How to Lock Hitch Bike Rack

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Last Updated on July 21, 2022

If you’re planning a vacation and want to ride your bike to the campsite, you’ll need to transport your bike with you. If you’re going to use a hitch bike rack to transport your bike, make sure the bike rack is locked.

Many people lock their bikes to the hitch bike rack. Even if you lock your bike to the rack, your hitch bike rack could be stolen along with your bike. This article will give you some ideas on how to lock the hitch bike racks.

How to Lock Hitch Bike Rack

Parts of a hitch bolt and lock set

You need a hitch bolt and lock set to lock your bike rack to the receiver. The hitch bolts of a hitch pin and lock set come in different sizes. A larger hitch bolt is for bigger receiver hitches with a big corresponding lock washer. While a smaller bolt is for a smaller receiver hitch with a small corresponding lock washer.

  • Hitch bolt – it will insert into the receiver hole. 
  • Lock washer – insert it into the hitch bolt.
  • Lock- place it to the end of the hitch bolt. 
  • Keys- used for unlocking the lock.

Some locks are unique. Instead of a hitch bolt, they have a heavy-duty stainless steel pin. There is no need for a lock washer with this pin. The steel will be inserted through the receiver hole.

You can purchase different parts of the hitch bolt and lock set separately. Before you buy, make sure you get the right parts according to your need.

Brands of  hitch pin and lock sets

Hitch lock sets are manufactured by various companies. The names of the most popular hitch lock are listed below.

  • SportRack hitch pin bolt with lock
  •  Swagman threaded hitch pin
  •  Advantage sports rack threaded
  • Bolt receiver lock
  • Master lock trailer lock 

It is recommended that you use the same brand of lock as your hitch bike rack.

Follow These Steps To Lock A Hitch Bike Rack 

You can lock both hanging or platform hitch bike racks with a hitch bolt and lock set. Different manufacturing companies produce different designs of locksets. The locking process of these sets is almost the same.

In some lock sets The lock is inserted through the bolt on the same side where the hitch bolt was installed. On the other hand, some locks must be inserted from the opposite side as the bolt. The steps for locking a hitch bike rack are described below.

Step 1: install hitch bike rack

First, attach the hitch bike rack to your receiver. Before installing you have to determine the size of your receiver. The most common receiver size is 2 inches. Install the hitch rack according to the size of your receiver.

Insert the bike rack into the receiver, pushing it in far enough to ensure that the hole in the rack matches the hole in the receiver.

Step 2: Insert the bolt 

Take the bolt and the lock washer. Put them together. Insert that into the receiver hole. Insert it with your fingers first. If you want to tighten the bolt further after screwing it with your fingers, you can use the wrench.

Step 3: Put the lock

Place the lock to the end of the bolt and push it. Insert the key to the lock and turn it to lock.  Turn it to ensure that it is locked. Some lock does not require the key to lock. Because it automatically locks when you push it through the bolt. However, the key is required to unlock it.

Some locks include a dust cover to keep them clean and safe from dust and water.If you have a dust cover, close it.

Insert lock core 

Some locks come with no lock core. So, using a special installation key, you can insert the core into the lock cylinder. Simply insert the core with the installation key into the lock, then hold it with your finger and pull out the installation key. Your lock is now ready to be installed on the bolt.

The importance of locking a hitch bike rack

The bikes are secured to the bike rack by a variety of locks, but the bike rack can be easily removed from the hitch. That is why locking the bike rack is also important.

People believe that locking the bike is sufficient to keep it from being stolen. However, this is not completely right. Your bike rack can be used to steal your bike. As a result, locking your bike rack is safer.

Lock bike and bike rack to the receiver

You can use the receiver to secure both your bike and the bike rack. A hitch pin and lock set with cable are required. The steps for locking both bike and bike racks to the receiver are below.

1. Grab the hitch bolt.

2. insert the bolt through the grommeted end of the cable.

3. Now insert the bolt with the cable to the receiver hole.

4. Now pass the cable around your bike’s gear and return it to the receiver.

5. Place the cable grommet over the end of the receiver hole’s hitch bolt.

6. Put the lock and push it.

Final Words

After reading the entire article, you should have a better understanding of the hitch bike rack lock system. Simply follow these steps to lock your bike rack.

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