Honda Pioneer vs Yamaha Wolverine

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Last Updated on July 1, 2022

If you talk about one of the most famous vehicles for your outdoor recreational purpose, you should talk about the UTV. There are many upsides of a UTV that made people think about it. 

First, you can take your UTV anywhere you wish. Without it, a UTV can fit two people side-by-side. Moreover, you will find there is a small space for cargo. It has some towing capacity also.

However, in present time, the two most popular UTVs are Yamaha Wolverine and Honda Pioneer. Both of these UTVs have higher capability. You can use it for your personal purposes along with a passenger in your UTV. You will be wanting a UTV for camping, hunting, playing, ranching and so on. Everything is possible with these two UTV models.

 Now which one to pick?

Here, I will be making an overall comparison between the Honda Pioneer and Yamaha Wolverine.

Honda Pioneer vs Yamaha Wolverine

The Honda Pioneer Engine is a Beast

Well, the Honda pioneer model has the engine that was manifested for the Enduro-inspired Africa Twin. Without it, the Honda Pioneer 1000 LE uses the Twin-cylinder Unicam motor that was used in Honda bikes. The engine of this model is also very effective. If you talk about power delivery, then you will find it more than enough.

Besides, the powering mechanism of honda pioneer motor is a bit different. The power of this motor moves using a dual clutch system instead of using the average level automatic CVT. The transmission has three modes for transmission. Each of the modes are different and have the ability to translate power smoothly without facing any problem.

Honda Pioneer

Moreover, you will find the gear is shifting for you if you are in the automatic mode. The gear will shift automatically if you are in the sport mode. Here, you will receive engine revs between shifts. What if your honda pioneer is in manual mode?

Well, you will find something funny here. The braking system of the engine is phenomenal. If you are in manual mode and dropped into the low range, you will find your honda UTV is absolutely a billy goat.

The Wolverine X2 Engine Should Not Be Underestimated

The Yamaha Wolverine is a bit smaller. It comes with an 847CC parallel twin. In spite of the lower displacement, this model has the ability to deliver impressive power. Although there is about a 152CC difference compared to the Honda pioneer engine, you may not find a difference in the performance of a Yamaha Wolverine. It also got a fuel-injected engine like the honda model.

yamaha Wolverine X2

Besides, there is a belt used in Yamaha UTV to protect it from damage due to overuse. This model comes with a belt that holds a warranty of 10 years. You will not have to worry about its durability. According to the experts, the transmission work of a Yamaha is a kind of art.

However, there is still some difference between the pioneer and the wolverine model. Among them, the biggest difference is that you will find your honda pioneer shining when it is in your control and the gears are working. On the other hand, the flawless transmission of Yamaha wolverines will impress you. Even it has the ability to handle its engine braking. 

Which One Should You buy?

To be honest, both of the models are close. Each model is designed with proper off-road suspensions. There is no major difference in the price either. The price of a Honda pioneer is around $20000, whereas the price of a Yamaha Wolverine X2 is about $15000. Obviously, the Yamaha UTV is a bit cheaper compared to the other one.

Whether you choose Honda Pioneer, Yamaha Wolverine or any other UTV model, you must have a winch mounted on your UTV before hitting trails. You can check our reviews of:

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