How To Remove A Rusted Trailer Hitch Ball

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

Rusting is a usual problem that most trailer hitch balls have. It is caused by debris that settles on the ball, which will eventually cause the ball to rust. It also happens because trailer hitch balls are not frequently greased. This may cause the ball to rust faster.

However, once you find your trailer hitch ball got rusted, you should replace it with a new one for the best service. In this case, it can be a bit of a tough task for you if you are a newbie. No worries. I am here to help you out.

In this article, I will be guiding you on how you can remove your old rusted trailer hitch ball.

How To Remove A Rusted Trailer Hitch Ball

Steps To Follow For Removing Your Rusted Trailer Hitch Ball

In total, you have to go through five different steps for taking off your rusted trailer hitch ball. All the steps are pretty straightforward. You just need to keep calm and follow them.

Step 1: Bring the Essentials

Well, you should start with bringing the necessary tools you need to deal with. The tools are:

  • Hammer.
  • Penetrating spray.
  • Air Compressor.

You might be wondering what is the role of an air compressor in removing your trailer hitch ball. It will offer you to use the hammer with more ease. 

Step 2: Spraying Your Hitch Receiver

  • After gathering the essentials, you need to move into the next step. You may know that there is a possibility of getting your trailer coupler rusted along with the hitch ball. 
  • Now before you take off the rusted trailer hitch ball, you have to spray it. So, take the penetrating spray and start spraying on your hitch ball. Make sure that you are generously spraying. You should spray the opening of your receiver. 
  • After finishing spraying, you have to get a straw in the deep inside corners of your hitch receiver. You need to spay here also. It is better to spray following a liberated manner. You should spray until you are satisfied with it.

Step 3: Apply Air-Hammering

  • Once you get a rusted hitch ball, you will find that your shackle hitch receiver is not giving you the best towing service no matter how heavy it is. That is why, taking off the receiver using an air-hammer is recommended. Finishing with the spraying process allowed you to start striking with your hammer. 
  • Keep in mind that you are not allowed to use a traditional hammer. In case you don’t have any air hammer and you are ignorant about how to use it, you should know it first.
  • Now, bring your air hammer and start the rapping process. You should rap your hitch receiver’s side part first. Complete rapping all the sides of your receiver hitch. After that, start rapping your trailer hitch receiver’s bottom part. 
  • Once you are done with rapping both side parts and bottom of your receiver, now you have to use your air hammer on the top of your receiver. With this, you are done with the hammering process.
  • Well, while going through the hammering process, there are some rules that you need to follow. You should never overdo it. It is highly recommended to give a 15 seconds blow with your hammer. According to the experts, getting a rubber hammer for removing the rusted trailer hitch ball will give you the best possible outcome.

Step 4: Repeat The Previous Step

Once you have completed the hammering process, now you need to spray the hitch receiver again as you want to learn the removing process of your trailer hitch receiver’s rusted ball. So, spray your receiver as you did it a few minutes ago. Now, you will need to repeat the hammering process again.

You have to hammer your trailer hitch receiver continuously until you find the trailer hitch ball has started loosening gradually. In order to find this, you need to focus on the ball and continue the hammering process. 

Whenever you will find the ball mount has started loosening, you should pull it off. This is the most simple process of removing the ball mount. However, if you can’t find the ball is loosening, then continue the hammering process.

Besides, you need to be careful that your ball mount is not in use while removing it. In case you are dealing with heavy-weight towing, ensure that you are taking help from a weight-distribution hitch. 

Step 5: Consider Spraying Again And Using A Wrench

At this time, you are supposed to take off the ball mount. It happens that the ball gets stuck and stays inside your ball mount. If you face such a situation, you should start spraying the ball nut. Using the WD-40 or this type of lubricant can help you.

While spraying on the ball mount, make sure that you are spraying your hitch thread areas also. After finishing this process, take a wrench. The wrench will help you in displacing the hitch nut that is disturbing you. So, you are done with removing the nut.

However, if you find the ball still stuck inside, then don’t hesitate to spray again. You can add a piece of pipe in your wrench end part in order to add a bit of leverage. By doing so, you will find your rusted trailer hitch ball has come out successfully.

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