How to Remove a Trailer Hitch Lock

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Last Updated on July 31, 2022

For some reason, you need to eliminate the trailer hitch lock. But you’ve got no idea on what to do and with exactly which tools. Well, we’ve got you.

The removal of the trailer hitch lock is not difficult. But depending on the specifications of a situation, it can be trickier.

Let’s talk about how to remove a trailer hitch lock and discover all the possible information on this matter.

How to remove a trailer hitch lock

How To Remove a Trailer Hitch Lock with Key

We will be roughly telling you about how to remove the trailer hitch lock with the key first.

  • Basically, you need to put the key to widen the lock core for unlocking the hitch lock. And then you should be able to eliminate the end part of the hitch lock.
  • After inserting the key, rotate it in a counterclockwise manner. And that shall make the lock’s end section loosen up and separate from the rest of the body.

Keep in mind that the removal of trailer hitch lock can be different as there are quite a few ways to get it done. And specifically, there’s one trick you can use when there’s no key with you.

How To Remove Trailer Hitch Lock Without Key

Now you might get caught up in a situation where you need a method for trailer hitch lock removal but without the key.

Well, there’s a way. And it works for most vehicles. But it’s slightly dependent on your luck as well.

  • There are different types of locks but for the most part, things should be the same. And keeping that note in mind, you can just examine the little keyhole first.
  • You want to find a weak spot there. Mostly it should be on one side of the key. For example, one side might be made of steel. While others have used metal. That’s not the thing you need to concentrate on. You have to find a weak spot that will be easy to break.
  • Get yourself a pipe for this task. Something that would be strong enough for the job. Put it very close to the lock next. And start pulling the pipe just like that. You have to do this until the weak spot starts to break.
  • At some point, the lock will come off. Now finding a weak spot is the most confusing and time-consuming part here. And so, that’s something you have to care about most. After that pulling with the pipe is not a big deal.

Also, keep in mind, this might not work for every hitch lock. If this seems like a too dangerous process, that you don’t want to take the risk, no worries. Just hire a professional and they will simply drill the thing off or cut it and remove the trailer hitch lock for you.

If It Frozen Masterlock Hitch Lock, Then You Can Cut It

Sometimes this happens, you leave the master lock hitch lock outside during the winter. Only to later find it is in a frozen state. Things take an even worse turn if you have not also lubricated it from time to time.

In that case, the lock will most probably not accept any keys. And then you may try to sort things out with spraying lubricant or hammering the key inside the lock, but it won’t work. There’s even a chance of getting the key distorted and not capable of using it.

Let’s assume you cannot use the key for some reason. The very next accurate measurement would be cutting the lock. And yes, you might consider hiring a professional, but keep in mind the charges are not going to be cheap.

If all these things provoke you enough to try the cutting process yourself, we want you to keep a few things in mind.

  • Here’s what can help in not turning this situation worse:
  • Most probably the lock tumbler won’t be drill proof, which means if you use the machine, it cannot protect the mechanism. In that case, you can use a screwdriver and drill machine.
  • Use proper vise grips to make sure the lock does not move from the place.
  • You can also use some oil or lubricant for making the process easier.
  • Long story short, instead of cutting it, try to drill the thing, which is also sort of cut opening the lock for removal.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I remove a rusted hitch pin?

There are specific penetrating fluid sprays available for you to get help in such a case you just need to apply some on the hitch receiver’s opening. And then it shall break all the nasty rust to get you out of this situation.

Here is a guide you might like to read:

Can you pick a trailer lock?

Yes, you can actually. Of course, this is not a safe thing to do and if you try something like this in case of trouble make sure to learn how to pick a trailer hitch lock without causing any damage. And then try. 

Often people suggest picking when someone asks about how to remove the hitch lock without a key. 

Why won’t my trailer hitch release?

There can be many reasons behind it. Maybe you have the tow vehicle and trailer on an even surface. Also, sometimes due to excessive weight on the ball, there’s a releasing failure.

What is the cost for trailer hitch lock removal by a professional?

A locksmith will charge around 30 to 40 dollars for just showing up at your place. It depends on where your home is. And for each hour of work, they can demand somewhere between 45 to 65 dollars. 

Keep in mind, even if the task takes 10 minutes, you probably need to pay for an hour at least. Depending on where you live, this can vary.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all! You now know how to remove a trailer hitch lock. You must also learn the way of locking trailer to a hitch. Hopefully, you can solve the situation better with the information in hand. We’ll be signing off for today. See You Again on Another Similar Topic!

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