How To Pull A Trailer Without A Hitch

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

Usually, a hitch is used to make the towing job easier. With the help of a hitch, you can easily transport your trailer from one place to another place. So, it is always recommended to have a hitch installed on your vehicle.

However, it is seen that a lot of people are asking about whether they can pull their trailer without a hitch. They hardly get proper information regarding this matter. That is why I have decided to talk about this matter.

In this article, I will be talking about whether you can pull your trailer without taking any help from a hitch or not. To know more about this, give my article a quick check.

Is It Possible To Pull A Trailer Without A Hitch?

In general, most of the double-axle and single-axle trailers you find in the market do not have the ability to support themselves when they are in motion. This type of trailer needs to be stabilized by a tow vehicle in order for transportation purposes. It is highly recommended to install a suitable hitch on your vehicle for safety issues.

Whatever, occasionally it is possible pulling your bumper-style trailer a short distance without using any hitch. In this kind of case, you should check the pulling legality of your trailer on roads before getting started. The fifth-wheel and gooseneck trailers are not possible to tow without the help of a hitch as this type of hitch has its specific configurations.

How To Pull A Trailer Without A Hitch

Steps To Pulling A Trailer Without A Hitch


In the very first step of pulling your trailer without a hitch, you have to check the specifications of vehicle manufacturers to find if your vehicle is allowed to pull your trailer and its goods weight. If you try to pull a trailer that is heavier than your vehicle, then it can result in damage to your vehicle and also unsafe braking and accelerating conditions.


After that, you have to find the ball size that is needed by the ball mount system of your trailer. If your vehicle’s bumper that you will be used for towing is allowed to use like a hitch, then you are supposed to find a small hole in your vehicle bumper center where you will insert the ball. Once you are done with inserting the ball, then you have to place a lock washer and proper nut to make sure that the ball won’t get loose while towing.

Then, you need to connect the trailer ball mount with your vehicle’s tow ball. After that, don’t forget to attach the safety chain of your trailer to your vehicle’s bumper. You can attach the chain to the frame of your vehicle below the bumper also. In this case, just make sure that there is adequate slack available to take a turn. 

Now, you need to plug the electrical wiring of your trailer into the receptacle of your vehicle. If you find the wiring system is not suitable enough, your trailer will be unable to function the brake or lights. In this kind of case, it is strictly prohibited to pull your trailer on public streets as there is a possibility of occurring accidents. There is a way to support you though. You can purchase a converter that has the ability to adapt a variety of claw configurations to one another.

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