How to Install Hitch on Mazda CX 5

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Last Updated on July 31, 2022

The process of attaching a hitch to your Mazda CX 5 is not difficult; you will, however, need some basic tools and some time. Here we will demonstrate how to install a hitch on your Mazda CX 5 step by step.

The hitch is an amazingly useful device, which makes it possible to transport various things from one place to another. If you’re going on camping and want to bring your bike, you can transfer it through bike racks by mounting it to the hitch. You can also transport luggage by attaching a cargo box to your hitch. You can also tow a trailer.

How to Install Hitch on Mazda CX 5A

Mazda CX 5 Trailer Hitch Installation Steps

1. Select Hitch 

You must first purchase a hitch before you can install it. You can buy it from any nearby dealership or any online platform. The most popular brand of hitch for your Mazda CX 5 is the CURT trailer hitch and Draw-Tite trailer hitch. 

You have the option of buying any brand you want. Analyze and compare the reviews of these hitches before deciding which one is best for you. Generally, Class II or Class III trailer hitch will fit your Mazda CX-5.

A hitch comes with a heavy-duty hitch, instruction book and some bolts with washers.

2. Read  the instruction book 

In the packaging box, you will find an instruction book detailing the hitch installation process. Read the book thoroughly to get an idea of installing the hitch.

3. Collecting tools 

You will require some tools to install the hitch. Before beginning the installation, gather all of the necessary tools. You won’t have to rush to get the tools while installing the hitch if you collect them.  Below is the list of tools that you will need.

  • Safety glasses 
  • Strap 
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Torque Wrench
  • 8” Extension
  • Masking tape
  • Ratchet 
  • Exhaust removal pliers

4. Lift your Mazda CX 5

Lift your vehicle to install the hitch.

5. Remove the underbody plastic panel 

There is a  plastic panel beneath the rear bumper. It is supported by two push pins. You have to remove those by using a flathead screwdriver. Using the screwdriver, pry the push pins head. Now pull the push pins and they will come out. Now grab the plastic panel and pull it with your hand. This plastic panel is not going to be reinstalled.

6. Lower the exhaust 

You need to lower the exhaust to get some room for work. Four rubber hangers are holding the exhaust. Two on the passenger side and two on the driver’s side. You have to remove those hangers to lower the exhaust. You must support your exhaust before removing those to prevent it from falling.

Take a strap and loop it over the center crossbar to support. Spray all the hangers with soapy water to make it easier to remove them. Use an exhaust removal plier to remove the exhaust from the hangers. You can now remove the strap and lower the exhaust.

7. Remove the electrical wire 

On both the driver and passenger sides, there is a small electrical wire connected to the frame rails with a plastic plug. Remove the connector by pinching it out of the way with a screwdriver.

8. Remove the tape

There are small taps on the side of your frame rail covering the attachment points. Remove the tape with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the sealer from both sides.

9. Install the hardware

Through the appropriate attachment points, fish wire the carriage bolts and blockers.  Take the coiled end of the fish wire and thread it through the small hole, then pull it out of the larger hole.

Put a carriage block over the equal wire. Then roll the carriage bolt around the wire. Now push the carriage block and bolt into the frame hole first and pull the wire through the attachment point. For now, Leave the fish wire attached. Repeat this procedure on the opposite attachment point.

10. Attach flat washer to the hitch

Grab the hitch and place flat washers in each of the four holes. The washer should be placed on the inside of the side plate. Using the masking tape, secure the flat washer. Then wrap the tape around the hitch hole. After tapping, cut the tape in the middle to allow the bolt to pass through.

11. Place the hitch into position

Raise the hitch over the exhaust. The hitch is heavy. You will need the assistance of another person to lift it. Place it into the position. Both sides of the fish wires must be routed through the hitch’s attachment point. Remove the fish wire once the hitch has been aligned with the position. Install the nuts and washers that came with the bolts.

12. Tighten and torque the hardware

Tighten and torque all hardware to the exact amount defined by the hitch’s instruction book using a ratchet and a torque wrench. 

13. Raise the exhaust

Take the wiring and secure it around the hitch with zip ties. Now raise the exhaust back into position. Lift the exhaust and push it back to the hangers. Remove the strap once the exhaust is self-supporting.

Final thought 

By following the steps above, you can install a hitch on your Mazda CX 5. The expert will install the hitch in about 20 minutes, while the novice will take 40 minutes. A hitch is difficult for one person to lift. So you can get a hitch jack to raise it.

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