Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Reliability

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Last Updated on July 3, 2022

It is seen that a lot of people ask you about the diesel reliability of the jeep grand Cherokee. That is why I decided to talk about this issue.

When it comes to hassle-free driving, reliability on the fuel is an important factor. Fuel reliability tells you how fuel economy-friendly your vehicle is. It is really an important factor to pay attention to. If your vehicle is fuel economy-friendly, then it will offer better mileage and you will be able to save a good amount of money. That is why it is important to get a vehicle that is diesel reliable.

Here, I will be talking about how diesel reliable your jeep grand Cherokee is. I will also try to cover some problems that a Jeep Grand Cherokee faces very often.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Reliability

What Does It Mean By The Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel?

So the jeep grand Cherokee is basically a midsize SUV that uses diesel as fuel. Undoubtedly, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is diesel reliable and will last for a long period. The manufacturer name of this vehicle model is VM Motori. It is an Italian company.

It holds a 3-liter diesel engine along with 240 HorsePower and 420 ft torque. This engine has the ability to provide a lot of water along with about 31 MPG ( Miles Per Gallon) highway and 25 MPG ( Miles Per Gallon) combinedly. On average, this vehicle will run approximately 200000 miles before it gets some major problems and repairs.

Is Your Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel Reliable?

When it comes to ecodiesel reliability, obviously your jeep grand Cherokee is reliable. It has the ability to perform for a long time. But there is a downside that made this vehicle infamous. You will have to pay a lot of money for the repairing purposes.

According to the Cherokee owners, they love this vehicle because of the power, fuel economy and torque. They also said that they faced a few problems. We will talk about some of these common problems.

How Long Your Jeep Cherokee Can Last?

As I already said, your Cherokee will run for a long period of time. According to experts, it will run approximately 200000 to 300000 miles. You are supposed to get the same mileage to drive about 10 to 20 years without facing any problem.

Can The Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Be Considered As Good?

To be honest, the jeep Cherokee is an excellent vehicle having good fuel economy and plenty of torque. The diesel engine is famous for its service. If you are looking for a vehicle for your good highway driving, then you can take the Cherokee into your consideration. 

The only downside of a jeep Cherokee is that it is expensive to repair. You will have to pay a lot for maintenance as the diesel engine is sensitive.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Issues

1. Give The Engine Light A Quick Check:

Well, the engine light problem is not a major problem though. A lot of owners reported that they are having issues with the Cherokee check engine light. This problem can happen because of an unsuccessful cat converter or Nox sensor. Fixing this problem will ask you to spend a good amount of money.

2. Failure Issues in Catalytic Converter:

Again, the catalytic converter issue is frequently happening and is not a major problem also. In case you find this problem happens with your jeep Cherokee, you will have to replace the converter. It will cost you between $600 to $1000. Undoubtedly this repair is expensive and you should not go for this.

3. Faults in Transmission:

Well, faults in the transmission are also a big problem and a lot of owners mentioned this one. Transmission problems mean failure while shifting from the second gear to the third gear and sometimes the gear will not shift at all. It occurs rarely though as the transmission is really good.

4. NOx (Diesel Nitrogen Oxide) Sensor Failure:

NOx sensor means Diesel Nitrogen Oxide. This failure will cause multiple faults. If your jeep Cherokee faces this NOx sensor failure issue, then your jeep will stop running or run poorly. In fact, this problem is the most common problem that a grand Cherokee faces. 

Gasoline VS Diesel jeep grand Cherokee 

Gasoline VS Diesel
  • The Grand Cherokee comes with a massive torque in order to tow your goods or trailer. Compared with your gas jeep, the Grand Cherokee is more powerful. Without it, the gas jeep does not weigh much compared to the diesel as it uses N20. It is also a great car though.
  • Besides, the diesel jeep is fuel-friendly and you can expect about 24 MPG combined or more if you drive on the highway. It will allow you to save a good amount of money compared to the gasoline Grand Cherokee.
  • When it comes to horsepower, the jeep gas is more powerful than the diesel jeep. This allowed the gasoline to have an easy pick-up speed. Also, the acceleration of gasoline is better and faster than the jeep diesel. Obviously, the jeep diesel holds higher torque and pulling power for towing your trailer or boat.
  • Lastly, the diesel jeep Cherokee is a bit more pricey than the gas jeep Cherokee.

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