How to Install a Fifth Wheel Hitch in a Ford F150 and F250

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

So, you are trying to find out how to install a fifth wheel hitch in a Ford F150 and F250 vehicle. Well, the process is not anything hard, just a little bit of attention to a few details would make it work hopefully. 

Exactly how you should be making that happen, well that’s what we are going to discuss today in this brief guide.

We will keep you noted on important parts of the installation process as well. Stay till the end.

Install a Fifth Wheel Hitch in a Ford F150 and F1250

For your heavy loads, choosing a fifth wheel is surely a wise idea. Now, this coupling style would require you to go through the provided warnings by the manufacturer so that there’s no mistake that you indulge during the process.

How to Install a Fifth Wheel Hitch in a Ford F150 and F250

Follow the Steps Below for Hitching

  • Start by raising the fifth wheel trailer jacks, or dropping it lower if that’s what the process demands. You want to have the fifth wheel kingpin at a specific height. And this height is a little bit above the hitch.
  • Next, you want to lower the tailgate of your truck.
  • There should be a locking bar in the assembly of the hitch. You want to open it at this point.
  • For the next step, having a friend will be helpful. So that you can gradually back beneath the trailer. And make sure to do this until the fifth wheel kingpin has the hitch engaged.
  • Now again go to the hitch locking bar and close it.
  • The locking jaws should be nicely closed around the kingpin of the trailer. Confirm this by doing a visual inspection of this area.
  • Next, you want to place the safety pin inside the locking bar.
  • Now have the truck into gear carefully. And then you need to bring a little bit forward, probably an inch should be enough. So that the hitch is properly locked in place.

Keep In Mind – If you don’t pay attention to the locking, then the kingpin assembly will crash the truck bed as the trailer comes loose. And that’s going to be a huge mess to solve later.

  • You want to plug the electrical cord of the trailer. So that the breakaway switch cable is secure.
  • Check on the lights of the fifth wheel trailer next, they should be properly working.
  • Bring the tailgate of your pickup truck up next.
  • Get the landing gear jacks of your fifth-wheel trailer. Having those dragging all over the highway means attaching the cars coming behind you with sparks.

And that’s the hitching part for how to install a fifth wheel hitch in a Ford F250 and F150. Now some of you would also need the unhitching part, which is given next.

Follow the Steps Below for Unhitching

  • A specific area is where you would be storing the fifth wheel, drive it to that spot first. And then you want to install chocks so that the trailer is in a stabilizing position before you start unhitching. Very Important!
  • The fifth wheel landing gear needs to be on the ground firm, lower it until you feel the thing is stable enough.
  • Next, you want to take out the eternal cord as well as the breakaway switch cable needs to be undone.
  • Bring the tailgate of your truck down.
  • Get the vehicle into reverse and let it slightly move to the right position for the kingpin of the fifth wheel to come off the locking bar. And this just makes the hitch get loose enough for you to easily unhitch.
  • Next, bring the truck into the park and also have the parking brake engaged. You want the safety pinout as well. Don’t forget to undo the kingpin locking bar as well.
  • You want to see the space between the hitch and kingpin assembly. To do this, you have to elevate the fifth wheel jack a little bit.
  • The kingpin also needs to be clear of any stuff in the bed of your truck. Also, the breakaway cable and electrical cord should not be in the way. To confirm this, gradually drive away.
  • You want to next close the tailgate of the truck and lift it. The fifth wheel should be ready at this point and all secure before leaving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Fifth Wheel Hitches Good For?

It’s mainly great for any huge haul trailer or camper needs. Mostly in a wide range of transportation and logistics usage roles, the fifth wheel hitch works as a suitable choice.

How hard is it to install a fifth wheel hitch?

If you have the right tools and know a bit about such installation DIYing, then you can do it without any professional help. And it’s going to feel relatively simple in fact.

How much does it cost to get a 5th wheel hitch installed?

To get the installation done by a professional you will need to spend somewhere between 900 to 1500 dollars. And this will also include the price for the hitch itself. However, in the case of self-installation, you will be good with a budget between 200 to 500 dollars.

What is the Ford F250 fifth-wheel towing capacity?

The typical towing capacity of the Ford F250 is 20 thousand pounds. For the maximum fifth-wheel gooseneck towing, you can expect around 22 to 23 thousand pounds. And the payload capacity would be around 4250 pounds.

Wrapping Up

And that was all about how to install a fifth wheel hitch in a Ford F150 and F250. Make sure you take your time to get the hitching and unhitching done the right way. You accidentally don’t want to push things too far and end up damaging any part.

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