How Much Does It Cost To Regear a Jeep

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Last Updated on July 1, 2022

Jeeps have long been lauded for their reliability, capability to cope with traffic, and unique appearance.

Jeep owners love to customize their vehicles. Many would gladly pay the money to make their vehicles look unique, but the cost of maintaining the vehicle is high. Every change requires high-precision work.

The fact that these vehicles are highly customizable has only added to their appeal. Rewearing is one of such upgrade options, and when you’re fully prepared to re-gear the Jeep, there are some aspects to think about in terms of pricing.

Cost To Regear a Jeep

What is the process of re-gearing a Jeep?

Regearing is an excellent option if you’re unhappy with your Jeep’s effectiveness or need to get as much out of the gears, even if you’re speeding down the freeway and perhaps even roughing that in the woods. 

If you want to place much different size tires on the vehicle, you might have to regear. This will assist them in rotating properly.

Modifying your gear ratio could help you accelerate faster, decrease engine revs at the set speed, decrease engine wear while ascending cliffs or off-roading, and boost maximum speed, among other things. 

Because gears alter the torque and speed balancing act, shifting the gears could accomplish any of these goals.

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How Much Does Re-gearing Your Jeep Cost?

It can cost anything between $1,500 to $3,000 based on the Jeep, whatever you want to be completed, and where you might get it accomplished. This price point usually includes parts and labor performed by an expert.

Knowing how much regearing your Jeep will cost is crucial because it will help you decide whether or not you want it done.

A total restructuring at a high-end shop with a number of the new carriers and other parts might result in a quotation of more of around $2,000. 

When you’re looking to regear and therefore can locate a reasonably priced store, the entire operation may be completed now for about $1,600 or even less.

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What Are Some of the Advantages of Regearing Jeep?

Jeep drivers can save money on gas by regearing their vehicles. This is particularly true if you frequently drive on highways with relatively small or semi tires. 

When Jeeps are regeared for a more extensive set-up, this means allowing people to drive at high speed for more extended periods while using less fuel. While changing tires, this is also a wise option to re-gear the Jeep. 

When you choose to set up bigger tires, you also may find that certain things are no longer working properties. The latest tires’ additional weight and radius may prove problematic with rotary mass and trying to roll resistance.

Would It Cost Less If I Regear Jeep Myself?

Because of vehicle maintenance issues and repair works that can be costly, several Jeep owners wanted to know whether they could regear their jeep on their own or not. 

This same thing regarding the Jeep body inspection and replacements is each store will have its own set of prices, which can differ based on area.

When having to ask regarding regearing their Jeep, a few Jeep owners have been cost-effective means which could cross their budget of even $2,000.

Even if it means traveling across the country to get the job done, we would still advise you to keep looking for other, more specialized mechanics and see what prices individuals cost.

The high price is legitimate; however, even though regearing a Jeep is a detailed task that should also be left to the experts unless you already have a great deal of expertise switching gears.

How Long Would It Take To Re-gear A Jeep?

You should always ask the mechanic much time would it takes for them to regear your Jeep before scheduling an appointment, as it may take up to 2-3 days to complete the work.

The Summary

In Conclusion, while regearing a Jeep could be a smart option for certain people, this might not be required for the others. The price fluctuates depending on what you would like your Jeep to be doing. 

Simple adjustments to the gears will make a big difference to the performance of your Jeep. If you let a professional help you decide how much you want from your Jeep, you will be satisfied with the purchase.

Many Jeep owners appreciate modifying their vehicles to suit their purposes, and this is just one other method for them all to personalize their vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jeep Regearing a Difficult Task?

It isn’t unattainable, but many people take some time to know and understand how to go about it, but just don’t expect to be allowed to regear both axles in a moment if you decide to go through it. 

It’ll take a little time to start figuring out because there really is a lot of trial-and-error remains to be undertaken to get it right.

How much would it cost to regear Jeep JK Wrangler?

Overall, replacing the entire drive system on a JK Wrangler would cost between $700 and $1200 like most shops, but if you want something that will last and stick with the manufacturer, it could cost up to $2000 based on shop prices.

Is it necessary for me to re-gear my Jeep?

Regearing your Jeep is an important part of changing the size of your tires because inadequate gearing could indeed cause more pressure on the axle.

The drivetrain and gearing have been most likely to include a balancing act of speed and torque when you drove off a great deal in your new Jeep.

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