How To Double Winch Pulling Power

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Last Updated on June 24, 2022

A winch is one of the most powerful tools that a lot of users own who have to pull a bulky truck from place to place. Using the right gears and rigging techniques will support the winch to perform great by increasing power up to 2 or 3 times. But, how to double your winch pulling power?

If your head is filled with this kind of question, then hold on and because we did some research and fortunately, we’ve managed to find the answer! Before that, be sure to get a winch that has strong pulling power.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing all the factors that help to boost the winch pulling power using easy methods and steps. Let’s Just Get into That!

How To Double Winch Pulling Power

How To Double Your Winch Pulling Power – Step by step

Maximizing the winch pulling power is not rocket science. You only need to know the easy tricks that would work drastically to boost its tug power. Let’s have a quick glimpse of it:

Step-1: Setup the Cable & Spool

Start by adjusting the cable and anchor point by attaching the spool and drum to fit tightly. Use a shackle to set up these on the tree rightly. 

One thing you want to check is whether the winch line is fitted straight or not. If no, then be sure to make it level otherwise it will not help to double the pulling power. 

Step-2: Attach Pulley Block

Next, use the pulley block on the cable if it is a double winch line. And if you are going to use other winch lines (single or triple), then don’t go for it. 

Step-3: Use Different Techniques Based on Conditions

You have to use separate tactics to increase the winch pulling power up to 2x times. In case of a car stuck issue, it’s better to position your truck in N (neutral) and block the wheels while setting the IN position to retract the car. 

And other conditions such as being stuck in a hilly or muddy place with your truck might need a snatch block to pull that out properly. 

How To Double the Power of a Winch?

As there are a few methods out there that work to increase the winch pulling strength, but the straight-line rigging trick seems to help get the highest power even from a huge distance.

Just be sure your winch and cable are as close to the anchor point in a straight line. For your information, the geometry line of the cable does affect decreasing the pulling power of the winch.

Based on your truck’s conditions, you can use the straight-line rigging technique to double your winch. Yet, you need to make the cable or wire rope in a straight way even if you can’t find the anchor point.

In need, try out the snatch block to make the best use of it. Plus, you need to put the cable at a 90-degree angle in order to make a straight line. By doing that, you’ll notice 2x times more pulling power of the winch.  

How to Get More Pulling Power From A Winch Using EasyTricks

Using the winch rigging techniques, you are able to get impressive pulling power. Though you would get 3x times more power with the snatch block, the methods will help to double the power of the winch.


  • Wear a safe and heavy-duty pair of gloves to avoid rope burn due to higher retract.
  • Get a hook strap to tug the line in the right way without cutting your fingers.
  • Always attach the winch to the truck using a chain or alternative strap.
  • Check the battery before putting in the big load. Be sure that it has at least 650 CCA capacity. 

Single Line Rigging Method

One of the easiest and most popular among any other rigging method is the single line that works fine to pull the car from a certain spot. Grab the anchor point, D-shackle, and a strap or protector. And, start doing the given steps:

  • Pick an anchor point and line it using a cable to the truck.
  • Make the cable line as straight as possible.
  • After that, put another side of the cable on the tree or rock. 
  • When all things are perfectly fitted, then pull your truck gently until it gets near the ground. 

Double Line Rigging Method

According to most experts, layers of cable or rope will decrease winch pulling power. Due to that reason, a few people find the winch double line pull good only when using with a snatch block. Once you have all stuff in your hand, go ahead and follow the given process:

  • Adjust the cable into the hook and snatch block.
  • Attach the snatch block with a truck protector or tree.
  • Next, insert the cable inside the snatch block and adjust it to the tow hook of your truck.
  • Avoid tightening the connection. 
  • Pull out your truck slowly and cautiously.

Triple Line Rigging Method

Quite similar to double line pull, the triple line technique just needs a 90° angle gap between the winch and cable to the anchor point. All you need to do is protect the cable rightly and check whether any connections need fitting or not. 

  • Firstly, fit the snatch block to the anchor point. 
  • Attach the cable to the snatch block rightly and then place it back to the truck’s frame with a pin shackle. The closer the screw pin shackle, the better pulling power. 
  • Again, attach the cable to the anchor point but in another side. 
  • Then, place a choker chain on the trees to protect the winch cable to the anchor point (the second one).
  • Take a clean cloth and wipe out debris. 
  • Start retracting your truck using the winch.

Simple Science Behind How To Increase Winch Pulling Power

For a very long time, the winch is doing a great job to shift heavy stuff at ease. Doubling its tugging power is all about science. Just try out the squeeze trick where you can pull most power through winch by your truck gas.  

Be sure to use rock or block under the tires and start bringing traction on your truck to increase instant power on the winch. 

To have the weight distributed across the two lines, having a snatch block really helps. You simply use it for hooking the line back to the vehicle. Not just so, you can theoretically achieve triple winch power, by using three snatch blocks. And, you can go further to have more power. However, you must think about the consequences as well with the tricky rigging taking place.

Another trick that works is using multiple snatch blocks that help winch tugging power to double as it has the ability to carry the weight of the truck using the cable and hook. 

Making more lines help your truck’s weight to sit on the winch so that it can pull better. Although it is quite difficult even by an expert, still this trick works if using strength and force. 

Final Words

So, what do you think about the whole thing after reading this guide? Hope you have no questions about how to double your winch pulling power anymore. 

We are at the ending point of this whole writing and hopefully, you’ve discovered the techniques and science that work to increase the tugging power of winch without any problem.

As you know, the capacity of equipment does matter when pulling the car weight. So, be sure the winch, straps, and snatch block have the ability to carry the truck weight in order to avoid accidents.

Keep your working spot and gears clean and avoid taking any doubtful steps that can cause damage. Bye! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much power does a winch need?

It’s actually depending on your vehicle weight capacity. For example, if your truck’s gross weight is below 8000 lbs, then a 12000 lbs capacity winch is enough for recovering your truck.

As the motor has no clue about the cables attached to the truck, so the winch might need good power to move it. 

Will a 2000 lb winch pull a car?

Yes, it’s possible. You just need strong straps or cables along with a snatch block to pull the car real quick. Besides, it is able to pull a truck that is weighted over 10,000 lbs at ease. 

How strong should a winch be?

Based on your truck weight, the winch should have a strong capacity to be able to pull that. If it can tug 1.5x more than your car’s gross load, then this would be enough. For your information, it is the minimum rating that works when it comes to pulling a truck.

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