How to Install Winch on Hitch

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Last Updated on July 19, 2022

Off-roading is fun but it also comes with a few hassles that you need to prepare for. For example, getting stuck in slippery and muddy terrain. 

That’s when the wheel power of your vehicle might not be enough. But a winch would have turned the whole scene better. You can purchase a hitch-mounted winch or simply find a way to mount one with a trailer hitch.

But you don’t know how to install winch on hitch. No worries, we have just the right idea for today’s guide. Keep Reading.

How to Install Winch on Hitch

Here’s Everything on How to Install Winch on Hitch 

Some might be confused if it’s even possible, and if yes, what’s the process going to take as well as the matter of wiring. Let’s sort all of that one by one.

1. Can You Mount a Winch to a Trailer Hitch?

Yes, you can. You will need a receiver hitch-mounted winch mount for this task. And once you get it, installing the winch on your receiver tube will be a piece of cake. 

Be mindful when choosing one confirming the weight matter. For heavy-duty tasks, people even get a 12,000 lb winch receiver mount. 

If you are a noob at such matters, getting an all-comprehensive hitch-mounted winch kit can also be helpful.

2. Understanding The Possibility of Winch Mount

You need to work with several mounting ideas for the trailer depending on a few cases. And that’s what the section is all about.

If you have a utility, car, snowmobile & flatbed trailer, then there’s most likely a railing. In that case, you can simply use a receiver hitch mount and install the winch to the trailer.

You can also consider mounting on the trailer’s floor bed. Here you’ll need a winch mounting plate as well as some U bolts. 

Install the frame through the floor bed. To use the winch with removability, install a hitch-mounted winch plate that comes with a handle. There will be a need for a 2-inch hitch combo bar.

Use a D ring attached pulley block for a central installation of the winch so that it’s easy to pull. In the case of having just a wooden bed, you can mount the winch to the railing simply.

If you have a trailer of tilt deck type, then you’ll need a hitch combo bar including a winch plate. Also, get a trailer hitch tow ball, 2 inches size is preferable, attached winch.

You simply can winch on multiple types of vehicles. Use a receiver hitch that has the winch mounted on it and then weld it on the trailer’s receiver.

3. The Wiring Task to Get Power from Vehicle

In such a situation, you could need the power source of the vehicle for the winch. And it’s going to be temporarily helpful for light and medium-duty uses. Make sure there are at least 440 cold-cranking amps available with the battery of your vehicle. The alternator should be 60 A as well.

Wear eye goggles for safety as you’ll be working with a battery.

Look for a convenient spot on the back of the vehicle so that you can make a quick disconnect there. Most of the time there will be a long power cord, two wires, and a shorter ground cord.

You need a clean metal surface for grounding the shorter cord. They should be on the frame of the vehicle. It will also work if you have a grounding source.

Take the power cord, the longer one, from the vehicle’s rear side and go towards the battery located on the front of your vacuole. Make sure there’s no way for the cable to be in contact with heat. Also, it should not be pinched while routing.

Now make connections. The positive terminal of the car battery shall attach to the power cord. And you want to ground the battery. Do this by using a separate wire coming from the terminal that is negative towards a grounding source safe enough.

The in-line circuit breaker should have the power cord of the winch and connect with the battery of your vehicle.

Now finish up the remaining wiring of the winch following the specific guidelines given on the manual by the manufacturer. At the very end of both wires coming from winch negative and positive posts, you need to fix the disconnector. 

Then simply route it towards the coupler of the trailer. This should be the spot where it will attach with disconnecting coming from your vehicle’s back end.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all about how to install a winch on a hitch. We hope this was enough to give you a good insight into the overall matter. If the matter seems too confusing, you can always ask for help from an expert and they’ll charge you a small amount for getting the job done on your behalf. Give it a try!

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