How to Remove a Locked Trailer Hitch Pin

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Last Updated on July 31, 2022

A trailer hitch lock pin is used in place of a standard pin and clip to prevent theft of ball mount or accessories such as cargo carriers and bike racks. Potential thieves should not be able to separate your trailer from your vehicle if your hitch locks are secure and sturdy. 

To prevent thieves you should secure your hitch properly. Some people reported that their items were stolen along with their rack. So securing your items is not enough.  You have to secure your hitch properly to keep thieves out.

This article will give you some ideas for removing a locked trailer hitch pin. There are several methods for removing the trailer hitch pin. They are discussed further below.

Remove a Locked Trailer Hitch Pin

Removing hitch pin lock with key 

All the hitch lock pin comes with two pieces of key for unlocking the key. The standard method for removing a hitch lock is to use the key provided by the hitch lock’s manufacturer. The process for removing the hitch lock with the key is following.

  1. Take the key.
  2. Insert the key to the lock.
  3. Turn the key counterclockwise.
  4. Removed the lock from the pin.

Removing hitch pin lock  without key

If you are about to remove the hitch pin and realize you have lost your key, you may become anxious about removing the locking hitch pin. But don’t be worried. The good news is that without the key, you can remove the lock.

Sometimes after inserting the key, it does not turn or move. Because the key became stuck. There are a few ways where you can remove the hitch pin without the key. Below I have described a few processes of removing the hitch pin without the key.

Removing hitch pin lock with a hammer and screwdriver 

To remove the lock of a hitch pin you can use a hammer and a screwdriver.  Follow the below instruction to remove the hitch pin.

  1. Take a hammer and a screwdriver.
  2. First, put the screwdriver to the hole of the hitch pin lock.
  3. Then, using the hammer, repeatedly hit the screwdriver.
  4. A single inch of the screwdriver will be inserted into the lock hole for hitting by the hammer. Remove the screwdriver from the lock’s hole.
  5. With the hammer, strike the lock from all sides.
  6. Poke the lock’s hole with the screwdriver.
  7. Now pull the lock and pin.

Removing hitch pin lock with a steel pipe

Take a sturdy steel pipe. To remove the hitch pin lock, you will need to break the lock with the pipe. To remove the hitch pin with a steel pipe, follow the steps indicated below.

  1. Take a steel pipe.
  2. Put the pipe over the lock. 
  3. Pull the pipe towards your side. 
  4. If the pipe does not break then pull it from all angles with full strength.
  5. Pull until the lock breaks down.
  6. Pull the pin after breaking down the lock.

Removing hitch pin lock with Glinder

If your hitch pin lock has seized, you can remove it with a Glinder. Spray penetrating oil to the hitch lock pin before cutting it. Using a Glinder, cut the lock pin. While cutting the pin, remember to wear a protective helmet.

Removing hitch pin with Southord pick

The hitch pin lock can be removed with a Southord pick. To perform this, you’ll need prior experience. You have to cut the pins inside of the lock with the Southord pick. Insert the Southord pick and slowly turn it to the right and left to cut the pins.

  1. Put a Southord pick inside the hole vertically.
  2. Take another Southord pick and put it horizontally to the lock’s hole and try to cut the pins.
  3. Remove the second pick and spin the first one after ensuring all pin cuts are complete. You can now remove the hitch pin after it has been unlocked.

Removing hitch pin by drilling hole

There is another way many people follow to remove the locking hitch pin. They drill out the hitch lock. You can drill out a hole in your lock for removing the hitch pin lock. Take a drill machine with a small pin. You can drill a hole in your lock on various points.

  • Drill a hole under the lock hole 
  • Drill a hole inside the lock’s hole

While drilling you have to keep drilling until you cut the pins of the lock. The number of maximum pins of the lock is five. In some pins, there are only four pins. So you have to be concerned while drilling to ensure that the pins are cut down. After drilling you can use a screwdriver to pull the cylinder of the lock.


If you are wondering about removing the hitch pin lock then you can get some idea by reading the article. In this article, I tried to describe the process of removing locking hitch pins from my research. I hope this may help you to remove the hitch pin.

To remove the hitch pin, use any of the methods listed above. You can use a procedure that appears to be simple and quick to you.

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