Best Trailer Hitch for Honda Odyssey  

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Last Updated on June 2, 2022

If you own a Honda Odyssey vehicle, you should look for a trailer hitch that fits perfectly for the model of the car you own.

So, to ease your towing issues, our automotive experts have researched and reviewed different trailer hitches and have shorted the top 5 best trailer hitch for Honda Odyssey. Therefore, through this review, you’ll know all the ins and outs of these hitches and get a clear idea of which one you should pick. 

Top 5 Best Trailer Hitch for Honda Odyssey You Can Pick

Here in this section, our automotive experts have shortlisted the top picks and thoroughly explained the features that make each hitch stand out from the others. 

CURT 13068 Class 3 Trailer Hitch 


  • The versatile designs make it compatible with different vehicles and sizes, and this is what makes this hitch one of the compatible hitch of all
  • Easy to install on a Honda Odyssey car, and you won’t even require that much of advanced tools and gadgets for the entire installation process
  • The coat protects hitch from water, dust, and UV rays, and this is the reason why this hitch doesn’t tend to lose its shine and beauty 
  • This strong hitch can effortlessly lift heavy weight without any tendency to wear and tear, making it one of the most sturdy hitch on the list
  • The hitch is also co-cured with liquid Bonderite to stay perfectly coated and protected from any sort of corrosion or rust.  
  • Its protective layer also saves the hitch from UV rays and rust. Thus, making it an all-weather hitch for your vehicle.


  • The holes may not align well if you choose the wrong model, and this can be an issue during installation

CURT may have other models with different strengths, but the 13068 is specifically customized for the Honda Odyssey. They get along the hitche’s constant strength as it can hold up to 3500 lbs. However, if you need to put more load on it, you can go up to 5000 lbs without any trouble.

The manufacturers have also used robotic welding and expert machines to build the hitch. Even the components used for this hitch are manufactured to provide high-performance and longevity.

This hitch has been co-cured with liquid Bonderite to remain coated and protected in all cases. Its protective layer also saves the hitch from rust and UV rays. Thus, you can use it in any weather without worrying about your vehicle. 

Another noticeable feature about the CURT 13068 is that the model fits quickly on the Honda Odyssey, making the installation easy even for beginners.

Reese Towpower 44174 Class 3 Custom-Fit Hitch 


  • This trailer hitch is also pretty lightweight, so it won’t put too much stress on your vehicle during towing
  • You may install it without the use of any specialized instrument, such as drills or other heavy machinery because the installation method is rather simple.
  • The construction is strong enough to ensure safety, and it’s also pretty sturdy, so you can easily tow your vehicle without much of a hassle
  • It’s also doesn’t require that much-towing stress as the hitch is pretty smooth to operate with, and this is what makes this hitch so convenient to use
  • This trailer hitch can be used to tow different sized vehicles like minivans, cars, trucks, and even sports car
  • An ideal hitch for heavy-duty towing as the entire trailer is powdered with a protective layer, so it can freely be used without any issues


  • The trailer is not suitable for towing boats on the water as no significant protective layer is used to prevent the hitch from rusting

Reese Towpower is another amazing trailer hitch for your Honda Odyssey as it can tow and trail your vehicle, providing a smooth and convenient towing experience. 

The hitch weighs only 44 pounds yet can lift roughly 350 lbs to 3500 lbs, enough to hitch a Honda Odyssey. The raw materials used here are pretty strong, thus, providing a lot of strength.

Besides, not just your Honda Odyssey, you can find it compatible for your minivans, automobiles, trucks, and sports vehicles. 

The robust construction by the manufacturers allows the hitch to be installed in a sophisticated manner for heavy-duty vehicles.

Reese Towpower 44174 can be driven through rough roads without any harm caused to it. This is because it has a powder-protected sealant. 

However, unfortunately, this can’t trail a vehicle on the water as the structure and protectant layer are not waterproof, which may promote early and quick rusting.

The package comes with a 2” square receiver tube opening and a hitch plug cover that makes it easy for users to operate. 

