How to Unlock a Jeep Wrangler Without Keys

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Last Updated on July 6, 2022

It may happen sometimes that you forget your Jeep Wrangler key inside your locked Jeep. In order to access your Jeep Wrangler, you need to get into your vehicle anyhow. In this kind of situation, what will you do?

Well, don’t be panicked! Fortunately, there are some tricks following which you will be able to unlock your Jeep Wrangler without using keys. It is better to know those tricks as you can recover from this unexpected situation.

In this article, I will be talking about 5 methods that can help you in unlocking your Jeep Wrangler without using any keys.

Unlocking Jeep Wrangler Without Keys

Unlocking Jeep Wrangler Without Keys

Well, whenever you find your Jeep Wrangler is locked and you left the keys inside your vehicle, you should try to remain calm. Don’t be panicked. There are some options that may be helpful to you. So, if you find those options are suitable for you based on your conditions, you can give them a try. The options are: 

  • First, you can take help from the local police. It is better to take help from them if you are in such a situation like you have left your baby or pet inside your Jeep Wrangler. They know exactly what to do in emergency conditions. Obviously, they have the necessary tools or equipment needed for opening your Jeep window forcibly.
  • Besides, you have another option to seek assistance from a locksmith. The locksmith is the person who can assist you in opening your Jeep Wrangler window. You may not find them everywhere and anytime. Without it, you will have to pay their fee if you seek help from them.

5 Methods To Unlock Jeep Wrangler Without Keys

Here, I will be talking about five different methods to get your Jeep unlocked by yourself. You need to keep in mind that these methods may or may not be suitable for your Jeep. You should try a number of methods to get the best outcome.

Method 1: Using Your Cellphone

Well, this method is a bit advanced and that’s why not every Jeep Wrangler will find it convenient. This method is also a different one. You may hear that there are a good number of apps available for download which you can use to unlock your Jeep Wrangler.

What actually happens is the app will convert your phone into key fobs that can be used for locking or unlocking your Jeep door. However, you have to make sure first that the Jeep model you own is capable of connecting the app. It is really a great way to consider unlocking your Jeep Wrangler. All you need to do is find out if your Jeep is capable of connecting your Jeep Wrangler.

Method 2: Taking Help From A Screwdriver And Wooden Door Stop

In this method, you will be using a screwdriver and a wooden doorstop. A simple rag in these tools will be helpful. You need to use these tools for squeezing between the B Pillar and the door frame top part. Following this method will ask you to provide less effort for making enough space to fit in your convex cloth hanger.

After performing a bit of shuffling, now you can grab the little locking lever on your Jeep Wrangler locking mechanism. After that, you should pull it back for unlocking your Jeep door. It may ask you to provide more effort. Don’t hesitate to provide so.

There is another option. The option is making the wedges double. One wedge should be placed on the top side of your Jeep door following the back part. The other wedge needs to be on the door side following the top part. By doing so, you will find a massive gap in your cloth hanger which will make the door unlocking process more convenient.

The rag will work as a protector to save your Jeep safe from unexpected scratches. There is a probability of getting scratches on your Jeep surface when you unlock your Jeep using a hanger. 

Method 3: Using The Lockout Tool

There is a tool called Slim Jim. It is a lookout tool using which you will be able to get your Jeep unlocked without using keys. If you own a Jeep that holds a soft top, in this case, what you prefer is unzipping the side.

What if your Jeep comes with a hard top window? You can use your lookout tool for opening the window. You can do this by placing a wedge between your Jeep window and the rubber seal. As a result, you will find a gap has been made where you can place your lockout tool inside.

After that, you need to insert your lookout tool into this gap and locate the thin rod that connects the windows locking mechanism and window. Then you have to hook the ending part of the rod with the help of your naked hand following push-up or pull-up motion for rotating and unlocking your Jeep Wrangler’s door.

Method 4: Using The Rear Window

You are supposed to know that the rear window of your Jeep Wrangler has two hinges on its top. You just need to take off the cover that is made of plastic. It is better to proceed from the bottom portion so that you can find it is folding up. There will be two bolts in the two ending parts of these hinges. Use a socket wrench to take off these bolts. The size of the socket wrench should be 10 mm.

After that, you will be able to take off the hydraulic struts with a single bolt on every side for making a small space. Now try to find a small kid who can enter between this space and not take off the struts. The kid should be good enough to enter your Jeep by tilting and keeping the struts in place at the same time.

Method 5: Prying Your Jeep Wrangler Door

Prying your Jeep Wrangler door gently is also an option. If you are able to do so, then you will have to blow up the inflatable to make some space for your work. However, if you are unable to do so, then ask someone to hold whatever you wish to use for prying the wrangler door open.

This assistance will allow you to pay proper attention to unlocking your Jeep door when the helper will focus on prying the door and letting you have adequate space for working. Then, take help from a coat hanger for reaching inside and pulling the handle of your Jeep Wrangler. That’s it!

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