How to Install Hitch on SUV

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Last Updated on July 6, 2022

There’s no doubt in the fact that having a proper trailer hitch installed on an SUV will prove to be a fabulous investment in the long run. This goes especially for folks who are simply adorers of outdoor activities. And it can range from camping to even boating.

Once you have the mechanism of attaching a trailer, carrying recreational gear, or even moving dumps of leaves will be much simpler than what it is now.

Now if you don’t know how to install a hitch on SUV, then that’s where we need to start from. And of course, today we plan to do that.

how to install hitch on suv

So, Here’s How to Install a Hitch On a SUV

Before actually starting the installation, make sure the SUV is parked in a clear area. You also want to have all the necessary tools beforehand. 

Going through the instructions provided by the manufacturer as well. So that you know if there’s any specific thing you must be careful about.

  • Having the parking brake set is the first thing to do. The wheels need to be blocked as well.
  • Next, you want to jack up the SUV. This is for acquiring a good amount of clearance for you to work without any obstacles while installing the hitch.
  • According to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, complete the assembling of the whole hitch. You should however avoid bolt tightening. Only if it’s necessary and instructed by the makers.
  • One thing you want to check to install a hitch on an SUV is whether there are pre-drilled holes on it or not. In case there’s no such thing, you need to create a few on the frame of the vehicle. Hold the hitch as a template to create the holes.
  • Now you need a few C-clamps. This is for connecting the hitch to the vehicle frame. It makes the whole bolting super easy. Tighten the bolts on the hitch correctly.
  • For the turn signals and brake lights, you need to establish all necessary electrical connections. Don’t forget to check if those are working just right before moving.

Before Towing, Mind These Pointers

Getting the SUV hitch installation right is crucial, no doubt about that. However, a few other things also need your attention before you use the setup that you just installed.

  • First of all, give a little check to all the tires of the SUV. Having any sort of cracks, wear, or defects on the components of the hitch needs to be acknowledged as well. You also must clean and grease a few additional items depending on the type of hitch you are using
  • With the trailer part, you want to have a look at the axle bearings. Those need to be greased and repacked if necessary.
  • The connections of the coupler, trailer wiring, breakaway cable, and safety chains also need your attention before you start towing.
  • And finally, make sure all the lights of the trailer and your tow vehicle are working right. With that, you are done ensuring a proper hitch installation on the SUV. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put a hitch on an SUV?

Considering a typical style of hitch, you can expect the service to cost somewhere around 100 to 150 dollars. However, if it’s a complicated style that would require quite a bit of time, then the charge will lift. 

The parts that are necessary for the hitch installation won’t be cheap as well. So, for the overall hitch installation cost, you need to think about spending 25 to 200 dollars.

Can you add a hitch to an SUV?

Yes, you should be able to add a trailer hitch to any vehicle type. There are many old models that come with an installed hitch on them. 

But the best and more specific way to ensure it is checking with an auto mechanic. They would inspect the vehicle frame and tell you if accommodating an attachment is possible.

Can an SUV tow a trailer?

Of course, it can. It’s a very common thing that people do for quite a long time. If you own a full-size SUV, then it can serve as a great all-purpose vehicle that can pull an average size travel trailer without issues. However, this is rather easy when one is considering taking it on the open road. The towing capacity of a full-size SUV is somewhere between 7000-8000 lbs. on average.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! That was how to install a hitch on SUV. What do you think? Will you be able to now install an SUV hitch without any trouble? We hope you are nodding your head in yes. Don’t forget to check the manual to provide instructions before starting anything at all.

You also can talk to a friend who is an expert in towing and trailer matters a bit more than usual people. Ask them specifically about the SUV you use and then your plan to install a hitch for getting the trailer connected. That way a clearer view will be there.

On That Note, We’ll Be Signing Off Today!

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