How To Install A Badland Winch

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Last Updated on July 1, 2022

If you are a serious off-roader and love to go off-road very often, then you are supposed to face a few harsh situations. Getting your vehicle stuck is one of them. 

It can happen that your vehicle got stuck on rough terrains such as snowy, muddy or rocky conditions. That time, a winch can help you the most. So, it is always recommended to install a winch on your vehicle. If you don’t have a winch, then you can consider buying a badland winch.

Badland is a renowned brand in the market. Basically, it is used by Harbour Freight Tools. Winches from badland are famous for their increased durability and easy maintenance. They are less expensive too. Although the tools of a badland winch are built in California, the winch is manufactured in China.

However, a lot of people face difficulties while installing a winch, especially a badland winch. That’s why I am here.

At this point, I will be guiding you about installing your badland winch. So, let’s dive into the core section.

How To Install Badland Winch

How To Install A Badland Winch

The installation process can be divided into two parts. One is mounting your winch and another one is building an electrical wiring connection.

Mounting the Badland winch

Mounting the Badland winch

Step-1: Check the mounting plate

First, you should check the capability of your winch mounting plate. Your winch mounting plate should have the ability to support your winch. If the plate is unable to support your winch, then you have to think about its replacement.

Step-2: Align your winch perpendicular

Now, you have to align your winch perpendicular to your vehicle centerline at your desired location. Then, you need to identify the position of your winch base holes.

Step-3: Drilling process

After that, you need to drill in your marked positions. Before that, give a quick check that there are no structural or electrical components in your way. It can damage your winch components. Once you are done with the checking process, you can drill holes to your marked positions.

Step-4: Install your winch

Now, it’s time to place your winch. Here, you just need to install your winch simply and make it tighten using nuts and bolts.

Badland Winch Electrical Wiring

Badland Winch Electrical Wiring


First, you should connect the positive wire with your winch positive post. Usually, the positive wire is the red-colored one. Thus, you can identify easily.


Then, do the same process for negative wire. You have to connect the negative wire with your winch ground post. The negative wire is usually either black or brown.


After connecting both positive and negative wires with the positive post and ground of your winch, you should move both of them from the front of your winch engine. Pay attention that the wire is out of any heat source. It can damage your winch wire.


Now, you need to connect your winch positive wire with the positive post of your winch battery. You may find an in-line fuse as most of the winches come with it in the present time.


Finally, you need to connect your winch negative wire with the negative ground on your battery. That’s it. You are done.

Benefits of Using Badland Winches

Having a badland winch allows you to have many benefits. They are:

Easy Setup

The process of installing a badland winch is pretty straightforward. You can install the winch by yourself. The process is very easy and will take less time.

Variety of Winches

Depending on your needs, the badland winch comes with a variety. You will find both from light-duty to heavy-duty winch. Each type of winch has its own price range.

Easy Maintenance and Warranty

You will never have to worry about the maintenance of this winch. Because the maintenance process of this badland winch is quite simple. Moreover, it comes with a warranty. So, in case of any problems you face, you don’t need to buy a new one.

Safety Precautions

Before getting started with the installation process, you should pay attention to the safety precautions first. Otherwise, a simple mistake can make a dangerous injury and you have to pay a lot. 

Wear Gloves

As you will be dealing with metal and wires, you need to have strong protection on your hand. You should put on a pair of safety hand gloves.

Clear Your Working Area

You need to clear your working area too. If there is an object, it will work as an obstacle to your work. Pay attention to this issue.

Maintain Proper Dress Code

While going through the installation process, you have to follow the proper dress code. You should avoid loose clothing. Because the loose clothes can get caught in the moving parts of your winch. It can be the reason for a fatal accident.

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