How To Know What Size Lift Kit You Have

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Last Updated on July 3, 2022

It is seen that a lot of people forget about the size of the lift kit they have installed on their vehicle. Luckily there is a way you can get the size of your pre-installed lift kit.

As a vehicle, you need to have a solid idea about your vehicle’s kits or accessories. You should know what kits you are installing. It helps you in the future when you plan to bring any modifications or want to purchase new kits. 

Here, I will be telling you a few ways following which you can get the right size of a pre-installed lift kit you have installed in your vehicle earlier.

How To Know What Size Lift Kit You Have

Finding Out The Length Of Stock Shocks

The actual method is finding out the length of current shocks first and then comparing them with the length of stock shocks. If you find the stock shocks available to you, then it will be easier for you. However, if you don’t find any stock shocks that are available to you, then you have to follow other ways in order to find out the length of stock shocks.

  • First, you can take help from the internet. You will find a lot of blogs or forums that provide information about the shocks and their length. In order to search this information on the internet, you need to search the make, model, year and specifications. For instance, you can search on the internet by writing Toyota Tacoma 2016 shock specifications. Most of the time, you will be able to get your required information. 
  • Moreover, you will have all the relevant information in the instruction manual. Give the manual a quick check and you will be good to go. Besides, calling the manufacturer is a good option to consider. Try to call the kit manufacturer or the seller from where you have purchased your lift kit. I hope they will help you to find out your query.

Measuring The Existing Shocks

After getting the accurate length of your stock shocks, now you are good to jump into the second step. In this step, you will have to measure your existing shocks.

  • The regular trucks hold shorter shocks than the lifted shocks. For instance, the length of the standard shock is about 3-inches long and your existing shock length is 6-inches. Let’s assume you want a lift of 3-inches. So, if your existing shock length is 9-inches long, then you have a lift of 5-inches.

This measuring process is pretty easy and will not ask you to spend a long time. However, there are difficulties with following this method.

Difficulties With Measuring The Shocks

You have found that measuring the lift kit you have is easy. Unfortunately, there are a few problems.

  • First, the length of your shock may not always be the same. You may not find the original length as the original owner lifted. 
  • For example, you are supposed to find your shocks are sag if they are older. As a result, you may see your truck has only a 3-inches lift kit installed. This is not true. In fact, your truck had a 4-inch lift kit. This is because the older shocks get sagged. You can not determine the exact amount of swag. You can have an assumption at best.
  • Apart from that, your vehicle’s weight is a fact that also forces your shocks to sag. If your vehicle carries a high amount of weight, then it will cause more swag on the shocks. So, while measuring the shocks in order to know how much lift you have, make sure that your vehicle is totally empty. 
  • Also, you should remove all the extra wheels from your vehicle. This is not the end. There can be some aftermarket products that will add additional weight. Removing those products is not always possible. Keep it into your consideration.

Removing The Shocks

In order to get rid of the sag problem, you can take off the shocks from your vehicle and take measurements when they are extended fully. You will get an accurate measurement. In fact, this trick is the most used one that has helped a lot of people.

However, if removing your shock is not possible, then at least try to park your vehicle on a flat surface when you want to get the lift kit measurement. Without it, the vehicle should be empty. It will help you to get as many correct measurements as possible.

How To Know The Size That Your Jeep Holds

In order to know the lift kit size of your jeep, just go through the above-mentioned steps. You will find it easy to get your jeep’s stock shock length.

For instance, You own a jeep TJ Wrangler and want to know the length of existing shock including dampening rubber and spacers. You have to subtract 12-inches from the onward side and 8-inches from the backward measurement. So, the remaining number you got is the amount of how much your vehicle is lifted.

Measuring Your Lift Kit While Installing

Let’s assume you are installing a lift kit now and don’t know how much lift you will get. Here, finding out the lift kit size you are going to add to your vehicle is very easy.

  • First, take a tap to find out the space between the middle of your vehicle’s wheel and fender. Be careful that you are not measuring from the ground to the fender. Measuring from the center of the wheel will allow you to have a static measurement.
  • After that, you should install the kit. Then, go through the same measurement process again. Here you should also find the distance between the middle of your vehicle’s wheel and fender. If you find the measurement was 10-inches before installing the kit, and now the measurement is 13-inches after installing the kit, then the lifted amount is 3-inches and this is the size of your lift kit.

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