How Much Does UHaul Charge To Install A Hitch?

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Last Updated on September 30, 2022

As you have made up your mind to mount the hitch by an expert service provider called U-Haul, it’s essential to look into the cost beforehand just to be sure.

So, exactly how much does UHaul charge to install a hitch? It depends! In most cases, it will charge under 300 – 1,300 dollars on average.

Depending on the car model, location, parts cost, wiring, installation cost, and tax, the total charge can be different.

To know the exact amount based on your car model, keep on reading this guide till the end to find that out…

Exactly How Much Does UHaul Charge To Install A Hitch!

The hitch part at U-Haul will cost differently to mount depending on the car model. Without wasting your precious time, let’s get into the U-Haul hitch installation cost based on car type. 


Even if Ford is a famous brand and one of the most-used trucks, it will charge less to install a hitch at U-Haul. Here’s what we mean:

List Of CostAmount
U-Haul Hitch$170 – $250
Ball Mount$24
Hitch Ball$13 – $30
Pin & Clip$4
Installation Charge$42.50 – $70
Tax$25 – $27
Total Charge$247.50 – $405


The installation cost of a hitch at U-Haul on Chevrolet (one of the prestigious car brands) is up or down based on year and model. To understand the approximate amount, see beneath:

List Of CostAmount
U-Haul Hitch$200 – $320
Ball Mount$22
Hitch Ball$13
Pin & Clip$4
Installation Charge$111 – $180
Tax$27 – $30
Total Charge$420 – $612


Being one of the most capable and reliable trucks, it won’t cost more to add a hitch via U-Haul. Take a look at the given table:

List Of CostAmount
U-Haul Hitch$90 – $150
Ball Mount$22 – $50
Hitch Ball$13 – $30
Pin & Clip$4
Installation Charge$220 – $250
Total Charge$462 – $597


Thanks to the awesome build quality of Toyota, it is a popular car brand. To install a new hitch on it at U-Haul, the charge will be more.  

List Of CostAmount
U-Haul Hitch$165 – $270
Ball Mount$22 – $45
Hitch Ball$13 – $30
Pin & Clip$4
Wiring$26 – $90
Installation Charge$180 – $200
Total Charge$440.40 – $665.40
Note: U-Haul is open for installing the hitch 7 am – 7 pm on Monday to Thursday, 7 am – 8 pm on Friday, 7 am – 7 pm on Saturday, and 9 am – 5 pm on Sunday.


If talking about safety, handling and performance, no one can beat the Subaru trucks. And this will cost more than most. Let’s see how much it costs to insert a brand-new hitch from U-Haul.  

List Of CostAmount
U-Haul Hitch$200 – $475
Ball Mount$22
Hitch Ball$45 – $206
Pin & Clip$4
Wiring$33 – $170
Installation Charge$276 – $290
Tax$55 – $60
Total Charge$635 – $1,227

What Are Essential Things To Know Before Installation?

Once you agree on the parts, installation, and tax charges, there are some things you want to ensure as well. In Particular, it’s 3 things to keep in mind and decide these based on your mind.

  1. Understanding each component to avoid confusion
  2. Schedule the time and day
  3.  Consult for advice from an expert

By knowing all the required parts like a hitch, ball mount, hitch ball, pin, clip, and so on, you can prepare for the cost of these. They will cost differently based on truck specification so don’t get confused over it.

The next thing is selecting the time and day. It’s something that you have to analyze based on your daily lifestyle. You’ll mostly get 2 options, to be present during the installation or leave the truck at a specific time. Based on your facility, you have to think of one and confirm.

Lastly, no matter how much you study about this topic, it’s better to get realistic ideas and tips from a skillful person. So, be sure to consult with an expert who has good ideas about this topic.

In case you can’t find an expert, try asking someone who has installed a hitch from U-Haul to know the approximate cost of your truck.


Finally, you now know how much does UHaul charge to install a hitch. Keep in mind the cost range mentioned above can vary, it can be more or less based on the service type.

We hope this guide is able to serve the information that you need and help to understand the cost range to mount a new hitch from U-Haul.

Good Luck On Your Choice!

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