How Long Do Jeep Liberty Last (Miles Calculated)

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Last Updated on July 3, 2022

It is seen that a lot of people are asking about the durability of jeep liberty in the online forums. This is important so that they can know where they are investing the money. Before investing, It’s important to know about the worst years of Jeep Liberty. That’s why I have decided to talk about this topic.

Obviously, the durability of your jeep is an important fact to pay attention to. Does not matter which version or model of jeep you own, you will always want your jeep to last for a long time. 

In this article, I will be discussing about the durability of your jeep liberty. I will also talk about how you can make your jeep liberty last longer and some common problems that jeep liberty faces.

How Long Do Jeep Liberty Last

How Long Do Jeep Liberty’s Last

Well, the jeep liberty has the ability to last about 10 to 15 years. Obviously, this durability mostly depends on your maintenance. On average, before facing any major problems, you will get 200000 to 400000 mileage.

Does Jeep Liberty’s Last Long?

Yes, Jeep liberty has the ability to last for a long time as they are well designed and reliable. According to the user feedback, the jeep liberty got 4.2 out of 5 in terms of longevity and dependability. This rating is high compared with mid-sized SUV vehicles.

The defect rate of liberty is also low. In addition, this model does not experience any mechanical issues and you can expect a good value if you want to sell it.

How Many Miles can a Jeep Liberty Last

If you do proper maintenance of your jeep, then you can expect about 200 to 400000 mileage. So, your jeep will last approximately 10 years if you drive 12000 miles every year without facing any mechanical problems. The mean lifespan of jeep liberty is about 10 to 15 years.

However, it is found that the jeep liberty can run more than 400000 miles and still run fine. This means you can expect a good amount of mileage if you can maintain the vehicle well. In this case, it is better to go through the maintenance schedule properly and avoid the major repairs.

How To Make a Jeep LIberty Last Longer

1. Regular Servicing

In order to keep your liberty running smoothly, it is recommended to go through regular services such as tire rotation, changing oil and tune-ups. 

2. Inspecting Your Vehicle Regularly

Inspecting your vehicle regularly means checking your jeep for any unexpected signs. You should check your jeep regularly for tearing and wearing signs. It will help your liberty to avoid major problems in the future.

3. Interval Regular Oil Changing

According to experts, you should change your jeep liberty’s oil and filter every 1 year or 7.500 miles. 

4. Using The Recommended Engine Oil

Using the proper oil for your jeep liberty is an important thing. You need to make sure that the oil you are going to use for your jeep liberty holds the correct oil grade as per the requirement. Try to avoid cheap oil for quality issues. It will help you to avoid the oil burning issue. 

5. Checking The Belt Regularly

It is very usual that the belt will become prone to tear over time. Here also you can check the belt by yourself. In fact, it should be a piece of cake for you. You just need to give your belt a quick check if there are any wear or cracks marks. You may need to replace the pulley and tensioner as well.

6. Check The Fluid Levels On A Regular Basis

Checking the fluid level on a regular basis is an important thing. It will keep your jeep safe from the upcoming major problems. Checking fluids mean checking both transmission, brake oil and transfer case fluid. You don’t need to take help from an expert for this. You can do this by yourself.

7. Warm Up The Engine In Cold Weather

In case you reside in a cold area, it is recommended to warm up your jeep liberty engine before going on a ride. In the same way, you should get your liberty cool before you get out of it after a long ride. It will help your vehicle’s engine to last longer.

Common Jeep Liberty Problems

Your jeep liberty may face some problems while running. These are:

1. Oil Burning Issue

Well, this is one of the most common problems. Burning oil problem is caused by leakage of oil. I hope you have understood that your liberty may need a fresh oil gasket or valve cover gasket or both of them. You may think these parts are cheap but you will have to pay a lot if you leave this damage unchecked.

2. Serpentine Belt Failure

Belt failure is also a common issue. If you own an old model jeep liberty, then belt failure is supposed to happen more often. Because the serpentine belt on those models was not made to support for a long time. Fixing this belt failure issue is easy though.

3. Leakage on A/C Condenser

Leakage on the air conditioner condenser is another common problem that a jeep liberty owner faces. This condenser is a metal box-like radiator underneath the hood. So, if you see any wet stains underneath your jeep engine, then it can be the reason for leaking your condenser.

4. Valve Springs

Well, opening and closing the valve can be the reason for valve springs. You will find these types of springs on the top part of your valves. Failing may occur due to bad engine tune-up or mechanical issues. The good thing is that they are also easy to fix.

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