How To Get Better Gas Mileage in a Jeep

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Last Updated on July 20, 2022

Who does not want to have better gas mileage in his jeep? Everyone wants to and I guess you are also included in this group. There is nothing to be surprised about. The more mileage you will have, the more money you will be able to save.

Now, the question is how to get better gas mileage in a Jeep? Well, that’s why I am here.

In this guide, I will be talking about the ways by which you can get better gas mileage in your Jeep. So, let’s get started without making any delay.

Jeep Gas Mileage Improvement

Jeep Gas Mileage Improvement

Step 1

In the very first step, you need to get a 4-cylinder jeep engine and a transmission that is manual. You might be thinking about bringing a six-cylinder jeep and automatic transmission. But there are no benefits as this combination is known for being fuel-efficient in terms of fuel efficiency. 

Without it, you can consider a clutch over a torque for getting improved fuel efficiency. If you have a jeep that is run by diesel, then it is supposed to be more fuel-friendly.

Step 2

Reducing your jeep drag also can be an option. Usually, the soft top provides higher drag. So, you can opt for the hardtop for higher gas mileage. Besides, you have to take off the racks and other ornaments from your jeep for improved mileage.

Step 3

You have another option that is decreasing the time you use your four-wheel-drive gear. This exercise is called a gas guzzler. The four-wheel will be plenty of fun though.

Step 4

Another option is to tune up the jeep. Here, you can inflate your jeep tires, replace the air filter and oil filter, change the oil, get new sparking plugs and wires for it and lastly add the transmission fluid. However, in case you find all of the above-mentioned components are working fine, you can expect an improved gas mileage from your jeep.

Step 5

Well, there is a simple trick that you can follow as well. Maintaining a constant driving speed when you drive your jeep on the highway will also work. According to the experts, you will get the best gas mileage if you drive your jeep following the 55-65 mph speed. You need to reduce the idling times. You can do so by turning your jeep engine off while idling for more than one minute. 

Moreover, it is highly recommended to carry lower weight in your jeep. The jeep usually holds small cabs and that is why you will not have to take off much load. Also, the jeep has better capabilities of towing which can be the reason for less fuel economy. 

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