Jeep Liberty Years To Avoid

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

Among all the vehicles in the world, the jeep is renowned for its capability. Undoubtedly the jeep is one of the most famous and reliable brands to many off-roaders. Plus, they have the ability to last for a long time. That is why it will be a wise decision to pick a jeep as your vehicle.

However, according to the experts and jeep owners, not all the jeep models are reliable and will offer you the best, especially the jeep liberty. So, while purchasing jeep liberty, you need to give the review of these models a quick check. Otherwise, you have to pay a lot later!

Basically in this article, I will be talking about the jeep liberty year you should avoid for your betterment. I will also tell you which model jeep liberty will be the best option for you.

Here Are The Jeep Liberty Years To Avoid

Jeep Liberty Years To Avoid

Quick Answer: 2002, 2004, and 2012

In the past, the jeep was used by the American military mainly between the years 1941 and 1945. The vehicles were used for different purposes including armed caravans and medevac. The jeep did everything for them and thus the jeep held themself strong position in the market.

The price range of a jeep vehicle was within the consumers’ budget. The price range was between $5000 to $18000. The average price of a competitor was approximately $25000. So, compared to its competitor, the jeep vehicle was cheaper and more economical in terms of fuel economy.

The jeep liberty peaked in the market selling under 175,000 units in the United States in its second year only in 2002. After that, the sale of jeep liberty started declining each year. The reason was failing to satisfy the customers’ expectations and lower safety ratings. The problems with the jeep liberty models were: 

Jeep Liberty 2002 Model

Jeep Liberty 2002

Key Downsides

  • Fuel leakage.
  • Seatbelt and airbag recalls.
  • Lower safety ratings.

Well, the jeep liberty 2002 model was the first one in the market. Although this model year was one of the most popular ones and gained a cult following, you should avoid this year’s liberty due to several problems.

First, the jeep liberty 2002 model has problems with its seat belts and airbags. It was found that the airbag feature did not always work during an accident. As a result, it caused more than 70 injuries and the circumstances were worse. 

Moreover, the airbag has a recall problem. The airbag light was found coming randomly. You can say that the jeep liberty did not have the best start. In case you already have a jeep liberty 2002, make sure that the airbag your liberty holds has been replaced.

Apart from that, the jeep liberty 2002 has fuel leakage problems. This leakage was the reason behind the fire issue. Besides, the result of the crash test result of this year’s model was below average. 

In short, you should avoid this year’s jeep liberty model.

Jeep Liberty 2004 Model

Jeep Liberty 2004

Key Downsides

  • Faulty ball joints.
  • Power window failure.
  • Defective backward reflectors.

To be honest, the jeep liberty 2003 model was much better than the jeep liberty 2002 version. This model was more reliable. However, the jeep liberty 2003 model had premature window failure and defective ball joints issues though. 

The jeep liberty 2004 model didn’t continue and faced the same issues the jeep liberty 2002 model had. More specifically the recalls issue. The issues of the 2002 and 2003 Jeep Liberty versions were detected on the 2004 Jeep Liberty model. Without it, the price of the 2004 model was a bit higher due to the shortage of components.

The jeep liberty 2004 model was aimed to make it safe for the drivers. Although the changes were not major, the driver faced a lot of problems. Among all the objections, the most common one was related to the reflectors and gasoline tank. 

The jeep liberty 2004 model had a more aesthetic appeal but the gas leakage which can lead to fire and brake reflector has bound the customers to avoid this model.

Jeep Liberty 2012 Model

Jeep Liberty 2012

Key Downsides

  • Failure in transmission.
  • Fuel economy.
  • Suspension.

The jeep liberty 2012 was the last production of jeep liberty. After the 2012 model, it became the jeep Cherokee. The platform was the same though.

Although the jeep liberty 2012 model was the last production, it has the same issues that all the previous year jeep liberty faced. The problem was unsolved and that made the jeep liberty 2012 model the worst model.

The jeep liberty 2012 model has many problems. First, it has the same problem related to the suspension system that the previous year jeep liberty faced. This means the ball joints and control arms problem are risky and there is a possibility of failing before crossing 50,000 miles. You may know that the money you will need for repairing this issue is quite expensive.

Besides, the transmission issues are present in the jeep liberty 2012 model. The gears are used to shift gently and the automatic transmission is known for failing and lagging prematurely. Without it, the fluid leaks of transmission need to change more often compared to another vehicle model for preventing wear on the components.

However, the good thing is that the ratings of crash tests improved in the jeep liberty 2012 model and the vehicle showed much better performance in maximum crash tests. This means this year jeep liberty still has safety issues.

Furthermore, the airbag light had issues and the bag was not able to deploy in some accidents. The headrest also failed to deploy. 

In a nutshell, the jeep liberty 2012 was also a model to avoid.

What Year Jeep Liberty Model Is The Best?

Now the question is what year jeep liberty will be the best option?

Well, although there were some adverse ratings for a lot of reasons, the jeep liberty 2009 is still a lovely choice among all the jeep liberty years. In fact, there are many reasons behind making the 2009 liberty an option. 

First, the appearance of this model is nice. The result of the performance test was also outstanding. The jeep liberty 2009 model obtained the rare five-star ANCAP safety certification. Besides, the ride quality and overall performance of this vehicle are quite satisfactory.

Obviously, there were a few issues through the manufacturing of the jeep liberty 2009, still, this vehicle had the most positive ratings from the jeep liberty owner.

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