CURT 13703 Camper Adjustable Trailer Hitch 


  • The hitch is suitable for camp towing and trailing as it’s super convenient to operate and doesn’t even require too much work to tow
  • It can easily carry sports bikes and other mid-sized vehicles due to its overall robust and high-performance construction 
  • Resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV, making this hitch more reliable and durable, so you can easily use it for heavy-duty 
  • The overall coating of this hitch makes it an ideal choice as it can easily withstand water without rusting or any such issues
  • Its adjustable feature gives it a wide area and remains flexible, so you can effortlessly use the hitch without worrying about the space


  • Not ideally beginner-friendly as the installation process may be a challenge for those who haven’t installed trailers before

This CURT 13703 Camper Adjustable Hitch is another unique trailer hitch designed to be a perfect towing trailer for camping. The camper-friendly CURT hitch enables you to trail your vehicle through the adventurous roads and enjoy your trip to the full. 

The CURT RV hitch has significance for recreational items, including some toy cars. However, it is a good choice for Honda Odyssey as it has a good weight capacity. The hitch can easily handle 3500 lbs, the standard weight of a Honda Odyssey. 

Design versatility is a characteristic of the brand, and the mentioned model is not different. It allows all types of towing, including flat and trail, towing. However, the difference in design also makes it compatible with several other vehicles.

The advantage of this hitch is that it can tow up to a wide range of frames, nearly 72 inches. Moreover, the adjustable feature allows it to frame a wide area and remain flexible.

This CURT camper hitch is not only UV-resistant but also corrosion resistant due to its firm structure. The product undergoes several tests, and the company ensures good customer service.

Even the bolts that come with the package can sometimes be slightly more prominent for the holes, but the drill can sort out a small problem. It still does take a short time to install the CURT 13703, even if you use a drill.

Draw Tite 75270 Max-Frame 2” Receiver


  • The trailer works well with heavy vehicles like trucks and vans since the hitch trailer is constructed with robust materials  
  • It can lift the considerable weight without any wear and tear; this is what makes this hitch an ideal trailer for heavy-duty towing tasks
  • The entire hitch is designed in a way to provide high-quality safety features, and this is the reason why this trailer is considered among the bests
  • Its strong metal structure and black powder coats make the hitch more durable and a perfect choice for rough roads
  • The round tube ensures the hitch has a wide range without any issues, and that’s why this robust hitch is perfect for Honda Odyssey
  • Its custom design allows it to fit with different types of vehicle models. So even if you don’t have a Honda Odyssey, you can still go for it


  • The fittings may not be appropriate sometimes, and the overall installation process sometimes takes hours to get done

A hitch from the Draw Tite brand is in this list due to its all-rounder performance. The best feature is that the hitch is specially designed for heavy-duty vehicles. Although it’s not for regular lightweight cars, it supports trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Draw Tite 75270 is mainly designed for heavy-duty vehicles and is good at weightlifting. The class 3 and 4 versions can lift from anywhere from 3500 lbs to 5000 lbs, indicating that it can easily take the weight of a Honda Odyssey with some goods.

The round tube max frame ensures that the hitch can tow a wide range without any problem. Therefore, if you’re looking for an intense trailer that can work for your Honda Odyssey for a long time, you can choose it.

Its strong metal structure and black powder coats make it even more durable for it to outstand rough roads. The finish is double-coated (the first is a base coat, and the last is a powder coat). 

Moreover, the attachments set here are robust, making them safe to use. The custom design allows it to fit with different model vehicles and not only the Honda Odyssey. Therefore, you can purchase this hitch if your vehicle model supports that.

The frame receiver of the hitch may have good quality and a firm structure, but it takes several hours to install it. However, if you’re willing to spend a long time in the installation process, the final result will undoubtedly be worth it.

