How To Start A Jeep Cherokee Without A Key

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Last Updated on September 30, 2022

When you lost your Jeep Cherokee key during a trip or tour, did you ever experience such a situation? You are the lucky one if that is not the case. People often lose their Jeep Cherokee key while driving, and it happens to them often. Unfortunately, I am aware of how difficult the situation can be.

Without it, there can be a situation like your vehicle is facing a starting-up failure issue. This means your Jeep Cherokee’s key is not going to work anymore. In this kind of case, you need to think about some alternatives. What can they be?

Well, today, I will be talking about 2 effective methods following which you can start your Jeep Cherokee without using a key. It is highly recommended to practice these methods so that you can prevent awkward situations in the future.

How To Start A Jeep Cherokee Without A Key

Can You Start Jeep Cherokee Without A Key?

Now the first thing first, is it really possible to start Jeep Cherokee without using a key? The straightforward answer is yes.

In fact, there is more than a way to unlock your Jeep Cherokee without using a key. You may find those methods a little bit tricky though. If you are a newbie and not confident about these though, then taking help from a professional would be fine.

2 Methods For Starting Jeep Cherokee Without A Key

In short, I will describe two methods you can follow. You should go through both methods and then decide which one to follow according to your situation.

Method 1: When Jeep Cherokee Key Fob Is Not Working Or Out Of Battery

There can be many reasons behind your Jeep Cherokee starting failure issue. The key fob issue is one of them. If you find the issue is with your key fob, then the problem is supposed to happen with its battery.

In this kind of situation what people think is about bringing a pair of new batteries. There is no certainty that you will find batteries available nearby you. No worries. There is always a way.

The Jeep Cherokee has an exciting feature that will allow you to start your Jeep Cherokee even if your key fob is dead. All you need to do is:

Step-1: First, put off/on your Jeep Cherokee’s key fob ending part over its ignite button

Step-2: Secondly, push on your Cherokee’s brake.

Step-3: Then, push your vehicle’s ignite button with the key fob. 

That’s it. At this time, you should find your Jeep Cherokee starting within a few seconds.

This is not the ending actually. It is seen that many Jeep Cherokee owners are not aware of this trick. Basically, this is a special edition feature of the key fob of your Jeep Cherokee. What actually happens is the electromagnetic transmission that forces your Cherokee to start. Isn’t it simple?

Method 2: Replace The Cylinder And Key Assy

In order to sort out the ignition problem, you may find it easier to change the entire cylinder and key assy. You may be surprised to hear about changing the entire cylinder. Basically, you need to change the lock which is not considered as your vehicle’s ignition switch part. To be honest, the whole process is much easier than it seems to be. You just need to be confident about the process.

Before getting started, you need to have some parts. No surprise that you need to purchase a new ignition cylinder and key from the shop. It is a small and cheap product that you will find in all aftermarket parts stores. Without it, you need to bring a screwdriver for performing the operation. The steps are:

Step-1: First, take off your Jeep Cherokee steering wheel carefully.

Step-2: After removing the steering wheel, you will find there is a lock plate placed under the steering wheel. You just need to remove it.

Step-3: After removing the lock plate, you should find a plastic horn ring there. You need to take it off too.

Step-4: Now, the signal switch is exposed to you. You need to pull enough of this signal switch so that you are able to find the cylinder and key.

Step-5: At this time, there should be a pin-lock in the lower part of the cylinder and key. You have to push this pin for releasing the cylinder and key assy. This one is supposed to come out gently.

Step-6: You are in the last step now. In this step, you have to place your new cylinder and key assy. After that, put all the stuff in their place accordingly as you took off them earlier. With this, you are supposed to find that your Jeep Cherokee has started without using a key.

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