

If you are new to the market, then it’s normal for you to feel clueless. Let me share a bit of knowledge from my research regarding the best winch for Honda Foreman. You can make your decision after you’ve considered what features each of them has to offer.

Best Winch For Honda Foreman

Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35


●     A powerful 1.6 horsepower permanent magnet motor

●     A massive 3500 lb rated pulling power

●     3-step planetary gears, which are wider compared to other winches

●     Solenoid is fully sealed for all-weather use

●     A 4-way roller fairlead

●     A 50-foot steel wire rope

●     Dynamic brake function and mechanical load holding


●     Doesn’t come with a wireless remote

●     Some reviews suggest that the standard steel rope is not the best option to go for

Our first option here is the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35. This winch has earned a good reputation for itself in terms of power steering and performance. It surely delivers the versatility and durability that off-road lovers demand.

The winch has a 1.6 hp motor which gives the 3500 lb rated pulling power,  the motor is also highly efficient and draws very little amp. And the all-steel 3-step planetary gear ensures smooth winching, thanks to the oil pocket bronze bearings.

If you are concerned about the weather, then no need to worry! The components, including the solenoid, are fully sealed. Water, sand, mud — whatever it is, it won’t impact the winch.

If you think about the downsides, then the steel rope issue can be solved pretty easily. When buying, you can go for the synthetic rope option. Research suggests that most users are okay with the handheld remote. The absence of a wireless remote is that much of a big deal, as per the reviews.

Your ATV needs a winch that can haul you out of any tight spot. This one is an ideal option for you if you consider power, strong-built and durable components for your winch. 

The mid-range price tag is also another major reason to be a bit biased towards this one. All of the above-mentioned features make this winch our top pick on this list.

Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit


●     A 1.3 HP DC motor delivering a 3000 lb track record of pulling power

●      Comes with a dynamic braking system and efficient planetary gear

●     Equipped with a 49-foot super duty aircraft cable

●     A handlebar-mounted remote and a roller fairlead

●     Faster and safer winching

●     Package includes a mounting channel too.


●     Winch is not waterproof

●     Comparatively louder than other winches

●     Doesn’t include a wireless remote 

Champion is a reputable company in the Powersports utility market. The manufacturer has been selling millions of units of its product all over the North American states. The Champion 3000 lb winch kit is another amazing product in the lineup.

The winch has a 3000 lb pulling power coming out of its 1.3 horsepower DC motor, which is slightly less than our top pick winch from Superwinch. However, 3000 lb is a safe number too!

It misses out on the option of a wireless remote. But the handlebar-mounted one works just fine. In terms of winching with an ATV, the wireless function is not that much of a big deal, reviews suggest.

One memorable feature of this winch is the galvanized aircraft cable. This 49-foot heavy-duty cable is durable and is less likely to get damaged in abrasive situations. If you are planning to pull some heavy load or get out of the mud, this cable is reliable and will save your day.

The cable works perfectly with the planetary gear system and the roller fairlead. With a 171:1 gear reduction ratio, you will have fast-speed winching even with a full load.

A major downside note is that you cannot use it underwater. The Superwinch has sealed components, so it can winch even when submerged. But the Champion winch can not — a prime reason for deciding on the mid-range price tag, my research suggests.

MotoAlliance VIPER Midnight ATV/UTV Winch


●     Powerful 1.8 hp magnet motor

●     Winch has 4500 lb pulling power

●     Has steel planetary gears and steel hardware

●     50-foot Black synthetic rope

●     Fully sealed components

●     Mechanical and dynamic braking system

●     A comparatively cheaper option


●     Doesn’t come with a wireless option

●     A good number of users have reviewed that the winch broke after a few pulls

Our last pick of this list is a mixture of good hardware on paper but bad reviews from the users. The MotoAlliance Viper Midnight winch is a versatile one compatible with both UTV and ATV.

This is probably one of the most powerful winches on the market today with a 4500 lb pulling power with a 1.8 horsepower motor.

It has a robust build with stainless steel hardware, and all the components are sealed too, which makes the winch waterproof. It comes with a synthetic rope that is strong and durable enough to withstand that 4500 lb pull, as said on paper.

The planetary gears and the dynamic braking system are also a great duo for smooth, efficient, and fast winching; you won’t have to worry about stopping.

On paper, this winch happens to be a great deal. But through my research, I have found that this particular winch didn’t live up to the mark. Multiple cases have been reported where the winch broke, or the rope couldn’t hold on.

The good news is that the number of positive reviews is higher. This winch delivers as promised in most cases and is ideal for any ATV. It’s a combination of power and solid construction. So if you are looking for a winch for your ATV which will perform top-notch, then this can be a dependable one.


The Honda Foreman is one of the best choices for off-road trips and is versatile on all terrains. It delivers power and promises top-tier performance — and so you need the best winch to go with it. In my honest opinion, I would suggest the Superwinch Terra 35 over the other two winches.

I have also mentioned what the other two winches have to offer, but the Superwinch model seems to have an edge or two over them. Based on your requirements, you can look for other options as well. However, why settle with a mediocre option when you can get the best in the game?

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