CURT 13370 Class 3 Trailer Hitch 


  • Versatility in designs is one of the best features of this hitch trailer, and this is also one of the reasons why so many users prefer this trailer
  • The protective dual layers are handy, and this prevents any dust, rust, or even UV rays from damaging the hitch in any possible ways
  • Its alignments and attachments help the installation process to be quick and convenient. So, you won’t need to go through much hassle during installation
  • The hitch is suitable for camp towing and trailing as it’s super convenient to operate and doesn’t even require too much work to tow
  • It also doesn’t require that much-towing stress as the hitch is pretty smooth to operate with, and this is what makes this hitch so convenient to use


  • Manufacturers need to clarify the manual more as it can sometimes be a challenge for those who are operating with hitches for the first time

CURT 13370 is indeed an excellent hitch trailer, and the best thing about the hitch is that it’s specially designed for Honda Odyssey. Therefore, you can say this product is, to date, the top trailer hitch for Honda Odyssey. 

This version from CURT is a step ahead as it can tow through any surface type. The hitch is built for a marine drive, regular cars, heavy vehicles, and even snowy surfaces.

Moreover, the hitch is protected against water, rust, dust, and harmful rays due to its double coating. The first coat is a liquid coat for safety, and the second or upper coat is a powdered one. 

The kit is complete for setting up a Honda Odyssey for towing, and the package helps to replace the items in every Honda vehicle. Even the tube is round, and the hitch has a standard-sized 2” receiver, providing the best performance. 

That’s not all, as the hitch only weighs 42 pounds, so the entire installation process is convenient and simplified. 

The holes and alignment pattern in the hitch are flawless, and the bolts in the package are also a perfect fit.

What to Look for Before Buying?

You definitely need to look for things before buying a trailer hitch for Honda Odyssey. Here are the most essential facts you need to consider before purchasing a trailer hitch.

Weight Capacity 

The first thing to check is how much weight the trailer hitch can take. This will give you more security while towing your vehicle and even keep your trailer hitch more durable due to reduced heavy load.

Vehicle Type

You should look at what type of vehicles your chosen hitch can handle. It is better to select one that is compatible with several types as this gives you the liberty to not only tow a specific vehicle type.


The goal of selecting a trailer for towing is to improve the performance. You must consider the performance of the hitch at the top of the priority list. Moreover, an under-performing hitch can also cause damage to your vehicle. 

Overall Finishing 

The coating or finishing can be either liquid or powder. However, both the coatings are good quality if appropriately applied, and most importantly, if the raw materials are suitable.

Hitch Class

The hitch class has a significant effect on the performance; that’s why you have to check it before buying. Remember that classes 3, 4, and 5 are most appropriate for vehicles, but class 3 is the best for Honda Odyssey.

Tube Measurement 

The round tube of the receiver is also an important thing to look for while buying a trailer. 1-2.5 inch receivers are available in the market, but a 2” is the standard size for a Honda Odyssey.


In the end, you need to purchase the hitch for your vehicle that fulfills all your needs and also happens to be compatible. So, from this review, you can now choose any of the best trailer hitch for Honda Odyssey

However, our recommendation would be CURT 13068 Class 3 Trailer Hitch for your vehicle. This model can pull in the maximum amount of weight and ensure safety, robust construction, and powerful performance at the same time. 

Therefore, if you were to look for a hitch that provided maximum strength as well as convenience, this model from CURT is definitely on the top of our list to pick from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hitch Does Honda Odyssey usually use?

Honda Odyssey uses Draw Tite 75270 Max-Frame Receiver as it is one of the most popular at the moment. However, that’s not the only option for you as there are other models that you can give a try.

Can you install a hitch yourself?

Yes, it is possible to install a hitch on your vehicle without professional help. You may need a few tools and a hitch along with the user manual. Moreover, in some cases, you won’t even require any advanced tool (depending on the hitch type) for the installation. 

Is Honda Odyssey good for towing?

Yes, you can use Honda Odyssey for towing. Moreover, it can also be used to haul a boat or even cargo. But you need to keep in mind that every trailer has its threshold to withstand towing stress. 

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