How to Get a Winch to Spool Evenly

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Last Updated on June 24, 2022

Winches are always helpful. You can use it for different purposes. For instance, for your vehicle recovery purposes. If you get your vehicle stuck in any tough terrains, you can use the winch to pull your vehicle. Apart from that, a lot of people use the winch for lifting or hauling tasks. With the help of a winch, you will be able to lift heavy-weight objects without having any trouble. In all cases, the winches will make your life more comfortable.

However, in order to make the best use of your winch, you need to know how to use the winch first. Basically, the winch pulls or lifts your objects with the help of its rope. The ropes are remain attached to its drum and you need to spool the rope. That means you need to know how to spool a winch evenly. Don’t know how to spool a winch evenly? Then, go through my guide.

In this guide, I will provide the detailed steps following which you can spool your winch evenly. So, let’s move into the core section without making any delay.

How to Get a Winch to Spool Evenly

How to Get a Winch to Spool Evenly

1. Spooling out the winch rope

Your first and foremost step towards the whole process is spooling out the whole winch rope. You also can spool the rope from where it gets uneven on your winch drum though. It is better to spool out the entire rope. You are supposed to be familiar with the spooling out if you know how to use a winch. However, if you don’t know how to use a winch, then don’t worry. I am here. I will be in detail.

At first, you need to disengage your winch clutch lever. You will find a little clutch on the winch drum side that allows the free spooling mode. If your winch is already in the free spooling mode, then it is ready for rotating in any direction. You will be able to pull the whole rope without facing any problem.

While going through the pulling line process, it is recommended not to pile it in front of your winch. You have to pull away from it from your winch for avoiding entanglements while the spooling process.

2. Activating the winch

In this step, you need to turn on the winch. In order to do that, you need to plug your winch remote controller and then engaging the clutch lever for locking the drum of your winch. By doing so, you are ready for pulling the rope back into your winch.

3. Pulling back the rope slowly on your winch drum

You are in the final step. In this step, it is recommended to ask someone for assistance. Because it is a bit tough to manage your winch rope and ensure spooling at the same time. If you mess in this process, then there is a possibility of spooling wrongly and creating any accident if your winch rope is heavy. Your winch will start rotating automatically after turning on your remote control.

Safety precautions

Safety precautions

Before getting started with using your winch, you need to follow a few winching safety precautions. I know the spooling process is easy but still, you can not take any risk. So, it is recommended to follow the precautions ahead.


You should always concentrate on your work while using your winch. Concentration is always an important thing to pay heed to. Improper spooling can result in uneven spooling.

Wearing Hand Gloves

The most important precaution you should follow is wearing a pair of protective hand gloves. You should never try to deal with your winch without using gloves. There is a good possibility of being injured, especially if the winch rope is made of steel.

Apart from saving your hands, the hand gloves will provide you with a better grip while handling your winch rope. So, it is highly recommended to spend a bit on purchasing a pair of thick hand gloves.

Winch Rope

Among all the winch parts, the winch rope is the most damage-prone one. Because the winch rope receives a good amount of exposure from outside. That’s why proper maintenance is always required for your winch rope. Otherwise, the durability of your winch rope is gel reduced.

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