How To Winch Backwards – The 2 Minutes Solution Tutorial

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Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Riding your vehicle for off-roading in hilly areas will be fun and amusing if you take a winch to avoid jamming. This is because, if you ever get caught over the fine mess due to uneven terrain in the big holes, the winch will save your energy and time to pull the truck out. 

But what if it gets stuck in a weird position, and you are left with only one option. Winching backward. This is a real issue that you can only solve by knowing “how to winch backwards”. 

As your truck has a lot of space, it would be better if you use the anchoring points to winch in reverse. Feeling confused about what we’re even talking about? Don’t worry, we’ll explain 2 different methods, one using snatch block, another through directly winching. In Easy Words! Let’s Begin.

Here’s How to Winch Backwards!

The winch is made to use in the front but sometimes you get in a situation where the backward techniques are needed to put the truck. So, how to use a front winch to go backwards?

To put it simply, you have got 2 ways to do that without using any advanced winching techniques

One way is by using the winch directly on the truck and another trick is with a snatch block.

If viewing the reverse winch diagram, you might get a good sense of these methods given down below. 

Safety Tips:

  • Wear safety gloves before back winching.
  • Maintain a good distance from the winch cable.

Winching Directly: 

Step-1: Locate one anchoring point so that it can hold the weight of the truck through the cable. The best place would be on the front side of the truck.

Step-2: Change the winch lever to the “Free Spool” label to ensure the release of cable.

Step-3: Tug the winch cable or strap to work with it.

Step-4: Now, simply use the cable on the front side of the truck and secure it with the load hook. Ensure to place the winch cable rightly.

Step-5: Pull the winch cable under the truck to go all the way through. And, hook the cable to a tree in the backside.

Step-6: Move the lever to the “Engage” to simply stop the cable from releasing.

Step-7: Use the remote to tighten out the winch cable that is attached to the truck. Now, start your truck to pull out the truck in reverse.

Warning: This method has some drawbacks such as damaging the truck exterior finish or causing a lot of friction. So, if you fear damage, then skip this technique. 

Winching Backwards Using Snatch Blocks

  • Go to your truck’s front side. Find the 3 anchoring points where you’ll use snatch blocks. It would be great if you pick 2 fixing points at the backside and 1 on the front side. 
  • Disengage your winch lever to release the cable. After that, pull out the cable to manually insert.  
  • Attach one nylon strap or tree trunk protector on the front of your truck to the tree (first anchoring point). Next, pull the strap to the tree that is in the backside (second anchoring point) and then shift it to the rear of the truck (third anchoring point). Be sure to protect the end of the cable to the tree in the backside.
  • Adjust the D-shackle on the nylon strap using the snatch blocks. Try to use snatch blocks on the first and second anchoring points while skipping the third one. 
  • Now, you have to hook the third snatch block on the rear of the truck. 
  • Fix the cable to go into snatch blocks by turning the screws on if you need to. 
  • Switch the lever to the “Engage” level written on one side. 
  • Drive your truck in the back to simply rear winching. It will come out smoothly.

Tips: Be sure 1 anchoring point of the strap can move freely at a 1/2 rate so that the truck can pull out safely to the winch.

Video: Reverse Winching With a 4×4

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you stand when winching?

It would be better if you stand far away when trying to winch your truck after adjusting everything. Also, don’t stand near to the truck and its anchor point as it may cause accidents. 

Except for experts, it is suggested to get behind the truck, rock, or maybe a safe zone to ensure a good distance from the winch cable.

Does a winch need to be grounded?

The right way to winch the truck is by placing the cable on the ground to safely do the process. Most people ground the winch cable at the battery to get rid of mishaps.

Do winches work both ways?

Nearly all winches are designed to work in one direction only in order to function right. However, there are some winches that can work on both sides but not at the same time.

Final Words

Feeling you can get rid of stuck issues easily now? After reading this guide on how to winch backwards? Hope so! The given 2 methods are pretty much all that you need to know in order to winch reversely. 

Getting stuck in the middle of off-roading is a common scenario for a novice. As you are going to use the winch on the backside instead of frontward, it might be confusing at first. 

But, if you take time and focus on the methods, the process will become easy. In fact, these methods target the anchoring points to eventually hold the truck to pull it back, just like forward winching but the cable is placed in reverse.

Be sure to follow our given process just as written and don’t neglect safety tips. Also, get help from an expert if the given 2 methods don’t work out for you or it just seems too hard to achieve. Keep Up The Good Work!

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