How To Make Wakeskate Wakeboard Winch

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

You may have heard a lot about the wakeskate winch in the online forums. This is an excellent piece of equipment that can be used as a load for hauling you over water. By doing so, you will be able to pull off the wondrous stunts and  enjoy your wakeskating.

However, I hope that you already have understood the necessity of owning a wakeskate winch at this point. Fortunately, you can build this type of winch by yourself. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

In this guide, I will be guiding you about how to make a wakeskate or wakeboard winch by yourself. So, let’s get started without making any delay.

Steps To Follow For Making A Wakeskate Winch

How To Make Wakeskate Wakeboard Winch

Step-1: Things you need to gather

In the very first step, you have to bring all the necessary tools that are needed for making the wakeskate winch. They are:

  • The wheeled Frame
  • An Engine ( 212cc and Minimum 6.5 HorsePower)
  • The Spool along with cross members and hubs
  • A Sprocket and a hub
  • An axle rod
  • Transmission system (Torque Converted is recommended)
  • Splash Guard
  • Handle
  • Hawse Fairlead
  • Winch Rope
  • Bolts and nuts according to the component size

Step-2: Setting Up The Frame 

  • After gathering all the tools, you need to kick off with building the frame of your winch. Actually, there is no hard and fast rule or instruction that you have to follow about making a Wakeskate winch frame. Basically, you will be needing a platform for placing the engine and a towering area for attaching the spool.
  • Your wakeskate winch frame size will depend on the size of the transmission and engine. In order to determine the frame size, you can place all the equipment or tools ahead of you. Thus you will get an idea. Also, the frame width corresponds to the length of the axle. You may need cutting or welding tools in order to get the frame poles in size.

Step-3: Making The Winch Spool

  • In this step, you need to cut two same spool frames following a 12″ bore. You can use plastic, aluminum or wood according to your wish.
  • Then, pick the required tire hub size from the hardware store, five or six pieces of galvanized steel rods for acting as cross-members, and three go-kart hubs for connecting the frame of the spool and its cross-members. Without it, get a steel sprocket that holds at least 60 teeth. Take the bolts, nuts and washers as well.

Step-4: Making The Spool For Performing Winching

  • In order to get the winch spool ready for winching, you need to drill about five or six holes in the two tire hubs. Make sure that the holes are placed correspondingly in the frame of the spool. Basically, the width of the spool determines the amount of holding the rope. 
  • Now, drill another four holes in your winch spool tire hubs correspondingly to the go-kart hub bolts. Then, engage both the tire hubs and go-kart hubs together using bolts.

Step-5: Engaging The Spool And Steel Rods

  • Now, place your hub assembly in a spool frame inside and engage the steel rod to the assembly via holes you made earlier. After passing the rods, make it secured using bolts.
  • Once you are done with placing the rods on one side, repeat the process on another side. Make sure that you are putting the necessary protective slider over the rod for protecting the rope from the rod threads.
  • The axle rods will fit through the center of the spool and remain attached with the help of key-way screws. You can use alternative bolts also to find the installation process easier.
  • The sprocket will fit on the third go-kart hub and will be able to slide onto the rod of the axle and also be held using holder screws. Then, engage the pillow blocks to both of the axle rod sides  and then check the motion of coordinated spinning.

Step-6: Bring The Winch Motor

I have already said the motor needs to be of minimum 5.6 HorsePower motor. You can opt for a maximum of 10 Horsepower for getting the best outcome. Also, you should get a chain that is the perfect match to the sprocket. Otherwise, you may face another issue.

Step-7: Spool Your Wakeskate Winch Rope 

Now, it’s time to spool the winch rope into your winch spool. Here, you need to engage one side of your winch rope to the winch spool drum. Secure the rope using a bolt or by making a knot. Then, try on the engine. Your winch rope needs to be fed following a continual line.

Step-8: Add Wheels To Your Winch

The wheel is an important thing your winch needs to hold. Obviously, it is better not to carry the weight of your winch when you have the wheel option. 

Step-9: Final Touch

In the last step, you need to mount all the components into your winch frame. You should start with spooling. Then place the fairlead accordingly. After that, place and secure the splashguard using a bolt in your back of the spool. For your winch engine, you need to mark the accurate position of holes where the chains can snugly fit to the Sprocket. 

Apart from that, make sure that the chain is not too loose or not too tight before starting drilling. At last, connect the torque converter with your winch engine and check whether your wakeskate winch is functioning fine.

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